As many know YouTube as all sorts of videos, yes, it is no big surprise, there’re many films both authorized and not, however often overlooked is something here at The Horror Times, we’re helping both filmmakers and fans rediscover the art of Short Films. These films might get a one-liner in an article, perhaps a little more if there’s a name starred in it, otherwise it’s sadly forgotten, therefore we are taking the time to give them a proper review. I had to the opportunity to uncover a comedic adventure that recalled from 2013, it reminded me of something Roger Corman would have created. Director and writer James Feeney (Hellarious [2019]) designed the most inexpensive prop into a fun device that granted him 24-wins and 7-nominations at numerous film festivals. In fact, researching my personal library of records I saw this flick at the now defunct Terror Film Festival once held in Philadelphia, PA, and further noting at the time that it was the second film from Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts to make a splash at that fest, was the first was Kirksdale [2007].

This 15-minute production uses a simplistic story set-up device, taking an object, using it to become a monster or that it conjures something sinister and then expanding that into a thrilling body count, though it sounds easy often enough there’s missteps, herein those to avoid. It’s difficult to not reveal spoilers, as the title sort of informs the audience what to expect ‘shopping carts’ going mad. It starts with Cass (Christine Rodriguez (Hallows Point [2007]), on her first night as the closing manager at a supermarket and experiences a slew of problems, phones aren’t working, communications within the building failing and then power shuts off – all earmarks of a horror movie. Meanwhile her boyfriend Ryan stocks shelves but has other plans, involving his girl, but Cass maintains a level of professionalism; while suddenly Bailey (Ella Schaefer (Watch Over Us [2015])) vanishes and there’s the kooky maintenance man Hale, just think of a version of Bill Moseley. How they show the face chomping metal is unique, but Cass harnesses a bit of Sigourney Weaver into her mindset to take charge and show her killer manager’s skill set.

The cast play their roles in a straight forward manner, no suggested winks at the camera, they each take a serious approach, and the cast does fine job of presenting a few homage moments to the classic films Jaws [1975] and Alien [1979]. One can easily see the crude special effects, yet it adds an interesting hilarity to the film, some work well and others are fake, anyone who has worked on a shoe-string budget knows the struggle there’s an certain level of admiration for them all.

This short reminded me of first Treevenge [2008] where real trees are cut down and made into our Christmas trees, seek revenge just like in Night of the Hell Hamsters [2006] a ‘final-girl’ bloodied seeks to take on overwhelming odds. Other critics likened it to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes [1978] due to its outrageous concept, and for them the biggest issue there’s isn’t a big enough body count, alas they forget it is a student film with limited time, resources and cast personnel. Just remember its 15-minutes, slick value, solid acting, and sheer enjoyment of watching good comedic horror, there’s a lot worse you could do subject your eyes to.

TAGLINE: Don’t push it.

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

Baron’s Rating: 6.5/10

Here’s the full film: