***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze

Well, fans and fiends, the month of August went completely sideways on the 9th, my girl, was involved in major car accident, and while I want to disclose more information, I can’t per the lawyers, so that is something for a later date. Needless to say, it removed 14 days from my work schedule causing of all things associated with this. The other driver who caused this mess is still vertical. On the 18th of August I had the divine opportunity arrange by Think Jam and Warner Brothers to have a discussion with Eugenie Bondurant, who portrayed The Occultist in The Conjuring 3 [2021], this was not an interview of her but rather a discussion about her role and movie itself. This interview will air on upcoming show of the Baron’s Crypt in October.


Also, I attended the Return of the NJ Horror Con – 2 years since the last one, and the article will soon be released, while I hope to unleash many reviews it proves harder to accomplish my lofty goals, so it’s safe to say that won’t be reviewing all the movies on the Visions of Horror but I’ll make a valiant effort to do my best. I’ll be brutally honest, so far I’ve watched 305 films, out of 273 days January thru September, with about 65 reviewed not very good. Is there still chance, yeah sure mathematically, but realistically no. But for the first attempt in trying, there’s a lot of room of improvement, yet it’s still very popular with all you, the readers so thank you very much.

I will be spending time from now to December attending used book fairs and discover some treasures at flea markets, great time to go during the Halloween season and even took some time to relax by heading to The Battery in Cape May but unable to venture onto the sand nearby, it’s supposedly haunted. In addition, a big thanks to you the readers and fans of our site for over 3,000 following our Facebook site of The Horror Times.

Two last items, I’m working to bring the podcasts back online, The Baron’s Crypt is chipping away on reaching 300 episodes by January 2022, and we are creating new Shredding Metal Beasts and more controversial shows of Sinister Death the true Abomination of Decency, the rest of the lot. We have not given up on creating a master index, since WordPress isn’t the greatest and doesn’t work the optimal level, therefore we are trying to design something.

Oh, by the way, Vincent, another writer on our site, who has come into his own with music reviews, he & I have had lengthy discussions of what bands to cover namely anniversary albums, I was initially against bands The Rolling Stones and The Who, not that I dislike I just thought our site was not appropriate for those reviews. However, Vincent provides a strong argument, music from the Stones, been in horror music, and the same with The Who, and that Roger Daltrey been in horror movies, namely The Legacy [1978]. Hence they are welcomed. There were few albums that were tough to split up between us, but all will work for your reading pleasure. Looking forward, to him writing more reviews in the upcoming issues.

Until next month – stay safe and enjoy all the horror you can including this site!



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief