Greetings to all horror fans and fiends, first its official we had over 233,000 views for 2020, now to clarify its nearly impossible to refresh the page to ratchet the view count to increase, therefore the view counts per page are individuals coming to the site, whether directly or through the shared links. This number was tallied by the site owner (not me); she was shocked and pleased. Hence, THANKS! Also, someone’s going to mention, hey you are a few days late, yes I admit that for two reasons, first I assisted a friend who does the Remembrance of the Dead column, in finding a picture and other questions requiring offline research and then the writing I do for anniversary article-reviews, while I am the editor these masterpieces retrospect of layered in depth have a few people read them and even questioning some the tidbits, in the end quality is what is important to the you, the readers.

As many know I treated the Editor’s Greeting as therapy session, due to losses I suffered last year, and this past month brought anniversary I didn’t want, one not to be celebrated, it was coming forth the passing of my father. What really happened was on the 12th I had this countdown occurring in my mind, each hour bringing me closer to his end, recalling what was happening, it was a tough few days, I went through them stone-cold sober effecting me from Feb 13th his death day to the 19th of his U.S. Marines burial ceremony. Of it all, serves a twofold reminder, the bell will toll for us all, at some point so better live life to the fullest, and stop all the complaining or belly-aching and secondly it noted I was about one month closer to when one of my biggest supporters, my favorite Uncle and Godfather passed suddenly, he lived 400-miles away near Johnstown (yes, the same one mentioned in Dawn of the Dead [1978] and I couldn’t attend cause of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Therefore, that caused me to have extremely limited podcast shows; but they are returning in full force next month, and those ratings are also up, the links to them stay active likely until BlogTalkRadio ends if that ever happens, I will figure out something new, guarantee. We also have a New Tab called PROMO/HELP, it our marketing page and submissions the previous tab was not working correctly, now fixed. I am undertaking the massive project of indexing the site that will take some time, horror fans want an easier way to search and find what they’re looking for.

So many of you enjoy our new column Visions of Horror, our form of the watchlist, now you likely notice that the base format states I have watched 59 movies for both January and February, however its actually 70 so many more were seen in February. Now the review process is a tad sluggish, but I love a challenge and it’s way too early to discount that won’t be able to review all these movies in one year. Really, it’s all a matter of organizing a better work schedule and implementing it. Lastly, we will soon be doing our giveaways once more, as things return to normal.

Until next month, enjoy this issue and stay safe!


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief