Greetings, reader, friends, and fans, first a humble thanks for having our Facebook page reaching 1,700 likes, it truly means a lot to this fairly young site, and we are achieving some of our loftier goals and predictions sooner than originally thought. THANKS! Also, some have realized that I’m engaging even more on our social media sites, doing everything to answer horror fans questions, and share thoughts about films. Just one thing, I will always be straightforward with the readers, if I don’t know an answer, I say it, and then attempt to discover or research an answer.

Let’s starts with the popular new column Visions of Horror, it really seems to be gaining attention and the site owner thoroughly approves of it, now it’s just on me to buckle-down get the reviews done, that’s the biggest challenge. I had always been against lists, but I have since changed my mind, just like I did with the VOD market. I find it interesting what films appear each month, and that no trends are followed, not all zombies for the entire month, rather a mixed bag of horror, the best way to serve to the various fans. Of course, I know what it means this is going to become a permanent placement of the site, and frankly I do enjoy it, especially now with readers, subscribers fans on social media commenting and request reviews of horror films even distributors and producers now seeking us out for more reviews.

We continue to work on fine-tuning Testament of Horror (our version of Horror History) each month, eliminating incorrect data, remember that his was built from different sources, and now is truly becoming its mad creature. The hardest aspects are the release dates of films, no central spot for that information, each film needs to be individually checked and then the dates of death, even a more laborious undertaking, but we will never complain. Of course, we are the last site to take on that monster, just like we are the last to due the New Releases, aside from sites that only specialize in DVD/Blu-ray marketplaces.

In the past when I first starting writing reviews about 10-years ago, I really struggled to find my voice, my method and style, and looking back at some very old reviews I simply shake my head and wonder what I was thinking, but as I attempt this process, in providing lengthy reviews is enjoyable and passionate about delivering the good to all. Why do I mention this, because in the past year I’ve taken the time to reflect what I have accomplished, and without the encouragement of my now deceased Godfather, I’m unsure if I ever would advance my hobby into a career. My girl, also encourages me every day, lets me know when my work is not measuring up and keep pushing myself to succeed. Simply I am encouraging others to find their passions, fulfill them, as we state with our Remembrance of the Dead, the Grim Reaper stalking us all, he doesn’t care about stats, or anything else, he can’t be reason, barter, or bribe he’s the ultimate Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Many of us have imagery, statues, or tattoos of the Reaper it all means one thing, mount up and charge into the battle of conquering the negativity and make your art last.

In the past year I’ve started offering my services for to help with a person, film, or company’s promotional needs. I want to let my audience know about these services and you can find that information on a newly created Tab called PROMO/HELP, it’s part of the marketing page and submissions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Please enjoy the reviews and articles, in April we promise to have more and with plenty of Podcast shows, remember to wear mask, and WASH YOUR HANDS and stay safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief