The titles bolded in red will eventually air on Shredding Metal Beasts, Sinister Death and Hard Rock Madness. All dates and music subject to change without notice.

March 5, 2021

Acid Mammoth – Caravan (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Armored Assault – Blood Queen (Self)
Baest – Necro Sapiens (Century Media)
Barathrum – Demo(no)s (Saturnal)
Black Knife – Murder Season (Morbid And Miserable)
Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell Re-Release (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Mob Rules Re-Release (Rhino)
Bonecarver – Evil (Unique Leader)
Brand Of Sacrifice – Lifeblood (Blood Blast)
Butterfly – Doorways Of Time (Petrichor)
Chainsword – Blightmarch (Godz Ov War)
Cobra Cult – Second Gear (GMR)
Cult Graves – Strange Customs EP (Gods Ov War)
Dayeater – Sweet Earth (Self)
A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome (Fueled By Ramen)
Demon Hunter – Songs Of Death And Resurrection (Solid State)
Dreamshade – A Pale Blue Dot (Self)
Exanimis – Marionettiste (Klonosphere)
Evulse – Pustulant Spawn EP (Godz Ov War)
Filippo Rosati – Spark EP (Self)
Golgotha – Remembering The Past – Writing The Future EP (Xtreem)
Gorr – Kvit Som Snøen, Kald I Blikket (Self)
Haenesy – Garabontzia (Purity Through Fire)

The Harvest Trail – Instinct (Self)
Hongo Fuu – Fuu (Sliptrick)
The Hyena Kill – A Disconnect (APF)
The Iridium Experiment – Hero-Villain-Victim EP (Rabid Dog)
King Bong – Ogopogo (Mandrone)
Krakslott – The Witchhammer EP (Self)
Magefa – Exenteration (Self)
Meuchelmord – Mordmelodien (Purity Through Fire)
Mork – Katedralen (Peaceville)
Nadsvest/Necrobode – Split EP (Iron Bonehead)
Nightfall – At Night We Prey (Season Of Mist)
Nixil – All Knots Untied (Self)
:Nodfyr: – Eigenheid (Van)
No Terror In The Bang – Eclosion (Self)
Order Of Nosferat – Necuratal (Purity Through Fire)
Pustilence – The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End (Personal)
Reaper – The Atonality Of Flesh (Iron Bonehead)

Recluse – Lay Your Darkness Down With Me (Self)
Requiem For Oblivion – Hindsight 2020 (Self)
Rod1313 – Dark Clouds EP (Self)
Skinny Knowledge – Don’t Turn Out The Lights (Self)
Som – Awake EP (Blood Blast)
Spam Javelin – The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse (Link2Wales)
Spelljammer – Abyssal Trip (RidingEasy)
Sporae Autem Yuggoth – The Plague Of The Aeons EP (Personal)
Starscape – Colony (Stormspell)

Stormtide – A Throne Of Hollow Fire (Metal Hell)
Sullen – Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion (Blood Blast)
Terror – Trapped In A World (Self)
Thirdface – Do It With A Smile (Exploding In Sound)
Thorium – Empires In The Sun (Freya)
Thron – Pilgrim (Listenable)
Ungraven/Slomatics – Split EP (Blackbow)
Vlad – Vlad (Interstellar Smoke)
Warrior Path – The Mad King (Symmetric)
Witherfall – Curse Of Autumn (Century Media)
Wolfheart – Skull Soldiers EP (Napalm)
Wolf King – The Path Of Wrath (Prosthetic)
Wolvennest – Temple (Van)
Wÿntër Ärvń – Abysses (Antiq)
Xibalba – Ancients (Nuclear War Now!)
Zaratus – In The Days Of Whore (Van)

March 12, 2021

Acid Mammoth – Acid Mammoth Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)

All My Faith Lost – Untitled (Cyclic Law)
Autarkh – Form In Motion (Season Of Mist)
Black Diamonds – No-Tell Hotel (Metalapolis)
Blackmore’s Night – Nature’s Light (earMusic)
Cactus Flowers – Solace EP (People, Parties, Places)
Chez Kane – Debut (Frontiers)
Conan – Live At Freak Valley (Napalm)
The Crown – Royal Destroyer (Metal Blade)
Cruel Life Inside – Eclipsis Vitae (Casus Belli)
Dead Poet Society – -!- (Spinefarm)
Demiser – Through The Gate Eternal (Boris)
Dr. Schafausen – Waiting For Tomorrow (Sliptrick)
Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes EP (BMG)
Enforced – Kill Grid (Century Media)
Eyehategod – A History Of Nomadic Behavior (Century Media)
Forty Feet Tall – A Good Distraction (Magnetic Moon)
Fraught – Splitting Tongues (Cursed Monk)
Gary Hughes – Decades (Frontiers)
Gary Hughes – Waterside (Frontiers)
Gizmachi – Omega Kaleid (Self)
God’s Hate – God’s Hate (Closed Casket)
Heart Healer – The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson (Frontiers)
Isgherurd Morth – Hellrduk (Repose)
ISSA – Queen Of Broken Hearts (Frontiers)
Jord – Sol (Northern Silence)
Ledfoot – Black Valley (TBC)
Malist – Karst Relict (Northern Silence)
Marianas Rest – Fata Morgana (Napalm)
Mausoleum/Anatomia – Split (HPGD)
Minutian – Magical Thinking (Secret)

Myopic & At The Graves – A Cold Sweat Of Quiet Dread (Grimoire)
Native Sons – The Natives Are Restless (HighVol)
Orden Ogan – Final Days (AFM)
Pupil Slicer – Mirrors (Prosthetic)
Rioghan – Blackened Sky EP (Inverse)
Rise To The Sky – Let Me Drown With You (Self)
Rob Zombie – The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast)
Ronnie Atkins – One Shot (Frontiers)
Sacrilegious Crown – Plenilunium Cult EP (Xenoglossy)
Saga – Symmetry (earMusic)
Secret Sphere – Lifeblood (Frontiers)
Sepulcros – Vazio (Transcending Obscurity)
Sleepless – Blood Libel EP (Necromantic Press)
Snaer – Frozen Alchemy (Self)
Starmen – By The Grace Of Rock N Roll (Melodic Passion)
Stortregn – Impermanence (The Artisan Era)
Sunstorm – Afterlife (Frontiers)
Thorium – Ocean Of Blasphemy Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Thunder – All The Right Noises (BMG)
Thunder Horse – Chosen One (Ripple)
Tornekrone – Det Er Ingenting Annet (Northern Silence)

Turbulence – Frontal (Frontiers)
Twitch Of The Death Nerve – Beset By False Prophets (Comatose)
Utbyrd – Varskrik (Petrichor)
Varmia – Bal Lada (M-Theory)

Wesenwille – II: A Material God (LADLO)
White Void – Anti (Nuclear Blast)
Witch Tit – Intoxicating Lethargy (Self)

March 19, 2021

Adamantis – Far Flung Realm (Cruz Del Sur)
Agent Steel – No Other Godz Before Me (Dissonance)
Ainur – War Of The Jewels (Rockshots)
Amammoth – The Fire Above (Electric Valley)
Aversed – Impermanent (Self)
Caged – Stricken By Continuance Re-Release (Cursed Monk)
Capital Vices – Zenith EP (Self)
Cosmic Reaper – Cosmic Reaper (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Dead Sun – Night Terrors (Xtreem)

Depths Of Hatred – Inheritance (Prosthetic)
Devin Townsend – Devolution Series #1 – Acoustically Inclined, Live In Leeds (InsideOut)
Distant – Dusk Of Anguish EP (Unique Leader)
Dvne – Eternen Aenka (Metal Blade)
Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes EP (Self)
Egor Lappo – Tranevoicer (Self)
Embryonic Slumber – In Worship Our Blood Is Buried (Werewolf)
Enforcer – Live By Fire II (Nuclear Blast)
Erra – Erra (UNFD)
Estuarine – Nyarlathotep (Self)
Everture – Emerge (Inverse)
Feculent – The Grotesque Arena (Brilliant Emperor)
Fuath – II (Season Of Mist)
Gate Doors – All Our Sins (Wormholedeath)
Godsend – In The Electric Mist Re-Release (Petrichor)
Herzel – Le Dernier Rempart (Gates Of Hell)
Hevilan – Symphony Of Good And Evil (Brutal)
Ildaruni – Beyond Unseen Gateways (Black Lion)

Introspect – Midnight Sun EP (Self)
Kankar – Dunkle Millennia (Eisenwald)
Kaschalot – Zenith (Atypeek/Stargazed)
Lunar Shadow – Wish To Leave (Cruz Del Sur)
Mal – Forma Vil EP (Vicious Instinct)
Manslaughter 777 – World Vision Perfect Harmony (Thrill Jockey)
Manuel Barbara – Moonrise (Self)
Mare Cognitum – Solar Paroxysm (I, Voidhanger)
May The Tempest – Rise To Remain (Self)
Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 2: The Golden Orb (I, Voidhanger)

MWWB – The Harvest (New Heavy Sounds)
Nine Treasures – Awakening From Dukkha (Self)
The Noctambulant – Hellrazor (Self)
Olde – Pilgrimage (Seeing Red/Sludgelord)
Papa Roach – Greatest Hits Vol.2 – The Better Noise Years (Better Noise)
Riah/Postvorta – Riahpstvrt Split (Trepnation)
Saxon – Inspirations (Silver Lining)
Serj Tankian – Elasticity EP (Alchemy)
Seraph In Travail – A Black Death Incense (Self)
Shadow People – Batom Rouge/Washing In Soap Opera (Forbidden Place)
Shiny Daggers – Devil Inside EP (Emanzipation)
Slope – Street Heat (BDHW)
Stearica – Golem 202020 (Monotreme)
Stormwind – Reflections Re-Release (Black Lodge)
Sundrowned – Become Ethereal (Fysisk Format)
Taake/Helheim – Henholdsvis Split EP (Dark Essence)
Terrorential – Visions (Self)
Trollfest – Happy Heroes EP (Napalm)
Turris Eburnea – Turris Eburnea (Everlasting Spew)
U.D.O. – Live In Bulgaria CD/DVD (AFM)
Wharflurch – Shitslime EP (Personal)

March 26, 2021

’68 – Give One Take One (Cooking Vinyl)
1782 – From The Graveyard (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Aara – Triade I: Eos (Debemur Morti)

Abuse Potential – The Mass Psychology Of Misery (Cult Of Osiris)
As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies The Other (Long Branch)
Aziola Cry – The Ironic Divide (Sensory)
Band Of Spice – By The Corner Of Tomorrow (Scarlet)
Blind Faith – Closer EP (Wormholedeath)

Blindfolded And Led To The Woods – Nightmare Withdrawals (Self)
Bound In Fear – Eternal EP (Unique Leader)
Breaths – Lined In Silver (Trepnation)
Budderside – Spiritual Violence (Motorhead/Silver Lining)
Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden (Kernkraftritter)
Byron – The Omega Evangelion (Goatmancer)
Cambion – Conflagrate The Celestial Refugium (Lavadome)
Celestial Sanctuary – Soul Diminished (Redefining Darkness/Church Road)
Christian Liljegren – Melodic Passion (Melodic Passion)
Concrete Ships – In Observance (Trepnation)
Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (Century Media)
Dead Animal Assembly Plant – Bring Out The Dead (Armalyte)
Decline Of The I – Jonhannes (Agonia)
Demande A La Poussiere – Quietude Hostile (My Kingdom)

