First, I want to extend a sincere thanks to all readers of our site, and those who enjoy the site, it’s always a treat to read the comments, and answer your questions on twitter, while watching our growing number of likes on Facebook nearly 2000, truly incredible, a humble thanks you. As some know I am dealing with my medical issues, non-covid, but as an individual who is constantly raising funds for MS (multiple sclerosis), realizing all the problems and hardships they have, I pushed onward and will work to overcome my physical limitations to the best of my ability. I know some are stating wait you didn’t finish the whole issue out on April 30th, well here’s a story that shall shock some, I received my first shot of the covid-19 vaccine but had adverse reaction not to it, but rather to the Tylenol for pain discomfort, guess what – I’m allergic to it, I know crazy, it really alarmed a lot of folks around my homestead. Oh, by my second shot will 28 Days Later… again only me.

In May, I will be restarting our giveaways so be on the lookout for those, the prize packages often contain more than one thing, making them special. The Visions of Horror column continues as a popular item for everyone, seeing what I am watching, how strange, weird, or just WTF, as to what is selected for me and then what other films I see because I am involved in the marketing/promotion or that I find of interest. Either way I am being very honest about the horror I am watching, I don’t include non-horror/thriller/sci-fi films, as those won’t be review.

Well, more film and anniversary reviews are delivered to you great fans and readers of horror films, now an interesting little tidbit, as I am the editor, who edits me, well often when I write an article in general or anniversary review, I hand a copy of it to friends in my household and they read it and make suggestions or deliver quality feedback. This time one of them called me Dr. Baron von Craze, it was a puzzlement that required further inquiry; simply relating to the article The Walking Dead [1936] where I wrote in detail about medical devices and practices that a modern audience considers normal but unaware the knowledge resided in the 1930s, suffice it to say, was informed to trim about 800 words of how it arose and the deeper impact with the Hays Code that morphed later into MPAA.  Oh, those 800 words, they’ll eventually find a place in our future detail index pages for the site or a non-fiction book I am writing – yes that’s very true.

I wanted to give a thanks to Vincent for continue contributions, he enjoys music with a passion, and his interest is in hard and classic rock, which is fine, as those songs are starting to find their way into more horror movies. However, we made a deal first he can cover AC/DC for the most part, but I handle the music from Alice Cooper, secondly simply go for it, write what in your style find your own voice which I think he did well, and his bio is now on the author’s tab.

Please enjoy the reviews and articles, remember to wear mask, and WASH YOUR HANDS and stay safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief