Greetings, readers, well a few things, first thanks to all the fans, filmmakers, and friends even the fiends… for helping our Facebook page reach over 900 likes, that’s truly incredible, and receives our humble thanks. Our past issue, set a lot of new records for us, and face it there’s no way to be able to overachieve in any manner, why well mother nature played an unfair card, in our area of Southern NJ, we got hit with the remnants of the tropical storms which traveled up the eastern coast in the beginning of August, hence knocking out our power and internet capabilities. Of course, surrounding locations were not fully functioning, because of COVID-19, hence it just left us in maddening silence, for some others, namely myself it was a return to my childhood. Shockingly, though, our writer Creepy Crazy Cathy has submitted another review and this time she includes a challenge for yours truly to review the same movie, which of course I gladly accept. In fact this leads to great and wonderful point,  we’ve received many Facebook and twitter responses often they reference other horror movies, which sometimes people would like to see reviewed on The Horror Times, well we collect the titles and arrange the time to see them, and eventually yes, a review shall present itself on the site.

The horror genre is rolling out more films and products as we close in on our beloved month of horror and Halloween delights for October, though many attractions have shuttered for the 2020 season, and this extended to conventions. In fact, we originally planned a phenomenal promotional issue for the return of the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival in September but that didn’t arise, that’s been changed to February 2021 (which will be a difficult month for myself). Hence a thought for the future.

As many know I enjoy horror novels, and books on Ghosts, Vampires, and other Non-fiction topics, never found the enjoyment in a Kindle device; there’s something about holding that book in my hands. Now why I mention this, because it is more important than ever that the fans venture to mom-n-pop shops those brick-n-mortal buildings, which heavily struggled during the pandemic, and purchase the horror novels, comics, and merchandise, without your visitant and dollars these places will fold and close forever. I have visited several used bookstores, poster shops, and comic bookstores to expand my collection, and review the materials discovered therein, meeting other fans sharing a business card, you never know who you could meet.

Lastly, and this something, a blurb was given to me by a friend, in passing, however upon reading I thought I should include it simply because life shouldn’t always be so serious. Jamie Lee Curtis, “I’m a really calm person and I’m really good in an emergency, but that undid me…” (People Magazine, August 31, 2020, Page 3) Her remark regarding her obsession with acquiring toilet paper early in the pandemic. However, I thought about this, and figured out the true reason, she needed it for Mischief Night!

Until next month, please enjoy the season and stay safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief