November 15

Born on November 15

1973 – Sydney Tamiia Poitier, appeared in “Grindhouse,” “Clinical,” “Death Proof” and “Hood of Horror.”

1972 – Jonny Lee Miller, appeared in “Byzantium,” “Dark Shadows [2012],” “Frankenstein: A Modern Myth,” “Mindhunters,” “Dracula 2000” and more.

1963 – Kevin J. O’Connor, appeared in “Flight of the Living Dead,” “Captive State,” “The Mummy [1999]”, “Deep Rising”, “Gods and Monsters”, “Lord of Illusions,” episodes of “The Others” and many more.

1954 – Beverly D’Angelo, appeared in the films “The Sentinel,” “Hair High” and the 1987 TV movie version of “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”

1940 – Sam Waterston, starred in the films “Warning Sign” and “Serial Mom.”

1937 – Yaphet Kotto starred in the films “Alien” “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” and “The Running Man.”

1913 – Seiji Miyaguchi, who starred in the film “Kwaidan.”

Died on November 15

2019 – Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal, produced “Aliens: Zone of Silence.”

2009 – Dennis Cole, starred in “Zombie Death House”.

1954 – Lionel Barrymore, who starred in “Mark of the Vampire,” “The Bells” and “The Devil-Doll”.

Films Released on November 15

The Phantom of the Opera [1925]
Frankenstein’s Daughter [1958] – New York City
Manos: The Hand of Fate [1966]
The Frozen Dead [1966]
It! [1967]
Once Bitten [1985]
How to Be A Serial Killer [2008]
Revenge Bites [2009]

Judy [2014] – Italy

The Shed [2019]

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November 16

Born on November 16

1984 – Gemma Atkinson, appeared in “Night of the Living 3D Dead”, “Devil’s Pass”, “Airborne”, “Night Wolf.”

1984 – Kimberly J. Brown, appeared in “Big Bad Wolf”, “Halloweentown High”, “Rose Red [TV Mini-Series]”, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge”, “Halloweentown” and more.

1977 – Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared in “Monster House.”

1968 – Tammy Lauren, appeared in “Wishmaster”.

1967 – Lisa Bonet, starred in “Angel Heart”.

1958 – Marg Helenberger, starred in the films “Species,” “Species II”.

1955 – Ron Chaney, appeared in “Coffin Baby”, “Doctor Shocker’s Monster Campaign Ads 2012” and “House of the Wolf Man.”

1948 – Steve Railsback starred in “Helter Skelter,” “Ed Gein,” “Lifeforce,” “Turkey Shoot,” “Blue Monkey.” and appeared in “Trick or Treats,” “Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back” and many more.

1934 – Guy Stockwell appeared in “It’s Alive,” “Grotesque” and “Santa Sangre.”

1928 – Clu Gulager, who appeared in the films “Return of the Living Dead,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2,” ” From a Whisper To a Scream” and “Feast” and the two sequels “Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds” and “Feast 3: The Happy Finish.”

1927 – Barbara Payton, who starred in the film “Bride of the Gorilla.”

1908 – Burgess Meredith, appeared in the films “Torture Garden,” “Beware the Blob!”, The Sentinel [1977] and “Burnt Offerings.”

1880 – Robert Wiene who directed the 1924 version of “The Hands of Orlac” as well as “The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari.”

Died on November 16

2009 – Edward Woodward, starred in the original version of “The Wicker Man.”

2002 – Alfred Lewis Levitt who wrote for various TV shows “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and the screenplay for the film “The Boy with Green Hair”.

1981 – William Holden, starred in the film “Damien: Omen II.”

1978 – Claude Dauphin, appeared in the films “Phantom of the Rue Morgue” and “The Tenant”.

Films Released on November 16

Arnold [1973]

Carrie [1976]
Night of the Comet [1984]
A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]
The Haunting of Hell House [1999]
The Clinic [2009] – Japan

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November 17

Born on November 17

1978 –Zoe Bell, whose films include “Death Proof,” “Planet Terror,” “The Final Destination” and “Penny Dreadful.”

1975 – Diane Neal, appeared in “Dracula II: Ascension” and “Dracula III: Legacy.”

1974 – Leslie Bibb, who appeared in “Wristcutters: A Love Story,” “Midnight Meat Train” and “Trick ‘r Treat.”

1942 – Martin Scorsese, who directed the 1991 remake of “Cape Fear” and the film “Shutter Island.”

1927 – Robert Brown, who appeared in 1962 version of “Tower of London.”

1925 – Rock Hudson, who starred in the film “Embryo”.

Died on November 17

2019 – Nicholas Amer, appeared in “Disciple of Death,” “The Awakening” and “ABCs of Death 2.”

2019 – Arsenio Corsellas Serra, voice dubbing as Paul Naschy in “Night of the Howling Beast.”

2011 – John Paxton, actor and producer in such films as “Drag Me to Hell,” “Frailty,” “Psycho Cop Returns” and “Brain Dead.”

2005 – Maurice Zimm, who wrote the story “Creature From The Black Lagoon.”

1998 – Dick O’Neil, appeared in “The Wolfen” and “Gammera, The Invincible”.

1987 – Arthur C. Pierce, directed the films “The Navy vs. the Night Monsters,” “The Human Duplicators,” “Women of the Prehistoric Planet” and “Mutiny in Outer Space”.

1979 –Don Post, Master monster mask maker.

Films Released on November 17

Tower of London [1939]
The Vampires Coffin [1965] – Cincinnati, OH – [dubbed version]

The Fearless Vampire Killers [1967]
Asylum [1972]
Daughters of Satan [1972]
Dracula A.D. 1972 [1972]
The 6th Day [2000]

Frailty [2001] – Deep Ellum Film Festival
Dark Ride [2006] – After Dark Horrorfest
Unrest [2006] – After Dark Horrorfest
Wicked Little Things [2006]

Train [2008] – DVD premiere
Vampire Abstracta [2009]
ThanksKilling [2009] – DVD premiere
Hanger [2009]

Amityville: The Awakening [2017] – Cambodia

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November 18

Born on November 18

1987 – Angelina Armani, appeared in “Fear Clinic”, “Creep Van”, “Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader”, “Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2”, “Bloodstruck.”

1970 – Mike Epps, co-starred in “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” and “Resident Evil: Extinction.”

1970 – Peta Wilson, appeared in “Malibu Shark Attack.”

1968 – Owen Wilson, starred in “Anaconda,” and the 1999 remake of “The Haunting.”

1962 – Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica and worked on the soundtrack for “The Forsaken,” “The Devil’s Candy,” “Spawn” and “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

1961 – Nick Chinlund, has appeared in “666 Park Avenue [TV Series]”, “Grimm [TV Series]”, “Hallowed Ground”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer [TV Series]”, “The X-Files [TV Series]” and many more.

1954 – Mark Patrick Carducci, whose work has included “Neon Maniacs,” “Vampirella,” “Pumpkinhead” and “The Plan 9 Companion.”

1950 – Eric Pierpoint, starred in the “Alien Nation” TV series and the 1986 remake of “Invaders from Mars.”

1947 – Jameson Parker, starred in John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness.”

1941 – Writer/director David Hemmings, whose films include “Thirst,” “Murder by Decree” and “Barbarella.”

Died on November 18

2005 – Harold J Stone, who appeared in the films “X, The Man with X-Ray Eyes,” “The Werewolf of Woodstock” and “The Invisible Boy”.

2003 – Michael Kamen who has composed the scores for the films “The Dead Zone” and “Lifeforce.”

2002 – James Coburn, appeared in the film “Looker,” the TV mini-series “The Dain Curse” and hosted the short-lived TV anthology “Dark Room.”

Films Released on November 18

Sleepaway Camp [1983]
The Being [1983]
Amityville 3-D [1983]
Le Zombi de Cap-Rogue [1997]
The Gravedancers [2006] – After Dark Horrorfest
Penny Dreadful [2006]
The Zombie Diaries [2008] – DVD premiere

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November 19

Born on November 19

1976 – Robin Dunne, appeared in the films “American Psycho II: All American Girl” and “Species III.”

1972 – Sandrine Holt, appeared in “Underworld: Awakening”, “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”, “Witchblade”, “Poltergeist: The Legacy” and more.

1966 – Jason Scott Lee, appeared in the films “Tale of a Mummy,” “Dracula II: The Ascension,” “Ghoulies 3” and “Dracula III: Legacy.”

1963 – Terry Farrell, appeared in “Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth.”

1962 – Jodie Foster who starred in the films Silence of the Lambs [1991] “Contact” and “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.”

1956 – Scott Jacoby, who played the title role in the TV movie, “Bad Ronald,” and also appeared in the films “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane” and Return to Horror High [1987].

1954 – Kathleen Quinlan who has appeared in the films “Nightmare in Blood,” “Twilight Zone: The Movie,” “Event Horizon” and the 2006 remake of “The Hills Have Eyes.”

1953 – Tom Villard who appeared in the films “Popcorn” and “Parasite.”

1949 – Nigel Bennett, appeared in “Dark Realm [TV Series]”, “PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal [TV Series]”, “Darkman III: Die Darkman Die” and “Forever Knight [TV Series].”

Died on November 19

2019 – Thomas Stanford Lyle, comic book artist & penciler for “Blood of Dracula [1987].”

2014 – Mike Nichols, only genre turn was for the Jack Nicholson werewolf film, “Wolf.”

2011 – John Neville, appeared as “The Well-Manicured Man” in “The X-Files [TV Series]” and “The X Files” film, “A Study in Terror”.

2007 – Dick Wilson, in the film “Diary of a Madmen” with Vincent Price and in episodes of several TV series’ including the original “Twilight Zone,” and “The Munsters.”

2006 – Jeremy Slate, appeared in the films “The Dead Pit” and “The Lawnmower Man”.

1991 – Reggie Nalder, who played in “Salem’s Lot,” “Dracula’s Dog” and the TV movie “The Dead Don’t Die”.

1951 – Barton Yarborough, who portrayed in “Ghost of Frankenstein”.

