Welcome to 2021! I am so happy to get to this year, the last one had many suffering in some manner, well I had planned on posting the January Issue on the 31st, on time and schedule but two factors out of my control screwed us over royally, the first our internet service provider went goofy early Sunday with the internet going in and out all day very frustrating, it disrupted the podcast uploading and posting in generally. Their answer some cord was cut on their end – what BS, they have one cord that controls the net in two states. Then New Jersey was hit with a snowstorm/Nor’easter effecting power. The subscribers of the site got drips and drabs of the reviews as we hurried to publish them. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a 3-week vacation as we always do in the beginning of the year.

Not much is changing on the site, the owner is pleased with the efforts and you the fans enjoy it too, that doesn’t mean it’s all staying the same, introducing a new column further detail found below, and we are keeping the anniversary reviews of selected flicks, a timely posting of press releases. We shall continue the television horror reviews face there’s over 1,400 of them I’ve barely made a scratch.

Last month/year it was suggested by the owner of the site to do a watchlist, and figured no problem, but others, friends, and fiends, heard and wanted to control the game; just great I thought, revenge time. So, what happened, people sat down and looked at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, Peacock, YouTube, etc. while others rooted through both theirs and my Blu-ray/DVD collections of horror all to create a master list for me to watch, the others designed the order, and let me warn you this list is bizarre, and it’s true my goal is to watch all the horror possible there’re many films that wouldn’t be on my radar for a while. The reason for this, others horror fans make a list each week or such and use either a randomizer or they supposedly choose, but in either of those cases that person is in full control, here others made that decision, they get to giggle in delight. However, before you get your jollies, I am having watch-parties for these films with those who chose them, why not torment others’ eyeballs; also, I cannot promise that all the movies on this list will be reviewed by year end, as that’ll be at least 365 movies, if I don’t watch extras; and we all know that’s going to happen. Finally, the watchlist is called: Visions of Horror.

In conclusion, we are working to expand our social media standing, and we believe this year that the Testament of Horror our version of the Horror History, shall be thoroughly cleaned up, removing the last trickles of sexism or other vices, remember this list was created from other sources some very questionable, and we remain the last one doing it. Speaking of last one, we are the last horror site issuing a New Releases list, others might do this by noting a special film or if their primarily duty is noting when films released. Thanks for the support on both of these two.

Here’s to 2021 and hope everyone stays safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief