Baron’s Crypt, now in our 7th year, still going strong, its the last remaining show from the old B-Movie Network that started on January 31, 2014… Its a fun discussion on the lifestyle of Horror, the genre, News, Future Horror Movies, Classic ones, Collectors, and so much more!

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Episode #262 aired from NJ–episode-262-horror-show


Opened with:  Gregorian – Ave Satani


Birthday Show

Discuss, celebrations emails, messages – a humble thanks

Gave health update – how he received his 2nf covid shot 28 Days Later (the search continues for a special pic of the day)

Notes that Children of the Corn Soundtrack (Yellow + Black Splatter)

of it is already sold out, however another version is still available

The site:


Also noted what horror films he saw for the day:

Peelers [2016]

Séance [2021]

Army of the Dead [2021]

Great White [2021]

While only Peelers was originally on the May’s Vision of Horror List, friends and fiends over to celebrate, all with full covid vaccine joined for BBQ complete Beer and vodka, and more horror found themselves on the list.

Comment on that everyone agrees to bypass two movies, they were:

Aquarium of the Dead [2021]  from the Asylum studio

Witches of Amityville Academy [2020]


The Show closed with the following bands playing, all had previously given permission to air:

The B-Movie Monsters – His Eyes (Pseudo Echo Cover) From the B Movie Monsters upcoming EP, “Hide Under The Covers.” Due to be released in early 2021.


45 Grave – Partytime

5 Star Grave –  Pet Sematary (Ramones Cover)


Lesbian Bed Death – Partytime [Zombie Version] (45 Grave cover)


Grave Digger – Zombie Dance

Orion’s Reign – Happy Birthday Heavy Metal Version Cover



Episode #261 aired from NJ–episode-261-horror-show


Envonemed – Horror Movie (Skyhooks Cover)


Tonight’s Guest – Chris from Sinful Celluloid


2hrs plus of love horror filmmaker tips

Euro Horror of the 70s


I don’t normally criticize a fellow person’s horror site, however ihorror is so much advertising, look I think we all seek funding whether patron or a single banner, but they got so much.


45 grave – Night of the Demons