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October 1, 2021

6:33 – Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome (Wormholedeath)
1000 Bone Cylinder Explosion – Bind (Self)
Abstracter – Abominion (Sentient Ruin)
Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals (I, Voidhanger)
All Else Failed – This Never Happened Re-Release (Translation Loss)
Asking Alexandria – See What’s On The Inside (Better Noise)
Aussichtslos – Einsicht (Purity Through Fire)
Azothyst – Blood Of Dead God (Vault Of Dried Bones)
Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy Re-Release (Rhino)
Blood Red Throne – Imperial Congregation (Nuclear Blast)
The Body/Big|Brave – Leaving None But Small Birds (Thrill Jockey)
Bull Brigade – Il Fuoco Non Si e Spento (Demons Run Amok)
Bummer – Dead Horse (Thrill Jockey)
The Buzzards Of Fuzz – The Buzzards Of Fuzz (Self)
Caveman Cult – Blood And Extinction (Nuclear War Now!)
Charred – Prayers Of Malediction (HPGD)
Cosmic Burial – …To The Past (Purity Through Fire)
Crystal Spiders – Morieris (Ripple)

Demolizer – Upgrade EP (Mighty)
Doro – Triumph And Agony Live DVD/CD (Rare Diamonds)
Duel – In Carne Persona (Heavy Psych Sounds)
The Electric Mud – Black Wool EP (Self)
Enslaved – Caravans To The Outer Worlds EP (Nuclear Blast)
Fate Destroyed – Two Toned Hearts EP (Dark Kingdom)
Fiat Nox – In Contemptuous Defiance EP (Personal)
Foul Body Autopsy – Shadows Without Light: Part One EP (Self)
Four Stroke Baron – Classics (Prosthetic)
Full Of Hell – Garden Of Burning Apparitions (Relapse)
Gaawk – Meaningless EP (Self)
Gaylord – Crown Of Joy (A Sublime Sun Thriving Amongst Suicidal Stars) (Self)
Goatspsalm & Horthodox – Ash (Aesthetic Death)
Grab – Zeitland (Trollmusic)
Hautakammio – Pimeyden Kosketus (Purity Through Fire)

Heiress – Distant Fires (Satanik Royalty)
Himmellegeme – Variola Vera (Karisma)
Hrom – Legends Of Powerheart: Part II (Self)
Imaginature – Imaginature (SElf)
Infrared – From The Black Swamp (Self)
Katre – Behind The Resilience (Self)
King Of Sweden – The Training (Crusader)
KK’s Priest – Sermons Of The Sinner (EX1)
Kryptos – Force Of Danger (AFM)
Laang – Xinteng (Talheim)
Light Of The Morning Star – Charnel Noir (Debemur Morti)
Lord Mortvm – Diabolical Omen Of Hell (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Malgoth – Glory Through Savagery (Iron Bonehead)

Megalith Levitation – Void Psalms (Aesthetic Death)
Mental Torment- Ego: Genesis (Self)
Ministry – Moral Hygiene (Nuclear Blast)
Minus Life – Contorted Reality (Self)
NecroticGoreBeast – Human Deviance Galore (Comatose)
Oenos – Crno IV EP (Self)
Primitive – Metal Baphomet (Murder)
Schavot – Galgenbrok (Void Wanderer/War)
Seltar – Autoscopia (Casus Belli)
Sentiero dei Principi – Lustmord (Xenoglossy)
Sepulchre By The Sea – Ratiocinations EP (Self)
Skam – Venous EP (X-Ray)
Skverna Liniya – In A Garland Of Wax (Casus Belli)
Snares Of Sixes – MoonBladder (Nefarious)
Solitvdo – Hegemonikon (ATMF)
Stolen Kidneys – Maailma Loppuu (Trepnation)
Tempter’s Sacrament – Temptation Steel Scourge EP (Invictus)
Terdor – De Goddeloze Tolgaarder EP (Negra Nit)
They Fell From The Sky – Decade (Say Something)
Toom – Behold The Basilisk EP (APF)
Torture Of Hypocrisy – Humanufacture (Total Metal)
Triacanthos – Apotheosis (Purity Through Fire)
Unforged – Eye For An Eye (Fastball)

Uriel – Multiverse Re-Release (Self)
Vampires Everywhere – The Awakening (Cleopatra)
Varnok – Anthropogenic EP (Self)
Venefixion – A Sigh From Below (Iron Bonehead)
Wingless – Nonconform (Selfmadegod)
Wooden Throne – Under The Moon They Wander Until Fading Away (Purity Through Fire)
Wage War – Manic (Fearless)
Xenosis – Paralleled Existence (Self)

October 8, 2021

Alda – A Distant Fire (Eisenwald)
Antichrist Siege Machine – Purifying Blade (Profound Lore)
Aryem – The Bird’s Assembly (Self)
Atrae Biis – Apexapien (20 Buck Spin)
Black 7 – Look Inside (Self)
Black Sites – Untrue (Self)
Bornwithhair – When The Witches Fall (Trepnation)
The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian (Unique Leader)
Cannabis Corpse – Blunted At Birth Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Christian Death – The Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 3: The Age Of Decadence Box Set (Season Of Mist)
Creeping Death – The Edge Of Existence EP (eOne)
Darkness Ablaze – Creator EP (Darkstorm)
Death’s Eminence – In A Hideous Dream Made True (Self)
Desalmado – Mass Mental Devolution (Blood Blast)
Drittmaskin – Svartponk (Flue Plateproduksjon)
Eclipse – Wired (Frontiers)
Electric Guitars – Freewheeler (Mighty)
Eternal Silence – Timegate Anathema (Rockshots)
Every Hour Kills – Vacua EP (Self)
Gus G – Quantum Leap (AFM)
Hegemon – Sidereus Nuncius (LADLO)
Houston – IV (Frontiers)
Jeff Scott Soto – The Duets Collection, Vol. 1 (Frontiers)
Karloff – Karloff (No Funeral)
Kite – Currents (Majestic Mountain)
Kowloon Walled City – Piecework (Neurot/Gilead)
Krave – Inner Asylum EP (Self)
Local H – Local H’s Awesome Quarantine Mix Tape #3 (Brutal Panda)
Manimal – Armageddon (AFM)
Mercury Circle – Killing Moons (Noble Demon)

Misticia – SVA (Yahuar Mallcu)
Norse – Ascetic (Transcending Obscurity)
Nothing – The Great Dismal B-Sides EP (Relapse)

The Omnific – Escapades (Wild Thing)
Our Man In The Bronze Age – Hexed Endeavours (Sentient)
Paydretz – Chroniques de l’Insurrection (Antiq)
Putrevore – Miasmal Monstrosity (Xtreem)

Shy, Low – Snake Behind The Sun (Pelagic)
Siren’s Rain – Rise Forth (Self)
Slowshine – Living Light (The Lasting Dose)
Spacegoat – Catharsis EP (Self)
Spectral Darkwave – At Outer Dark (Occidental)
Spiritual Deception – Oxymoron EP (Self)
Station – Perspective (Self)
Stheno – Wardance (Chaos & Hell)
Teramaze – And The Beauty They Perceive (Wells)
Thoughtcrimes – Tap Night EP Re-Release (Pure Noise)
Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon (Roadrunner)
Untamed Land – Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms (Napalm)
Wayward Sons – Even Up The Score (Frontiers)
Wreche – All My Dreams Came True (I, Voidhanger)

October 15, 2021

Aeon – God Ends Here (Metal Blade)
The Agonist – Days Before The World Wept EP (Napalm)
Alcatrazz – V (Silver Lining)
Baron Crane – Les Beaux Jours (Mrs Red)
Bodyguerra – Fire & Soul (Fastball)
Bound In Fear – Penance (Unique Leader)

Capital Theatre – A Hero’s Journey (Self)
Cherubs – SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY EP (Relapse)
Craneium – Unknown Heights (The Sign)
Crystal Coffin – The Starway Eternal (A Beast In The Field)
Deathcvlt – Deathcvlt (My Kingdom)
Destinity – In Continuum (Crimson/Season Of Mist)
Deviant Process – Nurture (Season Of Mist)
Devoid – Lonely Eye Movement (Frontiers)
Dig Lazarus – Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time (Self)
Djiin – Meandering Soul (Klonosphere)
Dug Pinnick – Joy Bomb (Rat Pak)
Endure The Affliction – Evolve EP (Self)
Feed The Corpses To The Pigs – This Insidious Horror (HPGD)
Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – Sticky (AWAL)
The Georgia Thunderbolts – Can We Get A Witness (Mascot)
Gemini Syndrome – 3rd Degree – The Raising (Century Media)
The Grandmaster – Skywards (Frontiers)
Hate – Rugia (Metal Blade)
The Hawkins – Aftermath (The Sign)
High Desert Queen – Secrets Of The Black Moon (Ripple)
Hippotraktor – Meridian (Pelagic)
Horn Project – Illusions Of Maya EP (Planet K)
Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood (Fearless)
Illudium – Ash Of The Womb (Prophecy)
Illyrian – Aegis (Self)
Judas Priest – 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music Box Set (Sony)
Lair Of The White Worm – EP1 EP (APF/Trepnation)
The Last Siren – Counter Faith EP (Criminal)
Leverage – Above The Beyond (Frontiers)
Lords Of Black – Alchemy Of Souls Part II (Frontiers)
Loose Sutures – A Gash With Sharp Teeth And Other Tales (Electric Valley)
The Lucid – The Lucid (SpoilerHead)
Lutharo – Hiraeth (Self)
The Melvins – Five Legged Dog (Ipecac)
Men Without Qualities – Men Without Qualities (Nastroverket)
Misanthur – Ephemeris (Season Of Mist Underground Activists)
Muertissima – Inquisition (Music)
Naked Raygun – Over The Overlords (Audio Platter)
Necromantia – To The Depths We Descend… (The Circle)
Noltem – Illusions In The Wake (Transcending Obscurity)
Non Residents – Against Police Brutality (Self)
Nur – Negative Transfer EP (Suicide)
Order – The Gospel (Listenable)
Orgrel – Red Dragon’s Invocation (Iron Bonehead)
Perpetual Etude – Now Is The Time (Black Lodge)
Plaguefever – Crude Implements (Elvte Kvlt)
Rage In My Eyes – Spiral EP (Self)
Reaping Asmodeia – Darkened Infinity (Prosthetic)
Rebellix – Serpent’s Kiss (Inverse)
Redscale – The Old Colossus (Majestic Mountain)
Rothadas – Kopár hant… az alvilág felé (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Seether – Vicennial – 2 Decades Of Seether (Craft)
She Said Destroy – Succession (Mas-Kina)
The Silver – Ward Of Roses (Gilead)
Skeletoon – The 1.21 Gigawatts Club (Scarlet)

Snafu – Exile//Banishment (Housecore)
Snakeblade – The Curse (Self)
Sorguinazia – Negation Of Delerium (Iron Bonehead)
Squanky Kong – Dawn Of The Cataclysm (Squank)
The Stone Eye – South Of The Sun (Eclipse)
Superstatic – Glimmering Veil (Solitude)
Tunic – Quitter (Artoffact)
Twelve Foot Ninja – Vengeance (Volkanik)
Vildhjarta – Måsstaden Under Vatten (Century Media)
Zetar – Devouring Darkness (Spirit Coffin)

October 22, 2021

1914 – Where Fear And Weapons Meet (Napalm)
Amon Sethis – :Part O: The Queen With Golden Hair (Wormholedeath)
Armored Saint – Symbol Of Salvation Live DVD/CD (Metal Blade)
Apparition – Feel (Profound Lore)
Blackwater Holylight – Silence/Motion (RidingEasy)
Bloodred Hourglass – Your Highness (Out Of Line)
Bullet For My Valentine – Bullet For My Valentine (Spinefarm/Search & Destroy)
Can’t Swim – Change Of Plans (Pure Noise)
Catalyst Crime – Catalyst Crime (Massacre)
Cradle Of Filth – Existence Is Futile (Nuclear Blast)
Cognos – Cognos (Willowtip)
Dan Lucas – The Long Road (Pride & Joy)
Deimler – A Thousand Suns (Xtreem)
Draconian – Dark Side Of Magic (Beyond The Storm)
Dream Theater – A View From The Top Of The World (InsideOut)
Dust Mountain – Hymns For Wilderness (Svart)
Empty – Made Of Fire (Solid State)
Every Time I Die – Radical (Epitaph)
Evil Spell – Padre Vostro (Blasphemous)
Exsul – Allegoresis (Caligari)
Ezra Brooks/Serpent Rider – Visions Of Esoteric Splendor Split (No Remorse)

Fathom Farewell – Kraken EP (Blood Blast)
Foreignwolf – Your Weapons, Your Words EP (Wormholedeath)
Furze – Black Psych Tormentor (Apocalyptic Empire)
Ghoul – Live In The Flesh (Tankcrimes)
Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle Of Rebirth (Not Music)
Hand Of Kalliach – Samhainn (Self)
Helgrind – Insurrection (One Eyed Toad)
Hex A.D. – Funeral Tango For Gods & Men (Fresh Tea)
Hexenbrett – Intermezzo dei quattro coltelli nudi EP (Dying Victims)
Horns Of Domination – Where Voices Leave No Echo (Sepulchral Voice)
Ignea/Ersedu – Besteia Split EP (Self)
Knife – Knife (Dying Victims)
Kolossus – K (My Kingdom)

Le Chant Noir – La Société Satanique des Poètes Morts (Personal)
Livlos – And Then There Were None (Napalm)
Massacre – Resurgence (Nuclear Blast)
MuddiBrooke – Lunacy EP (Self)
Necrofier – Prophecies Of Eternal Darkness (Season Of Mist)
Organic – Where Graves Abound (Testimony)
Osukaru – Starbound (AOR Heaven)
Phantom Fire – The Bust Of Beelzebub (Edged Circle)
The Pineapple Thief – Nothing But The Truth (Kscope)
Premiata Forneria Marconi – I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep (InsideOut)
Ravenous – Hubris (Feast Beast)
Reawascan – Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling EP (Self)
Seims – Four (Bird’s Robe)
Sepultura – Sepulnation: The Studio Albums 1998-2009 Box Set (BMG)
Seven Sisters – Shadow Of A Falling Star Pt. 1 (Dissonance)
SexMag – Sex Metal EP (Dying Victims)
Shadowland – The Necromancer’s Castle (No Remorse)

Siamese – Home (Long Branch)
Six Silver Suns – As Archons Fall (AOR Heaven)
Sixx:A.M. – Sixx:A.M. Hits (Better Noise)
Skanners – Greatest Hits (Music For The Masses)
Slayer – Haunting The Chapel Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slayer – Hell Awaits Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slayer – Live Undead Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slayer – Show No Mercy Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Slow Crush – Hush (Quiet Panic)
Spirit Was – Heaven’s Just A Cloud (Danger Collective)
Starset – Horizons (Fearless)
Sulphurous – The Black Mouth Of Sepulchre (Dark Descent)
Supernova Plasmajets – Brave New World (Pride & Joy)
Tarmat – Out Of The Blue (Self)
Thecityisours – Coma (Arising Empire)
Toledo Steel – Heading For The Fire (Dissonance)
Venus Syndrome – Cannibal Star (Rockshots)
Waking The Cadaver – Authority Through Intimidation (Unique Leader)

