While discussing MRTVI in earlier press releases, we spoke about how the solo experimental black metal project by Damjan Stefanovic has a dissonant and aphonic quality that is both unique in itself and desirous of an acquired taste from its listeners. However, another fantastic characteristic that makes “Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion” stand out as a full-length is the very structure of the album- with twelve tracks divided into ‘four chapters’, Damian creates an inescapable atmosphere of evolution, a feature that when paid attention to, adds infinite layers of context and solidness to the otherwise chaotic sonic nature of the album. No Clean Singing premiered Perceived Entirety, a track from the final chapter of the full length, which while markedly signifying the end of a magnum opus-eque album, is also an absolute complete unit in itself. An excerpt:


“Their syncopated tones are head-bobbing and enticing. Bursts of shining reverberations ring through the ambient mists and seductive rhythms, while voices shift between the channels in drugged-out, hallucinatory conversations. The combined effect is strange, enticing, and more than a little unnerving.”

Band lineup:
Damjan Stefanovic – Everything


MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion (November 6th, 2020)

Genre – Experimental Black Metal
Release Date – November 6, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Imperial Triumphant, Veilburner, Gnaw Their Tongues, Norse, Plasmodium, Deathspell Omega, Satyricon
MRTVI from UK/Serbia shocked audiences around the world with their previous album ‘Negative Atonal Dissonance’ which was a surreal experience in black metal experimentation and improvisation. It was almost subconsciously executed with three mammoth tracks blending noise, ambient and black metal music. On their follow up album, MRTVI have concocted shorter songs segregated in four chapters, with the underlying purpose of infiltrating your thought waves and inseminating harrowing sounds that will alter your consciousness. Listening to ‘Omniscient Hallucinatory Delusion’ is like a nightmarish drug-induced trip that will take you to the darkest recesses of your mind and carve out memories that have been long subdued. That is why it is recommended to listen to the album from start to finish, or at least individual chapters collectively, as they represent something significant, a particular altered experience that will evoke feelings of fear and turmoil, and even relief. It’s a parallel hallucinatory experience of the vagaries of life, concentrated and powerful, meant only for the strongest of minds that are able to withstand urban darkness, alienation, rot and horror.

Chapter I: Cosmic Sadness – Tracks 1-3
Chapter II: Condemned to Life – Tracks 4-7
Chapter III: There is No Hope – Tracks – 8-10

Chapter IV: View of Denial – Tracks 11-12

Track listing:

Living In Repetition
Mass Hallucination
Cycles of Suffering
Invisible Scars
Self Slaughtering
Exercise In Mistakes
Chains of Illusion 03:18 video
Slave Mentality
Terminal Ignorance
Perceived Entirety
Obscured Reality 06:16








MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Perceived Entirety (Experimental Black Metal) Transcending Obscurity

MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Mass Hallucination (Experimental Black Metal) Transcending Obscurity

MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Obscured Reality (Experimental Black Metal) Transcending Obscurity

MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Chains of Illusion (Experimental Black Metal) Transcending Obscurity Records

*Thanks to Transcending Obscurity Records