So, this is very cool, I’ve finally found a spot to write reviews, big thanks to Baron for encouraging me, not to give up, with that I have the fun opportunity of exploring countless hard rock bands and albums, among one of my favorites, AC/DC. There’s something about their music that hits just right, it’s a bar band that hit the path to stardom, without a doubt most fans of this legendary band have at least 6 albums they enjoy over and over, for me its Back in Black. It’s likely the almost perfect hard rocking album, with a hint of blues that was released in July 1980. I guess some backstory details are needed for this album, the biggest thing there’s a significant change in lead singer, because of the accidental death of Bon Scott at the ripe age of 33-years old on February 19, 1980. He was clearly a hard partier and excessive lover of alcohol. Anyway, the remaining band members decided to push onward (aided by Scott’s parents), and discovered Brian Johnson, and face it, after the first line of lyrics one was sold on his abilities and now this is a great album. There’s no letdown as it sold countless millions of copies over the past 40-years and in many variations’ vinyl, cassette, CD, digital, you name it sells always.  They proudly regrouped!

Johnson’s vocals sound wonderful, a bit of a howl to thrust bluesy-hard rock and selling those sleazy lyrics making for a powerful and popular commercially powered record satisfying all facets of the fan base who likely were unsure if AC/DC still sounded the same, well, sorry they didn’t they were actually better. The songs just have a rich quality, missing from a lot of bands today, it has a catchy rhythm and to sing-along chorus, made for a different era of fun and enjoyment. Each of these tracks make it hard to choose a favorite I suppose I gotta agree with others for “Let Me Put My Love into You,” “What Do You For Money,” “You Shook Me All Night Long” and of course of title track “Back in Black.” All the members united in delivering the goods for the fans, Angus and Malcolm recreate powerful grind rhythm sound from Highway to Hell [1979], with those cool solos.

Yep, I know this video link is for Who Made Who album, but the quality is better than the original:

Track Listing:

Hells Bells

Shoot to Thrill

What Do You Do For Money Honey

Given The Dog A Bone

Let Me Put My Love Into You

Back In Black

You Shook Me All Night Long

Have A Drink On Me

Shake A Leg

Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution


Band Members:

Brian Johnson – lead vocals

Angus Young – lead guitar

Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals

Phil Rudd – drums

All ten tracks show the sweat and strength of this band, how they remained so popular through the decades, Johnson’s addition was acceleration for them, the swagger, control and those vocals, inspiring others to follow his path such as Stripwired “Another Shot” led by Darren Caperna. I gotta note that two of the tracks, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Hells Bells” on this album appeared on the Who Made Who soundtrack album for Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive.  Otherwise, simply have this album in your actual hands, not a digital copy, and listen to it a lot!


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Vincent Rating: 5/5