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February 5, 2021

3 Dreams Never Dreamt – Another Vivid Detail (My Kingdom)
Age Total – Age Total (Soza)
Alkerdeel – Slonk (Consouling Sounds)
Anael – Mare (Into Endless Chaos)
Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida (Century Media)
Appalooza – The Holy Of Holies (Ripple)
Astora – The First Flame (Self)
Beloved Enemy – Back From Another Side EP (Self)
Black Hole Diety – Lair Of Xenolich (Everlasting Spew)
Blurr Thrower – Les Voutes (LADLO)
Boozewa – First Contact EP (Self)
Bornwithhair – Someplace To Haunt (Self)
Carcinoma – Labascation (Rat King)
Colossus – Degenesis (Comatose)
Cult Of Luna – The Raging River EP (Red Creek)
Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus (Self)
Dead Exaltation – Despondent (Self)
DSKNT – Vacuum-y Noise (Sentient Ruin)
Everdawn – Cleopatra (Sensory)
Evil Drive – Demons Within (Reaper)
Felgrave – A Waning Light (Personal)
Feskarn – Raven’s Sky (Vegvisir)
Havenlights – Songs Of Autumn (Self)
Heave Blood & Die – Post People (Fysisk Format)
Ho Chi Minh – This Is Hell (Self)
Japanische Kampfhorspiele – Neues Aus Dem Halluzinogozan (Bastardized)
King Bong – Sand ≈ Return Re-Release (Mandrone)
Komatsu – Rose Of Jericho (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Korpiklaani – Jylhä (Nuclear Blast)
Lawrence Wallace – Journey Through Time (Self)
Maestitium – Tale Of The Endless (Black Lion)
Meister Leonhardt – Meister Leonhardt (Purity Through Fire)
Misotheist – For The Glory Of Your Redeemer (Van)

Mourners – Act I: Tragedies (Personal)
Neorhythm – Evils EP (Self)
Old Castles – Die Wampyriskra Symphonie (Inferna Profundis)
Old Growth – Mossweaver (Supreme Chaos)
Omination – NGR (Hypnotic Dirge)
ORCumentary – Fully ORCestrated (Self)
Revulsion – Revulsion (Transcending Obscurity)
The Ruins Of Beverast – The Thule Grimoires (Van)

Sarin – You Can’t Go Back (Prosthetic)
Sea Sleeper – Nostophobia (Metal Assault)
Serotonin Leakage/Charcuterie – Split (HPGD)
Sintax – Nano3000 (Sliptrick)

Skyliner – Dark Rivers, White Thunder (Self)
StarGazer – Psychic Secretions (Nuclear War Now!)
Svn.Seeker – Means To An End EP (Self)
Todd La Torre – Rejoice In The Suffering (Rat Pak)
To Kill Achilles – Something To Remember Me By (Arising Empire)
Transatlantic – The Absolute Universe (InsideOut)
Ulvegr – Isblod (Ashen Dominion)
Uncertainty Principle – Sonic Terror (Xenoglossy)
Velvet Skyline – What We Have In Common (Self)
Vermineux – 1337 (Purity Through Fire)
Wampyric Rites – The Eternal Melancholy Of The Wampyre (Inferna Profundis)
White Nights – Solanaceae EP (Iron Bonehead)

Zebediah Crowe – Lych Milk EP (Self)

February 12, 2021

3.2 – Third Impression (Frontiers)
Abiotic – Ikigai (The Artisan Era)
Ablaze My Sorrow – Among Ashes And Monoliths (Black Lion)
Abythic – Dominion Of The Wicked (Iron Bonehead)
Ad Nauseum – Imperative Imperceptible Impulse (Avantgarde)
Alltar – Live At Ceremony Of Sludge (Self)
Amoriello – Dear Dark EP (Sliptrick)
Arcaeon – Cascadence (Self)
Arc Of Life – Arc Of Life (Frontiers)
Black Pyramid – Black Pyramid Re-Release (Labyrinth Of Thoughts)
Blue Hour Ghosts – Due (Rockshots)
Caedes Cruenta – Of Ritual Necrophagia And Mysterious Ghoul Cults (Helter Skelter)
Camera Obscura 2 – D.Ö.D. (Selfmadegod)

Chmcl Str8jckt – Drk Prgrssn (Cleopatra)
Crawl Below – 9 Mile Square (Self)
Crystal Viper – The Cult (Listenable)

Dayglo Mourning – Dead Star (Black Doomba)
Dead Poet Society – -!- (Spinefarm)
Demon King – The Final Tyranny EP (The Artisan Era)
Dio – Evil Or Divine: Live In New York City Re-Release (Niji/BMG)
Dio – Holy Diver Live Re-Release (Niji/BMG)
Disout – Mien (Self)
Dozer – Vultures EP Re-Release (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Durbin – The Beast Awakens (Frontiers)
Emptiness – Vide (Season Of Mist)
Everdawn – Cleopatra (Sensory)
God Is An Astronaut – Ghost Tapes #10 (Napalm)
Grand Cadaver – Madness Comes EP (Majestic Mountain)
Holy Mother – Face The Burn (Massacre)
Human Fortress – Epic Tales & Untold Stories (Massacre)
Humanity’s Last Breath – Valde (Unique Leader)
Immortal Guardian – Psychosomatic (M-Theory)

Indica Blues – We Are Doomed (APF)
Inglorious – We Will Ride (Frontiers)
Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Running Games (Frontiers)
Klee Project – Screaming Out Loud (This Is Core)
Kreek – Kreek (Frontiers)
Lam – Liber K EP (Self)
Love And Death – Perfectly Preserved (Blind Tiger)
Lunar Spells – Medievel Shadows From An Ancient Netherworld EP (Northern Silence)
Lut – Mersmak (Indie)
Medieval Demon – Arcadian Witchcraft (Hells Headbangers)
The Mercy Kills – New Rule EP (Golden Robot)
Midnight Betrothed – Bewitched By Destiny’s Gaze (Northern Silence)

Narakah – Blast Heaven (Self)
Nathr – Beinahruga EP (Signal Rex)
Nightfall – Diva Futura/Electronegative Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Nightfall – Lesbian Show Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Noctambulist – Noctambulist I: Elegieen (Northern Silence)
The Nova Hawks – Redemption (Frontiers)
Pestis Cultus – Pestis Cultus (Signal Rex)
The Pretty Reckless – Death By Rock And Roll (Fearless)
Riverside – Out Of Myself Re-Release (InsideOut)
Sacred Reich = The American Way Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Sacred Reich – Ignorance Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Sacred Reich – Surf Nicarague Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Samuel Dales – Past Is Perfect (Self)
Shape Of Water – Lockdown On Mars EP (Eclipse)
Simulacrum – Genesis (Frontiers)
Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (Napalm)
Sur Austru – obarsie (Avantgarde)
Surut – Surut (Petrichor)

Swampbeast – Seven Evils Spawned Of Seven Heads (Translation Loss)
Toledo Steel – Heading For The Fire (Dissonance)
Tragedy In Hope – Sleep Paralysis (Self)
Vestindien – Null (Dark Essence)
Wizard – Metal In My Head (Massacre)

February 19, 2021

Abigail’s Affair – Shattered (Wormholedeath)
The Amenta – Revelator (Debemur Morti)

Austin Meade – Black Sheep (Snakefarm)
Black Autumn/The Mountain King – MMXX Split (Cursed Monk)
Bloodletter – Funeral Hymns (Petrichor)
Buried – Oculus Rot (Brutal Mind)

cEvin Key – Resonance (Artofact)
Coronary – Sinbad (Cruz Del Sur)
Crystallion – Heads Or Tails (Pride & Joy)
The Dark Overlords – I Am The Dark Overlords EP (Uprising!)
Detritus – Myths (Embryo)
Echoplain – Polaroid Malibu (Atypeek)
Edoma – Immemorial Existence (Petrichor)
Enemy Awake – Fallen World (Self)
Ephemerald – Between The Glimpses Of Hope (Inverse)
Eternal Idol – Rocking With The Idols EP (Frontiers)
Evil – Possessed By Evil ((Nuclear War Now!)
Final Void – Visions Of Fear (Inverse)

Future Faces – Euphoria (Throatruiner)
The Gathering – Mandylion Re-Release (Transcending)
The Gathering – Nighttime Birds Re-Release (Transcending)

Gravesend – Methods Of Human Disposal (20 Buck Spin)
Harakiri For The Sky – Maere (AOP)
Insect Inside – The First Shining Of New Genus (Gore House)
In Tormentata Quiete – Krononota (My Kingdom)
Jakethehawk – Hinterlands (Ripple)

Kaupe – Cognitive Dissonance (Self)
Kjeld – Ôfstân (Heidens Hart)
Lake Of Tears – Ominous (AFM)

The Lylat Continuum – Ephemeral (Self)
Magic Opera – The Golden Pentacle (Self)
Malice Divine – Malice Divine (Self)
Maudiir – La Part Du Diable EP (Self)
Natural Born Machine – Human (Pride & Joy)
A Night In The Abyss – Begotten EP (Hollowed)
Orion’s Reign – Scores Of War Re-Release (Pride & Joy)
Philm – Time Burner (Metalville)
Qualen – Unohdan Sinut (Time To Kill)
Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard And Fast (Nuclear Blast)
Saprobiontic – Apocalyptic Retribution (Black Sunset)
The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter (Transcending Obscurity)
A Scent Like Wolves – Mystic Auras (We Are Triumphant)
Siggi Schwarz – The Fire Inside (Pride & Joy)
Socioclast – Socioclast (Carbonized)
Spire – Temple Of Khronos (Sentient Ruin)
Suffering Hour – The Cyclic Reckoning (Profound Lore)
Szary Wilk – Wrath (Putrid Cult)
Temperance – Melodies Of Green And Blue EP (Napalm)
Upon The Altar – Absid Ab Ordine Luminis (Putrid Cult)
Venomous – Tribus EP (Brutal)
Voidwomb – Altars Of Cosmic Devotion EP (Iron Bonehead)
Wintereve – October Dark (HPGD)

February 26, 2021

-(16)-/Grime – Doom Sessions Vol. 3 (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Adnate – Astral Propagation (Self)
Age Of Woe – Envenom (Lifeforce)
Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories (earMusic)
Amon Acid – Paradigm Shift (Helter Skelter)
Anneke van Giersbergen – The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest (InsideOut)
Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist (Epitaph)
Black Sheep Wall – Songs For The Enamel Queen (Silent Pendulum)
Black Totem – II: Shapeshifting (Svart)
Blitzkrieg – A Time Of Changes Re-Release (High Roller)
Bonfire – Roots (AFM)

Cannibal Accident – Nekroluster (A Time To Kill)
The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara – Full Spectrum (Self)
Cortege – Chasing Daylight EP (Desert)
Culted – Nous (Season Of Mist)
Dead Register – You Fail Me EP (AVR)
Druadan Forest/Old Sorcery – Split (Werewolf)
Earthshine – My Bones Shall Rest Upon The Mountain (Northern Silence)

Einherjer – Dragons Of The North Re-Release (Napalm)
Einherjer – North Star (Napalm)
Empyrium – Über den Sternen (Prophecy)
Epica – Omega (Nuclear Blast)
Evergrey – Escape Of The Phoenix (AFM)
Everture – Emerge (Inverse)

Fellowcraft – This Is Where You’ll Find Me (Self)
Five The Hierophant – Through Aureate Void (Dark Essence)
Forhist – Forhist (Debemur Morti)

The Generals – To Hell (Black Zombie)
Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon (Relapse)
Infernalizer – The Ugly Truth (Rockshots)
Inflabitan – Intrinsic (Soulseller)

Inhuman – Inhuman (Self)
Innersphere – Omfalos (Slovak Metal Army)
Ionophore – Knells (Self)
Iotunn – Access All Worlds (Metal Blade)
Jameson Raid – Raiderstronomy Re-Release (High Roller)
Jarhead Fertilizer – Product Of My Environment (Closed Casket)
Jours Pales – Eclosion (LADLO)
Karbholz – Kontra (Metalville)
Knoll – Lambent Urn (Self)
Korpse – Insufferable Violence (Unique Leader)
Kreator – Under The Guillotine Box Set (Noise)
Laced In Lust – First Bite (Rockshots)

Lizzard – Eroded (Pelagic)
Los Males Del Mundo – Descent Towards Death (Dark Descent)
Lost For Life – Don’t Let It Consume You (Dead Serious)
Love Machine – Dusseldorf – Tokyo (Unique)
Master Dy – Unknown Sound (DyMM P&M)
Melvins 1983 – Working With God (Ipecac)
Mephistofeles – A Path Of Black EP (Helter Skelter/Regain)
Messiahvore – Messiahvore (Golden Robot)

Moonspell – Hermitage (Napalm)
Night Prowler – No Escape (Dying Victims)
Of Mice & Men – Timeless EP (SharpTone)
Ominous Ruin – Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone (Willowtip)
Paranorm – Empyrean (Redefining Darkness)
Performed – Moronia (Slovak Metal Army)

Plague Weaver – Ascendant Blasphemy EP (Self)
Plankton Wat – Future Times (Thrill Jockey)
Prdr – How Did The Desert Bloom EP (Self)
Profond Barathre – Tinnitus (Hummus)
Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation (FDA)
Sandstorm – Desert Warrior EP (Dying Victims)
Significant Point – Into The Storm (Dying Victims)
Sinira – The Everlorn (Northern Silence)

Skindred – Roots Rock Riot Re-Release (Hassle)
Slough Of Despair – Catacombs Of Terror Re-Release (Chaos)
Sorizon – Thanatos Rising (Self)
Sow Discord – Quiet Earth (Tartarus)
Spelljammer – Abyssal Trip (RidingEasy)
Summoning The Lich – United In Chaos (Prosthetic)
Sunnata – Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth (Self)
Tenebro – Liberaci dal Male EP (Xtreem)
Terminal Bliss – Brute Err/ata (Relapse)

Timo Ellis – Death Is Everywhere EP (Self)
Tusmorke – Nordisk Krim (Karisma)
Valdaudr – Drapsdalen (Soulseller)

Vandemonian – Xenophilia (Self)
Volvopenta – Simulacrum (Tonzonen)
Walk The Walk – Walk The Walk (AOR Heaven)
Wehrmacht – Biermacht Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Wehrmacht – Shark Attack Re-Release (Hammerheart)

Wolvenking – A Shadow Of What Once Was (Clobber)
Xeper – Ad Numen Satanae (Soulseller)