The titles bolded in red will eventually air on Shredding Metal Beasts, Sinister Death and Hard Rock Madness. All dates and music subject to change without notice.

September 3, 2021

Antediluvian – The Divine Punishment (Nuclear War Now!)
Apallic – Edge Of Desolation (Kernkraftritter)
Auri – II: Those We Don’t Speak Of (Nuclear Blast)
Behemoth – Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Beyond Grace – Our Kingdom Undone (Prosthetic)
Bloodphemy – Blood Sacrifice (Emanzipation)
Bokassa – Molotov Rocktail (Napalm)
Carnifex – Graveside Confessions (Nuclear Blast)
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes – Omelette du Fromage (Hummus)
Croword – Crimson Gaze (NRT)
Dead – You’ll Never Know Pleasure Re-Release (Xenocorp)
Dead Romantic – Voices (Self)
Dead Soul Alliance – Behind The Scenes (Bitter Loss)
Defacement – Defacement (I, Voidhanger)
Deformatory – Inversion Of The Unseen Horizon (Self)
Doctor Smoke – Dreamers And The Dead (Ripple)
Down Again – Bury The Bones EP (Self)
Druid – The Beauty In The Decay (Self)
Embr – 1021 EP (New Heavy Sounds)
Feral Lord – Purity Of Corruption (Vargheist)
Forever Autumn – Hail The Forest Dark (Self)
Green Lung – Black Harvest (Svart)
The Hawkins – Aftermath (The Sign)
Heretic – Feast (Soman/Treehouse)
In The Company Of Serpents – Lux (Petrichor)
Internal Bleeding – Heritage Of Sickness II (Comatose)
Iron Maiden – Senjutsu (BMG)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Let Me Be A Ghost (New Joke)
Lady Beast – Omens EP (Reaper)
Lotan – Angelus Pestis EP (Uprising)
Lurcher – Coma EP (Trepnation)
Malison – Death’s Embrace (Metal Assault)
Matsunaga Was Right – Kings Of The Deathmatch (HPGD)
The Necrosexual – Seeds Of Seduction EP (Folkvangr)
Never End – The Cold And The Craving (Brutal)
The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic II (Nuclear Blast)
Over Nemesis – De Integro (Music)
Pestilential Shadows – Revenant (Seance)
The Picturebooks – The Major Minor Collective (Century Media)
Pil & Bue – The World Is A Rabbit Hole (Indie)
P.O.D. – Satellite 20th Anniversary Edition (Rhino)
Portrait – At One With None (Metal Blade)
Rise To The Sky – Per Aspera Ad Astra (GS)
Satellite City – Fear Tactics (Self)
Sermon Of Flames – I Have Seen The Light, And It Was Repulsive (I, Voidhanger)
Sol Kia – Zos Ethos (I, Voidhanger)

Stone Deaf – Killers (Coffin & Bolt/Golden Robot)
Thecodontion and Vessel Of Iniquity – The Permian-Trassic Extinction Event EP (I, Voidhanger)
Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf – Doomsday Deferred (Black Doomba)
Trna – Istok (Candlelight)
Tuesday The Sky – The Blurred Horizon (Metal Blade)
Wharflurch – Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell (Personal)
Worse For Wear – Sure To Leave A Mark (Self)

September 10, 2021

Aeons – Consequences (Self)
Aepoch – Hiraeth (Self)
Andrew W.K. – God Is Partying (Napalm)
Anette Olzon – Strong (Frontiers)
April 21st – Courage Is Born From Fear EP (Eclipse)
Areis – Areis (Wormholedeath)
Black Mass – Feast At The Forbidden Tree (Redefining Darkness)

Briabl – Wounderland (Kernkraftritter)
Centenary – Death…The Final Frontier (CDN)
Chrome Waves – The Rain Will Cleanse (Transcending)
Cult Burial – Oblivion EP (Self)
Cult Of Scarecrow – Tales Of The Sacrosanct Man (Wormholedeath)
Dawn Fades – Ode (Metal Assault)
Dominicide – The Architecture Of Oppression EP (Self)
Gamma Ray – 30 Years Live Anniversary (earMusic)
The Gasolines – Cannonball Run (Speed Club)
Goatskull – Tevras EP (Self)
Grim Fate/The Sombre – From Ancient Slumber/The Horrid Silence Thus Began Split (Chaos)
Gutterfire! – Chill (Self)
Gwar – Scumdogs Live (Pit)
Hail Spirit Noir – Mannequins (Agonia)
Hawkwind – Somnia (Cherry Red)
Hunted – Deliver Us (Pitch Black)
Impact Approved – Into The Fray (Wormholedeath)

Inglorious – Heroine (Frontiers)
Journey Into Darkness – Infinite Universe Infinite Death (Spirit Coffin)
Lvcifyre – The Broken Seal (Dark Descent)
Marc Rizzo – Living Shred Vol. 1 (Godsize)
Mastiff – Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth (eOne)
Mehenet – Ng’ambu (Gilead)
Metallica – Metallica (The Black Album) Re-Release (Blackened)
M.ILL.ION – Back On Track (AOR Heaven)
Mutant Blast – Detonation EP (Wormholedeath)
Newman – Into The Monsters’ Playground (AOR Heaven)
No Coffin – All Life Must End EP (Self)
Pa Vesh En – Maniac Manifest (Iron Bonehead)
Perfect World – War Culture (Petrichor)

Peter H. Nilsson – Sign Of Myself (AOR Heaven)
Replicant – Malignant Reality (Transcending Obscurity)
Rogue State – The Law Never Apologizes (Planet K)
Rotted Through – The Depths (Self)
Runespell – Verses In Regicide (Iron Bonehead)
Scarlet Aura – Genesis Of Time (Silver City)
Seeds Of Perdition – Suffering Of The Dead (HPGD)
Seven Spires – Gods Of Debauchery (Frontiers)
Shumaun – Memories & Intuition (Self)
Shuyet – Shuyet EP (Seance)
Steve Hackett – Surrender Of Silence (InsideOut)
Subfire – Define The Sinner (Symmetric)
Trance Of The Undead – Chalice Of Disease (Iron Bonehead)
Turn Cold – Break Your Faith EP (Self)
Various Artists – The Metallica Blacklist (Blackened)
Zealot R.I.P. – The Extinction Of You (Three One G)

September 17, 2021

Alien Weaponry – Tangaroa (Napalm)
Anomaly – Planet Storm (Self)
Apostolica – Haeretica Ecclesia (Scarlet)
Arcturus – Stars And Oblivion: The Complete Works 1991-2002 (Prophecy)
Argesh – Excommunica (Nero Corvino)
Aversio Humanitatis – Silent Dwellers – Live MMXX (Lunar Apparitions)
Bastette – Exposed EP (RPM)
The Blue Prison – The Blue Prison (Metal Assault)
Brainstorm – Wall Of Skulls (AFM)
Carcass – Torn Arteries (Nuclear Blast)
Charlotte Wessels – Tales From Six Feet Under (Napalm)
Cogas – Unconscious Sons Of The Reptile God (Self)
Criminal – Sacrificio (Metal Blade)
CroMagnum – Born Free EP (King Metal)
Ctenizidae – …Of Rotting Soil & Spine EP (Nebular Carcoma)
D.D. Verni & The Cadillac Band – Let’s Rattle (MVD)
Eard – De Rerum Natura (Avantgarde)
Edge Of Paradise – The Unknown (Frontiers)
Existentia – Calculating Failure (Self)
The Freaky Buds – Hard Days, Fuzzy Nights (Music)
Fustilarian – All This Promiscuous Decadence (Amor Fati)
Glasgow Coma Scale – Sirens (Tonzonen)
Graceful – Demiurgia (Vlad)
Gravedancer – Unholy Bond EP (Helldprod)
Hexen – State Of Insurgency Re-Release (M-Theory)
Ichor – The Black Raven (Seance)

Ikarie – Cuerpos En Sombra (Avantgarde)
Insomnium – Argent Moon EP (Century Media)
Intercore – Dreams For sale (Pride & Joy)
Iron Lizards – Hungry For Action (The Sign)
Kadabra – Ultra (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Knowledge Through Suffering – Concealment (Brucia)
Manfrea – Noire (Self)
Monstereo – In The Hollow Of A Wave (Karisma)
Narren – Aura (Wormholedeath)

Oblivion Is At Hand – In Hell (Self)
Occulsed – Crepitation Of Phlegethon (Everlasting Spew)
Oversense – Egomania (Dr. Music)
Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears Re-Release (Legacy)
The Plot In You – Swan Song (Fearless)
Rage – Resurrection Day (SPV/Steamhammer)
The Raven Age – Exile (EX1)
Sarcofagus – Envoy Of Death Re-Release (Nuclear War Now!)
Saturnian Mist – Shamatanic (Petrichor)
Sonny Vincent – Snake Pit Therapy (Svart)

