Well, welcome to the end of 2020 as most of us are glad to see. I don’t think there is one person who reads the articles, reviews and press release and also knew we weren’t going to finish on time. The reason so obvious to some and so it was the encouragement of so many people that understood knowing what was going on and now how these Editor’s Greetings served as a form of therapy when so many were in lockdown.

Then early this week I had the annual meeting with the owner of the site, once again I am merely the editor not the owner. First, so humble and proud that our Facebook page grew from 600 likes in May 2020 to finish the year with over 1200 – THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Our view count for the year is not official until January 31st, but it is almost 150,000, another great achievement. I will be adding in a new feature onto the site, called ‘watchlist’ as the owner suggest people like lists, therefore, it will include what horror films I have seen, the goal is to watch one day (already do that) and either something brand new or one I have not seen for 25-years, now granted there’s going to some regulars on the list, but the goal is to explore and expand one’s horizons. Some of these films will be reviewed and others to discuss on Baron’s Crypt. The final tidbit included in the discussion is start reviewing the films noted as reference in the reviews on our site, which means for example “House on Haunted Hill [1959] starred Vincent Price (Madhouse [1974]) the movie Madhouse would now be reviewed, it was shockingly noted to me how often this has happened over 500 movies referred to dating back to 2017, oops.

We also finished 2020 with all seven podcast shows airing for the first time in a very long time. We have elevated four shows to the forefront of consistent airplay, Shredding Metal Beasts, Sinister Death, Hard Rock Madness, and Baron’s Crypt (which on January 31, 2021 enters its 7th-year of broadcasting,) the first three show named there shall be become 3-hour pre-recorded epic shows. Mysterious void, Synth Pathways, and Screamin’ Horror will air once a quarter due to lack of more genre themed music for them, however I will increase efforts to locate more for the fans. It’s also true that we will offer time slots to indie podcasters, unable to maintain their own broadcasting abilities to economy problems, just contact us about this.

Thanks again to all the Horror Fans for enjoying the site. Here’s to 2021 and hope everyone stays safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief