***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze


Well, where to start, I suppose back in October I decided to take the entire month off to dedicate to the celebration of Halloween well that worked halfway to perfection, until I realized I was starting to slowly tumble down a slope towards depression, shortly after the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival, I became very ill. It was not covid, but it affected me in many ways including stiffness in my hands and other troubles it was all psychosis of the all the deaths I suffered through in 2020, why it didn’t affect me then, likely I just ushered through it. Since then, the depression just grew, leading to the dreaded Writer’s Block, so much so I struggled to form sentences, and even caused to literally turn away from the Horror Lifestyle. Yeah, I watched the movies, but in more of a ho-hum attitude, the reading was hard as well, it just affected my passion for metal music and hence podcasts ceased a heavy rotation. This will help me return to writing mode and am looking forward to returning.

Hence this Greeting is to cover the months of October through December, shockingly we might meet our yearly goals, the Visions of Horror a big hit, and while I didn’t achieve the goal of reviewing on the list, I will thrive to finish them all, also making tweaks for next year. I used this as a more of reflecting rather than inspiration, recalling moments I saw my first horror flicks with my mother as she ironed clothes and played with my hot wheels making them smash into each other with delight, but my eyes drifted to television screen and became memorized with the stories and the pleasant homicidal manic working through his problems. Any shrink will tell you to do that too, though maybe not quit like this. I recalled how in high school 11th-grade, my English clash teacher Ms. Kitty Smith had us work on a college-like term paper, mine The History of Horror Films, an easy 100! While my father criticized it, and mother disliked it, wanting something else completely different, thoroughly mundane I really enjoyed discovering so much o the topic; to this day friends and colleagues plague when I am writing my non-fiction books on this subjective material – well not currently.

I had always planned by this year to pen at least one script, and while the most vile and sick thoughts still freely flow through twisted brain, committing those words to the screen or truly old school usage of a pen to paper, that remains difficult.

On side note, the owner of the site is very understanding, and while these 3 months have not produced the content, she wanted there is promise, I have each day gone into my office (which I call The Chamber) and tried to pen many reviews, and some success, it is taking an incredible toll to produce these pieces. In January I will begin working two jobs, but that I hope is short term and produces some positive outcomes. I’ve had some encounters with a new ghost in my home, friendly, actually have 3-ghosts, we note them from their smells, not stinky, rather I think one is my father. He’s tipping over bags, and not breaking anything, in fact in a hallway we found an empty roll-tube of Christmas paper, no way it could have gotten there, and the others could be attached to many of the antiques of Halloween items that we purchase or given to us.

Sorry for the late post of the November Remembrance of the Dead as we were waiting on a couple people who wanted to add to John Link’s passing however that never materialized so we went ahead and posted without it.


Well, fiends and friends, I shall close here, and return to the grindstone of review/article writing, is there a solution, nothing simple, would say switch whatever you do, perhaps a classic movie, change the scenery, but never truly turning away from all the horror that I so love to write and review.


Until later, remember the long shadows of winter, and pitch blackness can contain mysteries of the unknown and that’s where the mischievous fun waits for your discovery.



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief