Mexican legend of Death-Black metal THE ZEPHYR is preparing new material for upcoming album.

After 26 years of trajectory, this Mexican horde is working in the composition of the fourth full length album AURA OBSCURA, which is described as “The best recording the band has done, so far” as well as “An evolution bound to melodic darkness, with incisive and heaviest riffs. Increasing The Zephyr’s black roots on yore sounds. Expect acoustic passages, abysmal sections and intense doses of filthy atmospheres”.

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Death Black Metal band formed in 1993 under the name of Bellphegot by César Caro on bass and vocals, Michel Estévez on guitar and Mauricio Pérez on drums. In 1995 the band decided to change its name to THE ZEPHYR and incorporated Ciro Gutiérrez on bass and César took up the guitar to become a four-member band with two guitars, bass and drums. The band made their first assault in 1996 with their first demo Celestial Evil God, playing live, gaining popularity and position in the national genre. For 1998, the band released their first album Impure & Divine, in which a more defined style of Metal is noted that would characterize The Zephyr in its subsequent years, thus they continued to play and participate in tours of great relevance such as the mystic Tourmentour of 1998, covering a large part of the national territory, alternating with national bands that forged the scene that currently prevails in our country and where unfortunately some no longer exist today; Also participated in tours to Guatemala and El Salvador, and shared the stage with international bands that visited Mexico in the late 90’s, early 2000 of the stature of Acheron, Morbid Angel, Death Angel, Metal Church, Master and Marduk among many others. plus. Five years after their first LP, in 2003, the album Fake Measured Smile came out, with an evolved style and already a well-deserved position among the best metal bands nationwide.

Unfortunately, due to personal issues of the members and changes in the line-up, the band lowers its guard after ten intense years so that in 2007 the founding members, without the participation of Ciro, plot a comeback with random live performances with the collaboration of Marco Guevara on bass, and the recording of an EP album entitled The Hate Remains the Same, released in June 2012 in one of the most prestigious studios in the city (Oz Recording studio), and a producer of the most outstanding and experienced in the field of music heavy metal: Oswaldo Blanco (Oz). Consequently, and with the presence of Erandy Resendez, a new member in charge of the bass, the path is resumed with live shows and especially with renewed energy to continue. With great enthusiasm, The Zephyr works on their next production with an album that shows experience, maturity and strength that the band has acquired throughout its trajectory in the country’s metal scene, to collaborate in a successful way with the same production of the last album, and create the best one produced by the band, with superior quality in every way.

In March 2017, this material was released under the name Eternal Flames of Heaven, an album with nine devastating songs of powerful death black metal with deep and thick acoustic passages that characterize the legendary band. Just after said production, Mauricio Pérez left the group for logistical reasons, handing the percussions to Antonio Islas, who in 2003 had already collaborated with the band, supporting tours of the country and the pre-production of the EP The Hate Remains the Same. Already with a long history in the musical field and previous experience in the band, Toño fits perfectly to continue with live performances and the promotion of the latest material, alternating with the best of national and international bands such as: Merciless, Acheron, Pestilence, Morbidity and Bulldozer, to name a few. The album, therefore, has very good acceptance, excellent critics and a nomination for the best album of the year 2017 by Osmiun Metal Awards.

Once again, changes arise at the head of the bass, since, for personal reasons and maintaining a great friendship, Erandy left in August 2018, leaving a great mark and respect for his great collaboration in the band. Victor Varas (Bicho) enters at the end of that same year, with great experience on stage and with a great musical quality to share his knowledge both in presentations with important bands, such as Abbath in this same year and the contribution to the new material that will be released on next year.

Today you can find material from the entire discography on Facebook, distributed on the band’s official page. We thank in advance all those people who have supported and believed in the Céfiro wind.

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César Caro – Vocals, Guitars
Michel Estevez – Guitars
Antonio Islas – Drums
Víctor Varas – Bass


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