For Immediate Release:

Bayview Entertainment offers a Bloody Good Clip from the Horror-Comedy, ‘I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker’.   Available everywhere vampires live!

For generations the Harker family has protected the cursed skull of the last master vampire, the source of all vampire power on Earth. But in a modern day Midwestern town, no like likes the last remaining Harker siblings because they believe in vampires and, as everyone knows, vampires don’t exist. To prove their family legacy, the Harkers misuse county renovation money to turn their historical home into a theatrical vampire reenactment show and when two dead bodies turn up with strange animal attack marks, the Harkers convince the town that a vampire is on the loose and promise to kill it on stage at their family home. Their plans go awry when the actor they hire turns into a real vampire and gains incredible power. Now the fate of the world lies in the hands of an unprepared generation of vampire hunters who must overcome their own shortcomings to fulfill their destiny as the heirs of House Harker.

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