Greetings, well this event like so many other languished in ‘the waiting room of hell’ as it suffered from Covid-19 and the pandemic, the shutdowns, large gatherings barred, but finally that has lifted. It’s emerging from the grave to stalk and stake the hearts of the horror fans. While back in March 2020, Ryan and his team needed to postpone the event for the safety of others, there wasn’t much backlash, everyone understood the situation. Needless to say, they are pouring so much into this event, ready for the preview…

Once more it’s time to return to the fun and great adventure of the New Jersey Horror Con, held in Atlantic City, at the Showboat Hotel, on September 3 – 5, 3-days of a gathering of rabid horror fans, there to reconnect with old friends and fiends, meet wonderful vendors, and dazzle their eyes on the horror guests, those special stars that we all see in our beloved movies. That’s a cool time! All one needs to do is thank – simply filmmaker and fan Ryan Scott Weber and his team for their vision and dedication who bring the event to fans, for seventh time.

One thing everyone who’s attended the event can thoroughly agree is that there is plenty of room to mingle with fans, vendors, and the guest stars without the problem of overcrowding or the constant bumping into too many folks, they took lessons and notes from other events and used them to their advantages making an enjoyable show. That’s caring!

The guest returns to almost a solid true state of horror, giving fans a varied selection of folks to meet, yeah, carrying-on there’s no Kane Hodder or Robert Englund, but so many cons have them, finding those that make the rarer appearances can be a wonderful time to discover the hidden gems of the horror genre.  Therefore, let’s dive in, Susan Backlinie from Jaws (1975) she’s going to be a special person to meet, only there Saturday and Sunday, as well as Camille Keaton, who needs no introduction, but alas perhaps I should, I Spit on Your Gave (aka: Day of the Woman) [1978]. Next up a special reunion for Night of the Creeps [1986] with Allan Kayser and Jill Whitlow, hence another good pairing.


Then a few standard-bearers Tony Moran and John Russo! A large cast and crew of Terrifier, ever increasing popularity will be on-hand greeting fans, nearly 8-people of them, Cathy Corcoran is a rarity on appearances, with her busy schedule. This really goes to show who they choose for the event, careful with the selection process, those I mentioned are not even half of the guest list. Unsure who you can afford to meet there’s no problem the con will post an estimated autograph and photo pricing list.

What is great, is that Ryan and his crew, will keep you informed beforehand, noting the schedule for the Q&A Panels often handled by Chris Stiles (hopefully again, but if its someone new it’ll never lack) check them out for enjoyment its all included with your ticket.
Wait you want more that’s okay there’s more available there’s a fun Film Festival manage by filmmaker and musician Tony Goggles, his sheer intensity is overwhelming, hurrying and scurrying about with dedication to job. THIS TIME THERE ARE 2 ROOMS! What… why… to make up for the two events previously cancelled (March and September 2020), all those filmmakers who submitted films, best to allow them all to have screen time, besides how else to right the vessel of horror for the crop of filmmakers at future events/festivals.  Also, a free LIVE award show to attend at 7p on Saturday night. Lastly, be sure to check out all the vendors, supporting them helps support the NJ Con in existing to give you more fun, pleasure, and sheer enjoyment.

Once again, a big thanks to Ryan, Bruce, and the NJ Horror Con family for inviting me, The Horror Times is back to for press coverage as well as I, Baron Craze, being a sponsor yet again and my team will cover everything, in my stalking fashion, thanks again.