Dirge – Vanishing Point (Division)
Draken – Draken (Majestic Mountain)
Escumergament – Ni Degu Fazentz… (Avantgarde)
Evanescence – The Bitter Truth (BMG)
Falling Doves – Electric Dove (Black Cherry)
Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon (Relapse)
Ghosts Of Atlantis – (Black Lion)

Grand Celestial Nightmare – Forbidden Knowledge And Ancient Wisdom (Self)
Grande Royale – Carry On (The Sign)
Greenleaf – Echoes From A Mass (Napalm)
Grillijono K.O. – Napalmia Korville (Inverse)
Grorr – Ddulden’s Last Flight (Vicisolum)

Heartline – I Call For The Sinking Warmth EP (Self)
The Hirsch Effekt – Gregaer EP (Long Branch)
Hound – I Know My Enemies (Metalville)
Ildskaer – Paa Dækket Kalder de Døde EP (Wolfspell)
Iniquity – Five Across The Eyes Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Janina Jade – Heart Of Rock N’ Roll (GMR)
Karbholz – Kontra (Metalville)
Kavrila – Rituals III (Narshardaa)
The LA Maybe – Dirty Damn Tricks (Self)
Lamb Of God – Lamb Of God Deluxe Edition (Epic)
Lazer Beam – Lazer Beam (Golden Robot)
Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3 (InsideOut)
Marasmus – Necrotic Overlord (Transcending Obscurity)
Memoriam – To The End (Reaper)
Metalite – A Virtual World (AFM)
The Mobile Homes – Trigger (Wild Kingdom)
Monte Penumbra – As Blades In The Firmament (End All Life)
MP – Bursting Out (The Beast Becomes Human) Re-Release (Relics From The Crypt)
Mur – Truth EP (LADLO)
Nachtig – Der Stille Wald (Purity Through Fire)
Necronomicon – The Final Chapter (El Puerto)
Northmaan – Northmaan (Devfire)
Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn (Scarlet)
Paladine – Entering The Abyss (No Remorse)

Paris – 50/50 (AOR Heaven)
Putrescine – The Fading Flame (Tridroid)
The Quill – Earthrise (Metalville)
Rapid Strike – Rapid Strike (Wormholedeath)
Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation (FDA)
Revenant Marquis – Below The Landsker Line (Inferna Profundis)
Sanguisugabogg – Tortured Whole (Century Media)
Sarkrista – Sworn To Profound Heresy (Purity Through Fire)
Schysma – Schysma (Wormholedeath)
Servants To The Tide – Servants To The Tide (No Remorse)

Shiva The Destructor – Find The Others (Robustfellow)
Silent Winter – Empire Of Sins (Pride & Joy)
Smith/Kotzen – Smith/Kotzen (BMG)
Snafu – Exile/Banishment (Life After Death)
Solbrud – Levende I Brønshøj Vandtårn (Eisenwald)
The Sombre – Into The Beckoning Wilderness Re-Release (Chaos)
Stephen Crane – Kicks (AOR Heaven)
Stepson – Help Me Help You (SharpTone)
Stranger Vision – Poetica (Pride & Joy)
Suicide Forest – Reluctantly (Avantgarde)
Thermohaline – Maelstrom (Onism)
Tomahawk – Tonic Immobility (Ipecac)
Unknown Refuge – From The Darkness (Self)
Valosta Varjoon – Das Flammenmeer (Purity Through Fire)
Varde – Asgaardsreien EP Re-Release (Nordvis)

Wheel – Resident Human (Self)
Winding Road – Winding Road (AOR Heaven)
Witchseeker – Scene Of The Wild (Dying Victims)
Wythersake – Antiquity (Scarlet)
Yawning Sons – Sky Island (Ripple)

Zeit – Betonkrebs (Self)