We’re Wolves – Evil Things (Self)
Wild Freedom – Polarize (Wormholedeath)
Worm – Foreverglade (20 Buck Spin)
Zornheym – The Zornheim Sleep Experiment (Noble Demon)
Zych – Dante’s Inferno Part I (Metal Assault)

October 29, 2021

Ad Infinitum – Chapter II – Legacy (Napalm)
Aexylium – The Fifth Season (Rockshots)
Aggression- Field Of Nightmares EP (Xtreem)

Archspire – Bleed The Future (Season Of Mist)
Bastardur – Satan’s Loss Of Son (Season Of Mist)
Beast In Black – Dark Connection (Nuclear Blast)
Begat The Nephilim – II: The Grand Procession (Noble Demon)
Be’Lakor – Coherence (Napalm)
Bizarre – Invocation Codex (Transcending Obscurity)
Black Veil Brides – The Phantom Tomorrow (Sumerian)
Bobby Liebling and Dave Sherman Basement Chronicles – Nite Owl (Svart)
Canyyn – Canyyyn (Self)
Coffin Creep – Voids (Grind To Death)
Conjureth – Majestic Dissolve (Memento Mori)
Contrition – Broken Mortal Coil (Disorder)
Corpse Vomit – Drowning In Puke Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Count Raven – The Sixth Storm (I Hate)
Cult Of Eibon – Black Flame Dominion (Iron Bonehead)
The Design Abstract – Metemtechnosis (Abstrakted)
Doedsvangr – Serpents Ov Old (Debemur Morti)
Exmortus – Legions Of The Undead EP (M-Theory)
Evil Damn – Necronomicon (Hells Headbangers)

Frozen Soul – Encased In Ice Re-Release (Century Media)
Ghost Bath – Self Loather (Nuclear Blast)
Goat Torment – Forked Tongues (Season Of Mist Underground Activists)
Grand Cadaver – Into The Maw Of Death (Majestic Mountain)
Haxkapell – Eldhymner (Nordvis)
Helheim – WoduridaR (Dark Essence)

Infernal Torment – Birthrate Zero Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Jerry Cantrell – Brighten (Self)
Kayo Dot – Moss Grew On the Swords And Plowshares Alike (Prophecy)
Knivad – Insidans Ärrvävnad (Suicide)
Lucifer – IV (Century Media)
Mastodon – Hushed And Grim (Reprise)
Molybaron – The Mutiny Re-Release (InsideOut)
Monolord – Your Time To Shine (Relapse)
Moon – Pandimensional Gnosis (Moribund)

Moron Police – The Stranger And The Hightide EP (Self)
Mortal Vision – Mind Manipulation (Redefining Darkness)
Motorhead – Everything Louder Forever (BMG)
Nuclear Death – Harmony Drinks Of me (Moribund)
Ophis – Spew Forth Odium (FDA)
Overkill – The Atlantic Years: 1986-1994 Box Set (Atlantic)
Panzerchrist – Soul Collector (Emanzipation)
Prophetic Scourge – Gnosis – A Sorrower’s Odyssey (Klonosphere)
Running Wild – Blood On Blood (SPV/Steamhammer)
Sammy Berell – Beyond The Veil (Dark Force)
Sunless – Ylem (Willowtip)
Threshing Spirit – The Crucible (American Decline)
Thulcandra – A Dying Wish (Napalm)
Transport Aerian – Skywound (Melodic Revolution)
Voidhra – Sorrow Guides Us All (Crawling Chaos)
Vomit Spell – Vomit Spell (FDA)
Watchtower – Control And Resistance Re-Release (Dissonance)
Whitechapel – Kin (Metal Blade)
Witch Of The East – Savage Beauty (I’m Not From London)