Greetings to all the horror fans, those who have enjoyed the genre for decades and the relatively newcomers, this past September, I was forced to take the required time to mourn properly with family members deceased as well as 4-friends it was a true hardship, I slowly became angry and more depressed, so many things slipped between the cracks, hence it was bug-out time, away from work, and all things horror. I was on retreat 250 miles away, a stop at Evans City Cemetery, various shops gathering new daggers and swords while purchasing Halloween items. Then upon returning home, a trip to the Movie Posters and Bookstore in Barrington, NJ picking up a slew of fine treasures, it all helped recharge the batteries greatly. Thanks for all the understanding, support, and allowing our third double issue this year and so the horror genre movies continue to move onward with more bloody spectaculars and some duds.

Allow me to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like our Facebook page, we hit over 1,000 likes, I know plenty of other horror sites have more, but for us this past year really equaled some terrific strides. I also want to reassure once this Covid-19 ends we have plenty of giveaways to gladly hand out to random winner, not yet chosen, but we need to listen to the experts and front office folks before we send chose and send out.

In a recent discussion on the Baron’s Crypt, I had the pleasure of discussing what horror means to me, simply at some point I think the films have lost their way and it is due to the big studios muscling into the smaller distribution house with the PG-13 rating, look at the word ‘HORROR’ there’s 3-Rs in it, no PG is presented, therefore return to the core of what it needs, the word alone is harsh sounding, therefore provide it, Restricted, Ravage, and Repugnance, allow the offensive behavior and disgust of others, drop the political correctness, forget about sanitizing the language, dialogue and scenes for those who are sensitive or with thin-skin,  whatever subgenre you choose remember my motto “The Extreme has a Lasting Impression!” Filmmakers, authors and artists, forget the safe route, if want your movie to have that lasting effect, perhaps when someone is surfing a VOD platform or even searching a cheap DVD bin, and they discover your film it needs to either frightened or enthrall them emphatically.

As for this issue, I definitely deliver the goods for everyone five filmmaker interviews, movie reviews, as well as Television-horror, Books, Comics, and other treats to balance your tricks. Now I know some say wait aren’t you suppose to post everything by the end of the month, yes that is true however two factors occurring at the same time first it was Halloween no one really is writing on 30th to 1st they’re engaging in any hint of festivities, face it there wasn’t not much going on depending where in the States you were, ugh – covid. Secondly, as many know I am involved in marketing plans for other films, and they are strangely hitting the first week of November. I know someone is going to say wait some of the films came out earlier, true but remember that might be the national date, there are plenty of submarkets and that factors into numerous of VOD sites.

Then we have done a minor change on the site, we are clarify future films to review, huh – in a review when noting that an actor starred in another horror movie that was parenthesis and now is brackets the reason for the change, is because there were other non-horror listed the same way, therefore this cleans things up a bit. The Podcasts are also changing only Baron’s Crypt will stay as a LIVE show the rest will be moving into pre-recorded broadcasts, but in epic format of 3-hours each. In addition, this month we have 3C writer joining us once more and returning to us is Vincent Mento.

Lastly, I have reviewed Psycho [1960] one more time, this is a masterpiece in style and design, for the 60th-anniversary, my well-known favorite movie of all-time and its also the longest review on the site.

Thanks again Horror Fans, stay safe!


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief