Ritual doom drone black metal unit Cursed Cemetery signs worldwide record deal with Dusktone, new album to be Released in fall 2021

Dusktone is pleased to welcome outstanding Romanian Ritual doom/drone black metal three-piece Cursed Cemetery to its growing roster.

Hailing from Timisoara / Romania, the project started as a noise/Death/Black Metal outfit in 1997 and in the first years a rehearsal demo was recorded only for live-booking purposes.

After ten years the direction and the line-up became more experimental, new drone/ambient frequencies were added to the sound and live performances were cut to only some rituals in some niche festivals.

With a new line-up, Cursed Cemetery returned, after seven years of silence, in a rather modern sound-wise fashion and is currently preparing for great things to come soon.

As a preview of what they have planned for their upcoming new full-length album the band offers a first dark, otherworldly experience with a video-trailer of the first album track “Daimon”, click below and prepare yourself for a truly oppressive whirlwind!

Watch Promo Videoclip here: