I know it seems that just wrote an article about the last New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival while that is very true, it also true that another is on the horizon, this November 12 through the 14, and why so soon, well the convention often presents itself twice a year, and with COVID cancelling the opportunity twice last year this maneuver was the correct choice. I feel all horror fans, know we are a dedicated group, we love the genre, and this convention is built and run by horror fans.
So what can one expect from this convention this time, and noting only a month later from the last one, first to stars (aka: guest) cancelled early on, and no need to mention them, they’ll return and more  importantly three reunions are occurring, and speaking of the term reunions I feel some basic ground rules namely three people need to be involved to count as  one. Therefore, the first is Back to the Future, I know some comment why include this at a horror con, well it contains horror stars and fits to the pop and sci-fi crossover, but we have returning from October 2019 con, is Claudia Wells, joining her Don Fullilove, Jeffrey Weissman, Harry Waters, Gary Morgan, and of course The DeLorean – which last made an appearance in March of 2019. Then a larger reunion of Rob Zombie’s Halloween [2007] gathers together for the maniacs among us, you know who you are, coming to see Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Crampton, Kristina Klebe, and then two very special individuals Clint Howard and Dee Wallace, more on these two in a moment.

There’s one more much smaller reunion for the extremely popular horror flick, The Return of the Living Dead [1985] that’ll include screenwriter John Russo (who returns once more, so cool); Beverly Randolph and Thom Mathews, as many know was also in Friday the 13th: Part VI: Jason Lives [1986]. Although some might point to Cujo for have a minor reunion as Gary Morgan is shown for credit in the movie, which is true but as a stunt double, nevertheless Danny Pintauro and Dee Wallace on hand to see the fans, Dee shall likely be a huge draw and thankfully she’s there all 3-days!

As one can suspect when attending convention there’s usually two people that are the main draws, and Dee Wallace holds one of those prime positions, her audience liking movies from E.T (1982) to The Howling [1981] and so many others in the genre will definitely generate lengthy lines, so be patient, there’ll be enough time. In fact, that’s another great point about this con, it’s very organized and well spread out, as to entice the fans to do other things if the line grows too long. The other star likely to gather long lines is Clint Howard, yeah he’s known for paying the kooky characters in a majority horror flicks, an almost endless list, yet has had some legitimate roles in cinema classics, such as Apollo 13 (1995).

Then there’s two for the music fans first Lita Ford (back by popular demand) and Richie Ramone drummer of the band The Ramones from 1983 to 1987, it is very common for the NJ Con to include someone from the music industry, luckily there’s two of them, this time. I simply couldn’t list all the guests arriving for this event to their legions of fans, the list is simply incredible.

Now, a few last-minute items, first the convention does not control the prices for autographs, selfies, or other items at the stars’ tables, that solely is at their discretion, and could change from this listing.

One must not overlook the Film Festival and Cosplay Contest (found in the Carousal Room) both are open to everyone who purchases a ticket, and then on November 13, Saturday is LIVE awards show in the Bourbon Room at 8p, located on the second floor hosted by Felissa Rose and David Sheridan, which welcomes all in attendance. However, not to be outdone the festivities continue afterwards, giving the choice to see Felissa’s new film Bloody Summer Camp at 830p, although you’ll make the choice to watch a film or attend a concert at the same time featuring American Grim. Then at 930p, the fun still doesn’t end, it’s time for Scaryoke hosted once again by David and Felissa, and who knows how long the horror patrons and fanatics shall haunt the night with all the howling pleasure they can conjure.


Seriously, how could you miss this event? There’s so much to do, complete with many, many vendors; while I didn’t mention Q&A panels, just one more treasure to discover. In addition, masks are highly recommended at the convention especially in the guest room. Want More? On Sunday only more Back to the future vehicles, Mayor Goldie Wilson’s Van, and Marty’s Toyota SR5 Pickup Truck both out front of the Showboat Hotel!