Spacebag – Party Prog Nights EP (Unknown Controller)
Spiritbox – Eternal Blue (Rise)
Spitfire – Do Or Die (Massacre)
The Sun Or The Moon – Cosmic (Tonzonen)
Tales Of The Old – The Book Of Chaos (Pride & Joy)
Tardus Mortem – Armageddon (Emanzipation)
Teitan – Vakuum EP (Void Wanderer)
Thrice – Horizons/East (Epitaph)
Velo Misere – Monomania del Inexorable Vacio (Lunar Apparitions/Altare)
Vulvodynia – Praenuntius Infiniti (Unique Leader)
Whyzdom – Of Wonders And Wars (Scarlet)

September 24, 2021

Abramelin – Never Enough Snuff Re-Release (Petrichor)
Aeon Zen – Transversal (Layered Reality)
Agressor – Neverending Destiny/Towards Beyond Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Akefal – Opus Darkness EP (Shadow/Regain)
Alpha Bootis – Jump To Alpha Bootis (Self)
Aorlhac – Pierres Brulees (LADLO)
Azazel – Aegrus Satanas Tecum (Primitive Reaction)
The Body/Big|Brave – Leaving None But Small Birds (Thrill Jockey)
Bummer – Dead Horse (Thrill Jockey)
Carchosa – Realms (Self)
Cataleptic – The Tragedy (FDA)
Cognizance – Upheaval (Prosthetic)
Dark Redeemer – Into The Deep Black (Blasphemous)
Dawn Of A Dark Age – Le Forche Caudine (Antiq)
Dayseeker – Sleeptalk Deluxe Edition (Spinefarm)
Doro – Triumph And Agony Live DVD/CD (Rare Diamonds)
Drott – Orcus (Norse)
Emissary Of Suffering – Mournful Sights (Cold Knife)
Endvs – Cessation (Octane)
Excalibur – The Bitter End Re-Release (No Remorse)
Forgetting The Memories – Vemod (Long Branch)
Fulanno – Hash Negro en las Misas Funebres Re-Release (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Grinder Blues – El Dos (Metalville)
Hellsword – Cold Is The Grave (Emanzipation)
Hinsides – Under Betlehems brinnande stjä (Regain)
Howlin May Queen – Tapes From The White Ballroom (Self)
Judas Knife – Death Is The Thing With Feathers (Translation Loss)
Kehlvin – Holistic Dreams (Division)
Kesem – Post-Terra (Sentient)
Leaves Eyes – The Last Viking Midsummer Edition (AFM)
LLNN – Unmaker (Pelagic)
Lunar Funeral – Road To Siberia (Helter Skelter)
Malady – Ainavihantaa (Svart)
Malignament – HypocrisisAbsolution (Primitive Reaction)
Mandoki Soulmates – Utopia For Realists: Hungarian Pictures (InsideOut)
Mandragora Scream – Nothing But The Best (Music For The Masses)
Morbid Messiah – Disgorged In The Coffin EP (Chaos)
Nefariym – Morbid Delusions (Inverse)
Neromega – Nero Omega EP (HelterSkelter/Regain)

A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum In Terra (Long Branch)
Pop. 1280 – Museum On The Horizon (Profound Lore)
Rivers Of Nihil – The Work (Metal Blade)
Rageful – Ineptitude (Self)
Runescarred – The Distant Infinite Expanded Edition (Self)
Sami Yaffa – The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind (Livewire/Cargo)
Signs Of The Swarm – Absolvere (Unique Leader)
Skepticism – Companion (Svart)

Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb (Spinefarm)
Solacide – Fall From Eternity (Saturnal)
Stagewar – Danger To Ourselves (Black Sunset/MDD)
Still – { } (Trepnation)
Succumb – XXI (The Flenser)
Tentation – Le Berceau Des Dieux (Gates Of Hell)
Thy Row – Unchained (Rockshots)
Thunder – >All The Right Noises Expanded Edition (BMG)
Tremonti – Marching In Time (Napalm)
Tumba De Carne – Decatexis/Perpetuo Altar (Lavadome)
Unto Others – Strength (Roadrunner)
Veilburner – Lurkers In The Capsule Of Skull (Transcending Obscurity)
Velvets – Velvets (The Sign)
Virial – Transhumanism (Vicious Instinct)
Voodus/Domgard – Ginnungagap/Ljungeld Över Människan Split (Shadow/Regain)
We Butter The Bread With Butter – Das Album (AFM)
Withering Soul – Last Contact (Mortal)
Wraith – Undo The Chains (Redefining Darkness)
Zeromancer – Orchestra Of Knives (Trisol)