Saint Petersburg (RU) – DeathOrchestra – a collaboration by Russian Death Metal band Buicide and the Olympic Symphony Orchestra performing covers of songs by Death – has released a live video for the track “Voice of the Soul.” The song is taken from forthcoming live album Symphony of Death.


“Voice of the Soul” (Official Video)

After many long hours and painstaking work, DeathOrchestra are proud to present the upcoming album Symphony of Death. The album, which will be released on December 13, captures a live performance from May 4, 2019 at the Opera Concert Club in Saint Petersburg during which DeathOrchestra performed covers of songs from the legendary Death.


DeathOrchestra gives fans the chance to really home in on the sturdiness and majesty of Schuldiner’s writing. And, yes, to reflect on how well shredding violins complement shredding guitars.”

– Rolling Stone


A live video for the first single from the album, “Spirit Crusher,” is available at the following link:


“Spirit Crusher” (Stream/Purchase):


Track Listing:

Voice of the Soul

Crystal Mountain

Zero Tolerance

Scavenger of Human Sorrow

Spirit Crusher


Pull The Plug


Pre-order Symphony of Death:


Line-up and Credits:

Guitar – Sergey Kuznetsov

Guitar – Anton Ryzhev

Bass – Kirill Kotov

Drums – Roman Gubarik

Olympic Symphony Orchestra

Artistic Director – Aleksey Stepanov

Conductor – Sergei Zavarykin

Opera Concert Club staff at live show recording

Concert Sound Engineer – Valerii Makhota

Concert Sound Engineer – Evgenii Shutov

Artwork and release design by Orm Embar

Mixing Engineer – Vladimir Lehtinen (Grima, Second to Sun, Ultar etc.)

Project Manager – Aleksei Masych



*Thanks to ClawHammer PR