Los Angeles (CA) – Melodic Death Metal trio VAELMYST will self-release full-length debut album, Secrypts of the Egochasm, on August 13. First single “Dawnless” is available at https://vaelmyst.bandcamp.com/track/dawnless-2  . The song is also available on Spotify.


Hailing from hallowed depths and set on overshadowing slain remains, VAELMYST have come forth as conduits of spiritual violence through a brutal melodic death metal delivery. Conceived in Los Angeles during the winter of 2017, the melo-death ensemble slowly expanded not only in size but in power as well through an expanded palette of sonic mastery and a mindset firm on a commitment to obliterate. VAELMYST burst onto the scene just months later with an earth-shattering EP (Earthly Wounds) and single that would cement the group as one to keep an eye on.



Now the hour dawns upon us for the release of their full-length debut album Secrypts of The Egochasm, which contains a succulent blend of death-driven heavy metal that is sure to satisfy the appetite of ravenous heavy metal starved ghouls and fiends alike.


VAELMYST will perform at Psycho Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21. https://vivapsycho.com/





Track Listing:

Espirit De Corps


Spineless Throne

The Ghost of Ire

Ghoulish Delight

Envenom The Sea

Into The Egochasm

The Coin of This Realm


Album Credits:

All songs written/performed/produced by Vaelmyst


Guitars/Bass performed by Ronny Lee Marks

Vocals Performed by Jonathan V.

Drums performed by Wyatt Bentley


Recorded and mixed by Ronny Lee Marks

Mastered by Arthur Rizk

Guest Solo on “Ghoulish Delight” by Tyler Sturgill of Xoth


Album Art by Travis Smith


Ronny Lee Marks – Guitars/Bass

Jonathan V – Vocals

Wyatt Bentley – Drums


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