***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze

Well, my fiendish friends, and curious readers another year comes to end, and while the last quarter of it didn’t go according to any of my plans, and the journey through is greatly thanked by you all, so many encouraging words. I firmly state that I’m Back! As for where we go from here, actually positive footing, first our ownership bases the success by benchmarks or goals, and amazing after a crazy last quarter of the year, we achieved them all – BIG THANKS! That’s something I think a lot don’t know the site is not mine, I answer to someone else, she uses this to work in various divisions of arts and entertainment, all behind the scenes, and yet she understands struggles and turmoil and how it effects creative minds.

So, we sat down and reviewed the plus and minus of the site, I’m now allowed to share some insights with you, no other site is going to do this, first the Visions of Horror, is popular, just seeing all the horror I watch is incredible, but trying to review it all push too much pressure,  I don’t write 300-word reviews but rather 700 to 1300 essays, filled with trivia, and hidden insights of the reviews, diving into psychological, sociological, and theological aspects sometimes all three at once. Hence that column is returning for 2022, and the podcasts are all coming back online, Baron’s Crypt is going to hit 300 shows, with slight changes and strangely demand increased for Sinister Death so more shows for that. Mysterious Void, Synth Pathways, Screaming Horror are moving to every other month, though it might revert back depending on marketing aspects.

The Testament of Horror (History of Horror Genre) continues in upticks and the only site on the net that continues a fresh and updated publishing of this, New Releases less and less sites have something as detailed as ours, which is starting to result in the distribution companies sending us the films to review. Reviews preferred hard copies than streaming digital that we can’t even keep a download of it. Then the ROTD, Remembrance of the Dead, delivered on a monthly basis, rather than the yearly format, long since abandoned, no other site does this either, making us standalone even more, thanks for notice that tidbit. A lot of other columns shall return in the new year, as we work to improve a between workflow productivity, with 3C and Vincent contributing and always encourage others to write for our site.

As one the bigger pieces of news in October 2022 the site officially becomes 5-years old, we don’t count the first three months of operation in 2017, we were just trying to  figure out the next phase of life after Rogue Cinema ended, and another site discounted me because of my age, stating I knew nothing of the horror genre and couldn’t relate to the “new horror standards” what bullshit. A few other sites at that point encourage me to strike my own path, and this opportunity presented itself, rest is history. Oh, the product reviews and obscure shopping hopefully it all returns this year, the past two years (2020-2021) had ended that with all types of closures and shortages, and this shall lead to our giveaways that product is just mounting.


Therefore, where does that leave us, well in a good place, I have been given another year as editor, and hopefully 2022 works out better, cause yes the Baron does have several side projects in various stagers all on hiatus. Let’s all hope for better year in the horror genre, embrace the lifestyle fully, encouraging independent artists of all art forms to express themselves.

Finally, thanks for the likes on The Horror Times Facebook page now tallying over 3,300 following/likes and amassing keep calm, watch more horror!


Happy New Year to all!



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief