The titles bolded in red will eventually air on Shredding Metal Beasts, Sinister Death and Hard Rock Madness. All dates and music subject to change without notice.

April 2, 2021

Akefal – Opus Darkness EP (Shadow)
Angelic Desolation – Rumpus Time Is Over/Quorom Of Unspeakable Curses Re-Release (Self)
Aphrodite – Orgasmic Glory (Fighter)
Arx Atrata/Bleakwinter Shrine – The Warrior Cycle (Self)
Avaland – Theater Of Sorcery (Rockshots)
Aythis – Secrets From Below (Self)
The Beast Of Nod – Multiversal (Self)
Blue Ox – Holy Vore (Self)
Bones Of The Earth – II. Eternal Meditations Of A Deathless Crown (Holy Anvil)
Bridge Burner – Disempath (Hibernation)
Cactus – Tightrope (Cleopatra)
Devastating Light – I Have Already Failed You EP (Planet K)
Everson Poe – Grief (Trepnation)
Fossilization – He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten EP (Everlasting Spew)
Frayle – Live At The House Of Wills EP (Self)
Fulci – Opening The Hell Gates Re-Release (Time To Kill)
Fuoco Fatuo – Obsidian Katabasis (Profound Lore)
Grimmreaper – The Tragedy Of Being (Self)
Heavy Trip – Heavy Trip (Burning World)
Helstar – Clad In Black (Massacre)
Ischemic – Ischemic (Self)
Joey Diabolic – Through Soundwaves Volume 4 EP (Self)
John Mcris – Ark (Symmetric)
Jointhugger – Reaper Season EP (Majestic Mountain)
Karma Violens – Mount Of The Congregation (Self)
Labored Breath – Dyspnea (I, Voidhanger)

Lord – Undercovers Vol. 1 (Dominus)
Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Polaris (Klonosphere)
Malacoda – Crawling Chaos EP (Self)
Maverick – Ethereality (Metalapolis)
Moanaa – Embers (Deformeathing)
Mortify – Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilement (HPGD)
The Mountain King – The Smell Of Stars And Vomit (Cursed Monk)
Mythic Sunship – Wildfire (Tee Pee)
Nekkrofukk – Mysterious Rituals In The Abyss… (Putrid Cult)
Noisepoetnobody – Insanity Mirror (Scry)
Obscure Fate – Raven’s Call EP (Inverse)
Obvurt – The Beginning EP (Brutal Mind)

Odd Circus – Mantha EP (Good Idea)
Plaguewielder – Covenant Death (Disorder)
Pulse – ImPulse (Wormholedeath)
Rorcal & Earthflesh – Witch Coven (Hummus)
Ruttokosmos – Karsimys (Werewolf)
Sea Of Snakes – World Of Fire EP (Metal Assault)
Sielunvihollinen – Teloituskäsky (Hammer Of Hate)
Sleepwalker – Noc Na Krayu Sveta (Sentient Ruin)
Slimelord – The Delta Death Sirens (Dry Cough)
Snake Bite Whisky – Black Candy (Sliptrick)
Solus – M/S Chaos EP (Self)
SpellForger – Upholders Of Evil EP (Personal)
Steel Bearing Hand – Slay In Hell (Carbonized)
The Sun And The Mirror – Dissolution To Salt And Bone (Brucia)
Toehider – I Like It (Self)
Unflesh – Inhumation (Self)
Various Artists – Loud Women Volume 3 (Loud Women)
Vitrail – Les Pages Oubliees (Self)
Wode – Burn In Many Mirrors (20 Buck Spin)
Xificurk – 1410 (Void Wanderer)

April 9, 2021

Arabrot – Norwegian Gothic (Pelagic)
Arion – Vultures Die Alone (AFM)
Baron Crane – Commotions (Mrs Red Sound)
Carnal Savagery – Fiendish (Moribund)
Dead Label – Anthology EP (Self)
Devil Sold His Soul – Loss (Nuclear Blast)
The End Machine – Phase2 (Frontiers)
Exterminated – The Genesis Of Genocide (Comatose)
FM – Tough It Out Live (Frontiers)
Forsman – Dönsum i Logans Ljóma EP (Van)
Funeral Fullmoon – Poetry Of The Death Poison (Inferna Profundus)

Gangrened – Deadly Algorithm (Trepnation)
Gargowitch – Avidee Re-Release (Devoted Art)
Gargowitch- Cannibal Troten Re-Release (Devoted Art)
Goath – III: Shaped By The Unlight (Van)
Hiraki – Stumbling Through The Walls (Nefarious)
Horndal – Lake Drinker (Prosthetic)
Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips (The Sign)
Infinite & Divine – Silver Lining (Frontiers)
Johan Kilberg’s Impera – Spirit Of Alchemy (Metalville)
Kauan – Ice Fleet (Artoffact)
Kollapse – Sult (Fysisk Format)
Krave – Self Exposure EP (Self)
Lazer Beam – Lazer Beam (LCF)
Les Chants Du Hasard – Livre Troisieme (Self)
The Limit – Caveman Logic (Svart)
The Lion’s Daughter – Skin Show (Season Of Mist)
Malamorte – Mass Cult Suicide (Moribund)
Manbryne – Heilsweg… (Malignant Voices)
Massen – ContrAesthetic (Apostasy)
Motorjesus – Hewllbreaker (AFM)
Nad Sylvan – Spiritus Mundi (InsideOut)
Necrophagia – Ready For Death Re-Release (Xtreem)
Niht – Arcanum (Van)

No Hope For The Lost – The Pilgrimage EP (Self)
Onchocerciasis Esophagogastroduodenoscopy – The Rotted Plinth Of Sachiel (Stillbirth)
One Hundred Thousand – Zodiac (Self)
Ornimental – Red, White, …And Wrath (Self)
Purgatory – Lawless To Grave (Unbeaten)
Sahara – The Curse EP (Regain)
Saille – V (Black Lion)
ScreaMachine – Debut (Frontiers)
Soothsayer – Echoes Of The Earth (Transcending Obscurity)
The Stranger – Kaleidoscope (Octane)
Sweet Oblivion – Relentless (Frontiers)
Syning – Syning (Terratur)
Tensiion – Subterfuge EP (Self)
Texas Taliban – Runs On Hate (Pavement)
Throne – Pestilent Dawn (Redefining Darkness)
Tides Of Kharon – Titanomachy (Sliptrick)
The Treatment – Waiting For Good Luck (Frontiers)
Wasted Death – Ugly As Hell EP (APF)
Wheel – Preserved In Time (Cruz Del Sur)

April 16, 2021

Abigorum – Vergessne Stille (Void Wanderer)
Aggravator – Unseen Repulsions EP (Empire)
August Burns Red – Guardians Sessions EP (Fearless)
Bend The Future – Without Notice (Tonzonen)
Betrayal – Disorder Remains (Rising Nemesis)
Bewitcher – Cursed Be Thy Kingdom (Century Media)
Black Orchid Empire – Live In The Studio EP (Long Branch)
Bushido Code – The Ronin (Upstate)
Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined (Metal Blade)
Chain Gang Grave – Cement Mind (Self)
Clouds – Dor Re-Release (Personal)
Corr Mhona – Abhainn (Negre Plany)
Crown – The End Of All Things (Pelagic)
DarWin – DarWin 3: Unplugged (Origin Of Species)
Deathswarm – Forward Into Oblivion (FDA)
Endseeker – Mount Carcass (Metal Blade)
Escape The Fate – Chemical Warfare (Better Noise)
Fragmentum – Masters Of Perplexity (Self)
Giotopia – Trinity Of Evil (Self)
Graveyard Of Souls – Infinity Equals Zero (Satanath)
Greta Van Fleet – The Battle Of Garden’s Gate (Lava/Republic)
Hail The Sun – New Age Filth (Equal Vision)
Hexvessel – Dawnbreaker Re-Release (Svart)
Incarceration – Empiricism EP (Dawnbreed)
Icon Of Sin – Icon Of Sin (Frontiers)
Intonate – Severed Within (Willowtip)
Iron Flesh – Summoning The Putrid (War Anthem)
Jo Below – No Control (Inverse)
Konigsor – Konigsor EP (Self)
Kruk – Be There (Metal Mind)
Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3 (InsideOut)
Magnalith – Instrumentality EP (Rothko)
Malum – Devil’s Creation (Purity Through Fire)
Marty Friedman – Tokyo Jukebox 3 (The Players Club/Mascot)
Melkor – Brandmale (Crawling Chaos)
Monarch – Future Shock (Self)
Mustasch – A Final Warning (Chapter 1) (Sound Pollution)
Neromega – Neromega EP (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Pathfinders – Ares Vallis (Music)
Peter Hermansson – Second Glance (GMR)
Primal Creation – News Feed (Self)
Shadowspawn – The Biology Of Disbelief (Emanzipation)
Shamael – Melancholie der Engel (Negre Plany)
Spectral Wound – A Diabolic Thirst (Profound Lore)
Superlynx – Electric Temple (Dark Essence)
Temple Balls – Pyromide (Frontiers)
To The Grave – Epilogue (Unique Leader)
The Vintage Caravan – Monuments (Napalm)
While She Sleeps – Sleeps Society (Spinefarm)
Worst Doubt – Extinction (BDHW)
Zac Crye – All The Same EP (Self)

April 23, 2021

Akiavel – Vae Victis (Self)
Altarage – Succumb (Season Of Mist)
AntiModzeBeast – The Ritual EP (Self)
Arogya – Genesis (Out Of Line)
Aschenwater – Landungsfeldmassaker (Dead Center)
Astrakhan – A Slow Ride Towards Death (Melodic Passion)
Backwood Spirit – Fresh From The Can (Pride & Joy)
Benthos – II (Eclipse)
Big | Brave – Vital (Southern Lord)
Blood Lemon – Blood Lemon (Self)
Bodom After Midnight – Paint The Sky With Blood EP (Napalm)
Body Void – Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth (Prosthetic)
Bongzilla – Weedsconsin (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Capra – In Transmission (Metal Blade)
Cicada The Burrower – Corpseflower (Blue Bedroom)
ColdCell – A Greater Evil (LADLO)
Crypts Of Despair – All Light Swallowed (Transcending Obscurity)
Dead World Reclamation – Aura Of Iniquity (Self)
Death Chamber – Experiments In Warfare (Dead Center)
Desolate Realm – Desolate Realm (Self)
Devilz By Definition – The Bitter Remains Of Human Consumption EP (Self)
Dirty Honey – Dirty Honey (Self)
Extinguish – Extinguish EP (Creator-Destructor)
The Flaming Sideburns – Silver Flames (Svart)
From Sorrow To Serenity – Trifecta EP (Long Branch)
Gilby Clarke – The Gospel Truth (Golden Robot)
Helslave – From The Sulphur Depths (Pulverised)
Hideous Divinity – LV-426 (Century Media)
House By The Cemetary – Rise Of The Rotten (Pulverised)
Howling Giant – Alteration EP (Self)
Hymnr – Far Beyond Insanity (Saturnal)
Living Sacrifice – Living Sacrifice Re-Release (Nordic Mission)
Malformity – Monumental Ruin (Unspeakable Axe)
Melkor – Brandnacht (The Crawling Chaos)
Miasma Theory – Miasma Theory (Shadowlit)
Minas Morgul – Heimkehr (Trollzorn)
Mister Misery – A Brighter Side Of Death (Arising Empire)
Monasteries – Silence EP (Seek and Strike)
Monnier – Monnier (HPGD)
Morrigu – In Turbulence (Ghost Sound)
Morse, Portnoy, George – Cover To Cover Re-Release (InsideOut)
Morse, Portnoy, George – Cover 2 Cover Re-Release (InsideOut)
Morticula Rex – Autumnal Rites (Immortal Souls)
Mother Of All – Age Of The Solipsist (Black Lion)
Motorhead – Louder Than Noise…Live In Berlin (Silver Lining)
My Refuge – The Anger Is Never Over (Pride & Joy)
Neptunian Maximalism – Solar Drone Ceremony (I, Voidhanger)
Noeta – Elm (Prophecy)
Non Serviam – Le Coeur Bat (Code666)
Nordgeist – Frostwinter (Kunsthall)
Obsolete – Animate/Isolate (Unspeakable Axe)
Old Forest – Mournfall (Death To Music)
Paraphilia – Primordium Of Sinister Butchery EP (Self)
Paysage D’Hiver – Geister (Kunsthall)
Ringare – Thrall Of Winter’s Majesty (Amor Fati)
Sacred Shrines – Enter The Woods (Rebel Waves)
Sanction – The Overview Effect (Self)
S.H.I. – 4 Death (Relapse)
Skindred – Roots Rock Riot Re-Release (Hassle)
Solstice – Casting The Die (Emanzipation)
Spectral Lore – Ετερόφωτος (I, Voidhanger)
Steve Von Till – A Deep Voiceless Wilderness (Neurot)
Tetramorphe Impure – Dead Hopes/The Last Chains (Sliptrick)
Timid Kooky – Baby Be My Spiderman EP (The State51 Conspiracy)
Underking – At Hell’s Gate (Self)
Various Artists – Brown Acid: Twelfth Trip (RidingEasy/Permanent)
Vexillum – When Good Men Go To War (Scarlet)
Walking Bombs – Tears We Should Have Shed (Self)
WarCall – Dead End Pt. 1 EP (Plan B)
Whipstriker/Ice War – Split EP (Helldprod)
Wild Powwers – What You Wanted (Nadine)
Witch Hunt – Rock N Roll Possession (Dead Center)
Zouo – Agony Remains (Relapse)

April 30, 2021

Arched Fire – Remote Control (Wormholedeath)
Aschenvater – Landungfeldmassaker EP (Dead Center)

As We Suffer – The Fallen Pillars (Self)
Becerus – Homo Homini Brutus (Everlasting Spew)
Bloody Hell – The Bloodening (Rockshots)
Brian Island – Brian Island (AOR Heaven)
Bunker 66 – Beyond The Help Of Prayers (Dying Victims)
Clouds – Doliu Re-Release (Personal)

Dark – Inside The Void EP (Self)
Discarded Self – Discarded Self (Sarcophagus)
Domkraft – Seeds (Magnetic Eye)
Electric Boys – Ups!de Down (Mighty)
Electromancy – Robot Black Metal EP (Self)
Escape – Fire In The Sky (AOR Heaven)
Evile – Hell Unleashed (Napalm)
FarCry – Balance (AOR Heaven)
Flight Of Icarus – Cleo (Self)
Gojira – Fortitude (Roadrunner)
Goregang – Long Live The Grime EP (Blood Blast)
Hammerhedd – Grand Currents (Self)
Ifrinn – Caledonian Black Magick EP (The Sinister Flame)
Insane – Victims (Dying Victims)

Lost At Sea – Motion Sickness (Revival)
Lost Relics – Now We’re Even EP (Golden Robot)
Lucifuge – Infernal Power (Dying Victims)

MP – Get It Now Re-Release (Relics From The Crypt)
Nekromantheon – Visions Of Trismegistos (Hells Headbangers/Indie)
Oceans – We Are Not Okay EP (Nuclear Blast)
Ophiuchi – Shibboleth (Optogram)
Order Of The Wolf/Pessimista – Split (Trepnation)
Oryx – Lamenting A Dead World (Translation Loss)
Pain Of Salvation – 12:5 Re-Release (InsideOut)
Pain Of Salvation – BE Re-Release (InsideOut)
Perilaxe Occlusion – Exponential Decay EP (Blood Harvest)
The Plague – Within Death (Bitter Loss)
Plasmodium – Towers Of Silence (Transcending Obscurity)
Poverty’s No Crime – A Secret To Hide (Metalville)
Royal Blood – Typhoons (Warner)
Silent Verdict – Condemned (Wormholedeath)
Sonic Desolution – Explorer (GMR)

Stone Healer – Conquistador (Self)
Stormwind – Rising Symphony Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Tetrarch – Unstable (Napalm)
Touch – Tomorrow Never Comes (Deko)
The Undertaking – Funeral Psalms (Solid State)
Universally Estranged – Reared Up In Spectral Predation (Blood Harvest)
The Very End – Zeitgeist (Apostasy)
Vreid – Wild North West (Season Of Mist)
Warish – Next To Pay (RidingEasy)
Yellowtooth – The Burning Illusion (Orchestrated Misery)