My husband wanted to watch a horror movie, so he went onto Amazon Prime and chose Hell House LLC. He said that since I liked the movie Paranormal Activity and haunted houses, I might like this. When I first started watching the film, I thought it was a documentary or based on actual events but in reality, it’s just a found footage film directed by Stephen Cognetti who went on to make the 2 sequels of this movie.

The film starts five years after the devastation that happened inside a house in upstate New York with a documentary crew trying to get to the bottom of the facts to what happened. One of the survivors Sara (Ryan Jennifer) starts hesitantly talking with Diane (Alice Bahlke) about the incident. She really does not talk much but brings a bag of videos from what was recorded in the house in here is when it really starts. A group of 5 people Alex (Danny Bellini), Paul (Gore Abrams), Tony (Jared Hacker), Joey (Phil Hess) and Sara are driving to find the location and actual house. They find it and realize it’s really run down, dirty, and a huge project to take on before they can open for Halloween. While fixing up the house and getting it ready they encounter strange finding and encounters which are unexplainable. One of them finds out of the history of the home and the tragedy of the former owner and previous tenants and yet they still move on because they don’t think anything of it. Was that a mistake? You will have to watch for yourself as I won’t reveal any spoilers. When Sara starts to get tired, she excuses herself from the interview and says she’s going to room 3C however there is no such room in the hotel so of course the intrigues the interviewer and he and her camera crew go and investigate the boarded-up house further.

I’m a skittish person a lot startles me so there were moments that I did jump but overall, I don’t think it was that scary. Although I wouldn’t want to go into a haunted house like that without my husband. I sometimes feel that found footage films are too scripted but this one seemed to be just the right amount. If you like haunted houses or to try and solve a mystery than this film is for you.

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

3C Rating: 6.0/10