My nephew brought over one of his movies he got for Christmas and it just happened to be The Meg so I thought I would take some time to review it; another shark movie and in this case is a pre-historic enormous shark called a megalodon. It has a lot of similarities to Jaws and 47 Meters Down; was released in theaters in 2018 by Warner Bros and was directed by Jon Turteltaub.

The Meg opens with a deep sea dive team trying to rescue people in a damaged submarine. The leader of the team is Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) he tries to rescue who he can but the “Meg” is destroying the ship at the same time. Of course, on one believes him and says he just deserted the others and so he lost his job and ultimately his marriage to his wife Lori (Jessica McNamee). Some time has passed and there’s a group of scientists wanting to find out if there’s more to the bottom of the ocean. Morris (Rainn Wilson), a billionaire, comes aboard the sea-station to evaluate how his money is being spent. He then meets Zhang (Winston Chao) and his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing) who take him to heart of the operation where the scientists are. He then sees the submarine that’s going to venture down and if there’s more marine life and sure enough there is and it’s absolutely beautiful. Then all of a sudden, their sub is attacked by the “Meg” and they become disabled and need a rescue. After the scientists Zhang and Mac (Cliff Curtis) who happens to know Jonas very well venture to Thailand to get him to rescue their friends one of whom is Lori. He comes aboard and eventually gets in the water along with Suyin to rescue their friends. When they come back up to the surface, they create a pathway for the megalodon to come up and more scientists are sadly “eaten” among others. I won’t go into the demise of the Meg as I will let you watch and find out.

As I said earlier it reminded me a lot of Jaws and 47 Meters Down. The Meg “borrowed” similar scenes from Jaws; for example, on the beach there was a mother and her son who wanted to go swimming, who insists before relenting to his wishes. As for 47 Meters Down reference, because of the deep-sea diving and the dangers from down below with limited vision. Also, disappointing that there wasn’t a lot of shark kills shown, it had the time and budget for them. The music in The Meg was also very odd at times; it didn’t seem to fit the movie. The Meg was an OK movie but definitely not the same caliber of Jaws. So, if you like shark movies give it a try but don’t expect a lot of fearful shark encounter moments.



  • The most feared predator in history…is no longer history.
  • If you see her coming…It’s all you’ll have time to say.
  • Before chasing sea monsters, check your place on the food chain.
  • They went to hell to build the world’s largest aquarium…now they’re going even further to stock it. They’ll need a bigger boat…MUCH bigger.
  • Chomp on this.
  • Pleased to eat you.
  • Opening wide
  • The ultimate Lady Killer.
  • She’s the biggest thing you never saw coming.
  • Where The Meg Comes To Life

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

3C Rating: 5.0/10