Films Released on November 19

Mama Dracula [1980]

Addams Family Values [1993]
Man’s Best Friend [1993]
Sleepy Hollow [1999]

Demon’s Kiss [2002]
The Hamiltons [2006] – After Dark Horrorfest
Hood of Horror [2006] – After Dark Horrorfest

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November 20

Born on November 20

1993 – Kayla Perkins, appeared in “Bloody Sisterly Love”, “Kill, Granny, Kill!”, “Nightmare Fuel”, “The Killbillies”, “Santa Claus Versus the Zombies”, “Hell House”, “Halloween Homecoming” and more.

1988 – Rhys Wakefield, starred in “After the Dark.” “Bliss,” “The Purge”, “Sanctum.”

1985 – Dan Byrd, who starred in “Mortuary,” “The 2008 remake of “The Hills Have Eyes” and the 2004 version of the TV mini-series, “Salem’s Lot.”

1963 – Ming-Na Wen, appeared in “Prom Night” [2008].

1959 – Sean Young, who starred in “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde” and “The Invader.”

1956 – Bo Derek, appeared in “Orca”, and “Horror 101”.

1954 – Richard Brooker, portrayed “Jason Voorhees” in “Friday the 13th Part III” and he also appeared in “Deathstalker.”

1948 – Richard Masur, appeared in the films “The Believers,” John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” and the TV mini-series “It.”

1928 – Rex Reason who appeared in “The Creature Walks Among Us” and “This Island Earth.”

1900 – Charles Lamb appeared in the films “Curse of the Werewolf,” “The Hands of Orlac” and “Five Million Years to Earth.”

1890 – Robert Armstrong who starred in the films King Kong [1933], “Son of Kong,” “Mighty Joe Young” and “The Mad Ghoul.”

Died on November 20

2019 – John Fraser Mann, actor in “The Tall Man,” TV Movies “Final Days of Planet Earth,” “Strange Frequency,” and episodes in several TV Series “Supernatural,” “Blood Ties,” “Haunted,” “Strange Frequency” and “Millennium.”

2019 – Michael J. Pollard, actor in “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Skeeter,” “Split Second,” “The Arrival,” “Dark Angel,” “Night Visitor,” “Heartstopper” and many more.

2006 – Chris Hayward who helped develop and wrote for “The Munsters” TV series.

2003 – Jim Siedow, appeared in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”.

2002 – Jerry Gross who produced the film the 1974 version of “Son of Dracula” and “I Drink Your Blood”.

Films Released on November 20

Flowers in the Attic [1987]
Tale of a Vampire [1992] – London Film Festival

The Phantom of the Opera [1998]
Zombie Town [2007]

Repo! The Genetic Opera [2008]

Crimes of the Chupacabra [2009]

Resurrection [2015] – Argentina – Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival

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November 21

Born on November 21

1984 – Jena Malone, starred in “Antebellum,” “The Neon Demon,” and “The Ruins.”

1984 – Lindsey Haun, appeared on the HBO series “True Blood.” She also starred in the film “Shrooms” and appeared in “Addams Family Reunion” and “the 1995 remake of “Village of the Damned.”

1965 – Bill Oberst Jr., prolific horror star who has  done over 150 genre films such as “Nude Nuns with Big Guns,” “ Hell’s Kitty,”  “A Haunting in Salem”, “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies”, “Children of Sorrow”, “Circus of the Dead,” “The Chair [2016],” “Coyote,” “31,” “Clowntergeist” and many more.

1944 – Harold Ramis, who played “Dr. Egon Spengler” in “Ghostbusters [1984]” and “Ghostbusters II” [which he co-wrote].

1941 – Juliet Mills, who starred in “Beyond the Door” and appeared in “Waxworks II.”

1937 – Ingrid Pitt, who starred in the films “The Vampire Lovers,” “Countess Dracula” and “The House That Dripped Blood.”

1921 – Vivian Blane who appeared in the films “Parasite” and “The Dark.”

1920 – Ralph Meeker who appeared in the films “Food of the Gods,” “Without Warning” and the TV movie, “The Night Stalker.”

1919 – Mary Foran, who appeared in “The Hypnotic Eye.”

Died on November 21

2019 – Gahan Allen Wilson, A movie review columnist for The Twilight Zone Magazine and a book critic for Realms of Fantasy magazine and a Cartoonist for Spooky Stories for a Dark and Stormy Night

1993 – Richard Wordsworth, had appeared in “The Curse of the Werewolf”, “The Revenge of Frankenstein”, “The Camp on Blood Island”, “The Quatermass Xperiment” and more.

1986 –Dar Robinson, who worked on the films “Manitou,” and “Burnt Offerings”.

1979 – Paul Wexler who appeared in the films “The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake,” “The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters”.

1978 – John Barclay, who appeared in the 1941 version of “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” “Soylent Green” and “The Brotherhood of Satan”.

Films Released on November 21

Frankenstein [1931]
Diabolique [1955]

The Mole People [1956]

Predator 2 [1990]
Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman [2000] – video premiere
Gothika [2003]
The Mist [2007]
Risen [2008]
Hive Mind [2009]

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