The band formed in 2016 and clearly raising hell with a solid fanbase, hailing from Switzerland, returned with a new lead singer as Seraina Telli left in 2019, and as many know they released an EP entitled ‘Acoustic Sessions’ (2020) and then a full length album called ‘The Witch of the North’ (2021). This album is phenomenal and gives these musicians the time to show talents of heavy metal and their influence came from King Diamond, as it came out in March 6, 2020 from Nuclear Blast Records.

The opening track is a very short instrumental called “The Incantation” setting a brief atmospheric tone, before charging ferociously into “Lucid Nightmare,” thunderous drumming from Lala Frischknecht. It unleashes high energy, as it sounds like a meeting of King Diamond and Doro Pesch of famed Warlock with a hint of Rob Halford; all of their talents working to deliver a full array of riffs. This is heavy metal to its truest form, when listening to album one can hear influences ranging from Judas Priest to Iron Maiden, both Romana Kalkuhl and Sonia Nusselder spill over with some shredding for those lovers of thrash metal. “Dance with the Devil” clicks as the third track with a good chorus and again the energy remains engaging for the listeners, and one notices the range from new vocalist Laura Guldemond, it expands with “Wings of Steel” and “Six Feet Underground”.

“Black Magic” a slow bit of a ballad in the beginning, but at 2.27 mark of the track the riffs soar incredibly, however it returns to the same tempo as when it started. Their powerful metal style stomps back with the seventh song “Sea of Lies”; which seems to incorporate a bit of Unleash the Archers’ sound into their music. “Necronomicon” works very well some think is layered with doom metal, it’s not, it balances between heavy and power metal, and both bassist Jeanine Grob and Frischknecht, keeping the track driving forwards while Kalkuhl and Nusselder soar with guitar playing. The eleventh song “Threefold Return” nails the intensity and sheer aggression nature of metal itself, crafty vocal range once more, and each musician has an opportunity to display their talents.

Track Listing:

The Incantation

Lucid Nightmare

Dance With The Devil

Wings Of Steel

Six Feet Underground

Black Magic

Sea Of Lies

The Sisters Of Fate


The Final Fight

Threefold Return

Battle Hymn [Manowar Cover]


Band Members:

Jeanine Grob / Bass

Lala Frischknecht / Drums

Romana Kalkuhl / Guitars

Sonia Nusselder / Guitars

Laura Guldemond / Vocals

Therefore, if you seek true heavy metal, look no further than Burning Witches and their album ‘Dancing with the Devil’ or if you doubt, women can play metal, then I advise you to tune in and listen to them. In addition, don’t be cheap, invest the money for the full album. Oh, by the way, there’s a very incredible cover version of Manowar’s Battle Hymn.


Baron’s Rating: 4.0/5.0


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