The waiting is almost over.  Jeff Payne has released a teaser trailer for the third chapter of The Pale Faced Lady series, titled, “In Darkness I Wait”.  It is set to be released next month, September 2020.

“Chapter 3 of The Pale Faced Lady (In Darkness I Wait), my goal is for it to be the payoff of the series.  I had a lot of buildup and atmosphere with the first two parts and aim for this one to be the roller coaster.

Writing this, front and center, I wanted a very dreadful piece with non-stop terror. Two characters go into the house to burn it down, not because they believe in a ghost, but simply to get rid of the house due to bad memories.

It’s the longest of the series, topping out at 25 minutes which is larger than the first two put together.  I had no idea that it would become this massive project that I would put 6 months of my life into, but I couldn’t be prouder.  Everyone involved with the making of this film, I owe so much.”  –  Jeff Payne

Teaser Trailer

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