***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze


Greetings, Horror fiends and fans, it is wonderful to emerge to share a double issue with you all. So, what happened, first in early June I had eye surgery, but a complication arose shortly afterwards, and that lead to emergency surgery, and lengthy recovery, I will not go into the details, no point in asking, but that dreadful recovery and rehab, because I couldn’t make my own choices. I was forced to listen doctors, those I trust, alas had more rest than I ever wanted, and I might have lingering effects. Therefore, the next decision was taken from me, the June issue, since I was struggling, I had to abandon releasing that issue, and thereby created this one. It does have more revies, not nearly all I wanted but here is what I came up with.

On a positive note, the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival promo article is posted finally, as the convention finally emerged from the darkness once more for the all the fans, and since it’s bigger and I am not quite healed, I will be having the team of The Horror Times, which means there will be a unique review of the con happening this time around. Stay tuned for that. The Visions of Horror column list is still in demand, again the reasoning for it, horror fans always saying what they seen in the past year, some trying obtain the magic number of 666, but often including the big franchise, well I still try to see if I can review all the horror movies I have seen in one given year, without a doubt I am a tad behind; however, don’t bet against me just yet, this month likely the best opportunity to see if I got the special comeback, remember in horror movies. There’s E.N.D. = Evil Never Dies, that’s how we always get our endless sequels.

Once more thankfully our numbers on Facebook keep increasing over 2,800! We never set benchmarks, rather we all here strive to put together good solid issues, never following trends, because in both the horror genre and lifestyle I believe in bucking the everyday trends. These past months made our podcast production suffering greatly, and with that, I am working to right the vessel as best I can, realizing my limitations but I am creating schedule which might work, time will tell as it must get tested.

Lastly, there are a ton of press releases from our sources and personally created ones too, at least that side of the business is growing. In addition, there’s three music reviews two from me and one from Vincent, he’s getting better and so far, focusing on the anniversary albums I do hope that changes, but can’t criticize he’s finding his own voice.

Until next month – stay safe and enjoy all the horror you can including this site!



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief