First, this album contains the influence of hair metal of the 1980s, and while it’s not something often reviewed on The Horror Times, with Baron’s blessing, I thought I try something different; those film reviews were out of my depth, I enjoy rocking tunes. Look some metal is cool too, but I’m not a big fan of the black and death genres, I like the kinda music found in a bar atmosphere. Anyway, this is Christian Shields’ second attempt to launch a solo career, and while this album was released March 13th, 2020 by his own label entitled Shields Records, it came at the start of the pandemic hitting the United States, so if you haven’t heard this cool and excitedly entertaining release there’s plenty of reason, as it had limited promotion and touring. Shields considers his music “party rock” and I totally agree, it gives riffs-o-plenty that reminds one of Motley Crue and Poison.

Let’s dive into the songs, the first song “Not This Time” doesn’t thrill me, it’s to0 heavy on the keyboards, however by the second song ‘This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll” this has a good chorus, that common cowbell and hint of killer riffs, really reminds me of AC/DC. As many rocker fans know these albums all had that customary ballad no difference here, “By the Strings” the name alone gives it away and recently we lost the extremely talented Eddie Van Halen, so it goes without his influence definitely can be heard in “Can’t Get Enough” with the powerful riffs and quicker motivated song this also similar to “Raise Em Up” which contains a good chorus.

Track List:

Not This Time

Rock and Roll

Lie to Me

By the Strings

Can’t Get Enough

Here Comes the Man

All or Nothing

Raise ‘Em Up

Without You

Off the Track

Band Line-Up:
Christian Shields – lead vocals/guitar
Marshall Benson – Lead guitar/vocals\

N.V. Shields – Drums
Kevin Gutierrez – Drums/percussion/synths/programming
Josh Schwartz – Keyboards/arrangements
Brad Charles – Orchestration/arrangements
Bryan Reed, Sheli Lynch, Max Lynch, Tyler Lynch, Sofia Lynch – Gang vocals


Those unaware, Christian is a not some new indie musician, nope his talent and skill has earned over 300-shows in just the United States playing with various bands and he even opened for Jackyl and Lynch Mob back when they had concerts prior to the 2020 pandemic – ugh – those were the days. Anyway, the album has an overall attitude and energy that allows for the listener to enjoy and remember those good ‘ol days of a bar night, and intense party rocking night.