August 1

BORN ON August 1

1989 – Devanny Pinn, has appeared in “Dead Sea”, “Truth or Dare”, “The Devil’s Nightmare”, “Hold Your Breath”, “The Black Dahlia Haunting”, Party Bus to Hell (2017), Scary Story Slumber Party (2017); Dwelling (2016) and more.

1988 – Sasha Jackson, appeared in “China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren”, “Dominion”, “Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader”, “Night Junkies.”

1979 – Jason Momoa, appeared in “Wolves”.

1973 – Kris Holden-Ried, appeared in “Lost Girl (TV Series)”, “The Returned”, “Underworld: Awakening”, “Night of the Demons III.”

1964 – Melanie Shatner appeared in the films “Syngenor,” “Cthulhu Mansion” “Bloodstone: Subspecies II” and “Bloodlust: Subspecies III.”.

1896 – Director Erle C. Kenton, whose film work includes “House of Frankenstein,” “House of Dracula,” “The Ghost of Frankenstein” and “Island of Lost Souls”

DIED ON August 1

2009 – Howard Smit, provided work in the Makeup Department “The Birds” (1963) and Satan’s School for Girls (1973 TV Movie) and also on Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie (1964).

1998 – Eva Bartok, appeared in “The Gamma People”.

1993 – B.J. Turner, appeared in “Night Angel”, “Scarecrows”.

1980 – Strother Martin appeared in the films “Sssssss,” “The Brotherhood of Satan” and “Nightwing”.


Murders in the Rue Morgue (1914)
The 39 Steps (1935)
Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1953)
The Mummy (1959) – Japan
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965)
Destroy All Monsters (1968) – Japan
The Omega Man (1971)
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973) – New York City

Nightmare Circus – aka Terror Circus (1974)
Obsession (1976) – New York City

The Clonus Horror (1979)

Mutant (1984)
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

Ginger Snaps (2000) – Germany (München Fantasy Filmfest)
The Mummy’s Kiss (2003)
Dorm of the Dead (2006)
Horror Grindshow Double Feature (2008)

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August 2

BORN ON August 2

1993 – Cassidy Gifford, has appeared in “Twisted Sisters”, “The Gallows”, “Synkhole.”

1977 – Edward Furlong who starred in Pet Sematary II,” “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”, “Brainscan”,  “The Zombie King”, “Arachnoquake”, “Aftermath”, “Night of the Demons” remake and more.

1972 – Jacinda Barrett, starred in “The Following (TV Series)”, “Urban Legends: Final Cut”, “Millennium (TV Series)”, “Campfire Tales.”

1970 – Kevin Smith directed “Tusk”.

1953 – Butch Patrick, starred in The Munsters (TV-Series) and appeared in the film “Scary Movie”, “Hand of Death” and appeared in the film “Frankenstein vs The Creature Of Blood Cove.”

1945 – Joanna Cassidy, appeared in the films “Ghosts of Mars,” “Blade Runner” and “The Grudge 2.”

1944 – Susan Denberg, starred as the creature in Hammer’s “Frankenstein Created Woman.”

1943 – Max Wright appeared in the films “The Shadow” and the TV mini-series, “The Stand.”

1939 – Wes Craven known for such films as “The Last House on the Left”, “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Deadly Blessing”, “Swamp Thing”, “Deadly Friend” and of course “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “New Nightmare”, “Shocker”, “Scream”, Scream 2″, “Scream 3” and more.

1932 – Peter O’Toole appeared in “Creator” and “Phantoms.”

1914 – Beatrice Straight, who appeared in “Poltergeist”, “Wes Craven’s Chiller”, “Inner Sanctum (TV Series)”, and more.

1906 – Milton Rosen, provided work in the Music Department for “The Creeper (1948),” “Hold That Ghost (1941),” “Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951),” “The Black Castle (1952),” “Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954),” “Revenge of the Creature (1955),” “Curse of the Undead (1959),” “The Leech Woman (1960),” and also the Soundtracks of The Mad Ghoul (1943) and House of Frankenstein (1944) and many more films.

1899 – Charles Bennett wrote the screenplays for the films “The Lost World” and “Curse of the Demon.”

DIED ON August 2

2019 – Roberto Bodegas, writer for “Leonor (1975).”

1995 – Writer/Actor/Producer Al Adamson, films included “Brain of Blood,” “Horror of the Blood Monsters” and “Dracula vs. Frankenstein.”

1976 – Director Fritz Lang, whose films include, “Metropolis”.

1975 – Jean Yarbrough, who directed the films “The Devil Bat,” “King of the Zombies” and “The She-Wolf of London”.


The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

Contamination (1980) – Italy
Fright Night (1985)
Phenomena (1985)

Weird Science (1985)
Body Parts (1991)
Hollow Man (2000) – Los Angeles – premiere
The Others (2001) – USA – premiere
Signs (2002)
The Machine Girl (2008) – Japan

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August 3

BORN ON August 3

1985 – Max Landis, son of Director, John Landis, who also has a birthday today. He wrote the screenplays for “Victor Frankenstein”, “Chronicle”, “Fear Itself (TV Series)” and “Masters of Horror (TV Series).”

1985 – Georgina Haig, starred in “Road Kill.”

1979 – Evangeline Lilly, appeared in “Little Evil”, “Kingdom Hospital (TV Series)” and “Freddy vs. Jason.”

1972 – Melissa Ponzio, has appeared in “Teen Wolf (TV Series)”, “The Walking Dead (TV Series)”, “The Vampire Diaries (TV Series)”, and more.

1963 – James Hetfield, is the guitarist and vocalist for heavy metal band Metallica.

1959 – John C. McGinley, has appeared in “Stan Against Evil (TV Series)”, “The Belko Experiment”, “The Nightmare Room”, “Se7en”, and more.

1950 – John Landis, director whose films include “An American Werewolf in London,” “Amazon Women on the Moon,” “Twilight Zone: The Movie,” “Schlock”, “Innocent Blood”, and “Michael Jackson: Thriller” video. He has also contributed to the “Masters of Horrors” series.

1940 – Martin Sheen, appeared in “The Dead Zone,” “Spawn,” “Firestarter,” “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane,” “The Believers,” an episodes of “Tales From the Crypt” and “The Outer Limits.”

1895 – Leslie I. Carey, did work with the sound department on Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (1949), Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951); The Black Castle (1952), It Came from Outer Space (1953) Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953), Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Tarantula (1955) and many more.

DIED ON August 3

2007 – James T. Callahan, appeared on episodes of the TV series’ “Twilight Zone,” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “The Invaders,” and appeared in “Return of the Living Dead III.”

1995 – Ida Lupino, who appeared in the films “The Devil’s Rain” and “Food of the Gods”.

1983 – Carolyn Jones who played Morticia on “The Addams Family” TV show and also appeared in the films “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “House of Wax” and “Eaten Alive”.

1942 – James Cruze, who played the title role in the 1912 version of “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”.


Piranha (1978)
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993)
Rebirth of Mothra (1999) – video premiere
Tale of the Mummy (1999) – Germany (München Fantasy Filmfest)
Cremains (2001)

Mortuary (2005) – Germany (München Fantasy Filmfest)
Wind Chill (2007)

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August 4

BORN ON August 4

1981 – Abigail Spencer, appeared in “The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia”, and “Campfire Stories.”

1975 – Andy Hallett played “Lorne” on the series “Angel.”

1960 – Bernard Rose, director of such films as “Candyman (1992)”, “Frankenstein (2015),” “sxtape,” and “Snuff-Movie.”

1955 – Billy Bob Thornton, appeared in “Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town”, “Hunters Blood” and “Gray Knight”.

1944 – Richard Belzer, who appeared in the films “The Puppet Masters,” “Species II”.

1923 – Tom Hennesy, stuntman and actor who played the “Gillman” on land in “Revenge of the Creature.”

1918 – Yoshifumi Tajima, starred in the films “Rodan,” “Mothra” and “King Kong vs. Godzilla.”

DIED ON August 4

2019 – Stuart M. Rosen, voice director for “Gahan Wilson’s Diner (1992).”

1981 – Melvyn Douglas, starred in the films “The Old Dark House,” “The Vampire Bat” and “Ghost Story”.

1973 – Sam Katzman, producer credits include “Spooks Run Wild,” “It Came From Beneath the Sea” and “The Werewolf”.

1963 – Tom Keene, appeared in “Red Planet Mars” and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.


White Zombie (1932)
Yog, Monster From Space – aka Space Amoeba (1971) – New York City
Night of Dark Shadows (1971)
Cannibal Apocalypse – aka Cannibals in the Streets (1980) – Italy
Hollow Man (2000)
Psycho Beach Party (2000) – NY & NJ
Sorum (2001)
Evil Eyes (2004)
Red Eye (2005) – Los Angeles (premiere)
Motor Home Massacre (2005)
Mutant Chronicles (2008) – DVD premiere
Zombie Dearest (2009)

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August 5

BORN ON August 5

1970 – James Gunn, who wrote the screenplays for the films “Tromeo & Juliet,” “Scooby Doo,” “Scooby Doo 2,” the remake of “Dawn of the Dead.” and “Slither.”

1961 – Tawny Kitaen, starred in the film “Witchboard”.

1951 – John Jarratt, starred in “Wolf Creek 1&2″, “100 Bloody Acres”, “Shiver”, “Rogue”, “Boar” “Next of Kin,” and more.

1941 – Bob Clark, who directed the films “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”, “Black Christmas” and “Deathdream.”

1935 – John Saxon, who starred in the films “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Queen Of Blood,” “The Night Caller From Outer Space” and the original “Black Christmas.” He also played “The Vampire” in the 1975 Halloween episode of the series “Starsky & Hutch.”

1918 – Tom Drake, appeared in the films “The Cyclops,” “House of the Black Death” and “The Crackle of Death,” which was a combination of two episodes of “Kolchak: The Night Stalker.”

DIED ON August 5

Teresa Ha Ping (Chinese: 夏萍), actress in “Evil Seducers,” “Bloody Parrot,” “Hell Has No Boundary,” “Evil Cat,” “Ghost Lantern,” “House of Invisibles” and many more.

2014 – Marilyn Burns, starred in the original “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” also appeared in “Sacrament”, “Texas Chainsaw 3D”, “Butcher Boys”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”, “Eaten Alive”, and more.

1995 – Clarice Blackburn, who played “Mrs. Johnson” on the daytime nightmare soap opera “Dark Shadows”.

1991 – Oliver Drake who wrote the screenplay for the film “The Mummy’s Curse”.

1988 – Ralph Meeker, played in the TV movie “The Night Stalker” and appeared in the TV movie “The Dead Don’t Die”

1984 – Richard Burton who starred in “The Medusa Touch,” “Doctor Faustus” and “The Exorcist II: The Heretic”.


13 Ghosts (1960) – New York City
Castle of the Living Dead (1964)
The Beast That Killed Women (1965)
The Blob (1988)
Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later (1998)
Arachnia (2003)
Baby Blues (2008)
Shadows Light (2008)

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August 6

BORN ON August 6

1982 – Adrianne Curry, has appeared in “Tales of Halloween” and “Fallen Angels.”

1976 – Melissa George, appeared in “Gothica”, “Bag of Bones”, “Triangle”, “30 Days of Night”, “Turistas”, “The Amityville Horror (2005)” and more.

1976 – Soleil Moon Frye, appeared in the film “Pumpkinhead II: Bloodwings” and the TV movie “Piranha.”

1974 – Ever Carradine, starred in the film “Dead & Breakfast.”

1973 – Vera Farmiga, starred in “Bates Motel (TV Series)”, “The Conjuring,” “The Conjuring 2,” “Orphan,” “The Nun,” “Annabelle Comes Home” and more.

1970 – M. Night Shyamalan, writer/director of the films “The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable,” “Signs” and “The Happening.”

1958 – Takuro Tatsumi, who appeared in the film “Godzilla vs. Destroyah.”

1951 – Catherine Hicks starred in Child’s Play (1988).

1938 – Paul Bartel, appeared in the films “Piranha,” “Chopping Mall,” “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” “Escape From L.A” and more.

1931 – Umbert Lenzi whose films include “City of the Walking Dead,” “Make Them Die Slowly,” “Cannibal Ferox,” “Eaten Alive!” “Demoni 3” and more.

1928 – Artist Andy Warhol, produced the films “Blood For Dracula” and “Flesh For Frankenstein.”

DIED ON August 6

2001 – Robert Dunham appeared in the films “Dagora, the Space Monster,” “The Green Slime” and “Godzilla vs. Megalon”.

1964 – Sir Cedric Hardwicke starred in the films “The Invisible Man Returns,” “Ghost of Frankenstein” and the 1939 version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

1938 – Warner Oland, starred in “WereWolf of London,” “The Drums of Jeopardy,” and “Monster by Moonlight! The Immortal Saga of ‘The Wolf Man’.”


The Brotherhood of Satan (1971)
Watch Me When I Kill (1977) – Italy

A Blade in the Dark (1983)
The Meteor Man (1993)
My Boyfriend’s Back (1993)
The Sixth Sense (1999)
Vampire Whores From Outer Space (2005)

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August 7

BORN ON August 7

1978 – Alexandre Aja, who either wrote, produced, and or directed “Horns”, the remakes of “Piranha 3D”, “Mirrors”, “The Hills Have Eyes” also, “High Tension”, “47 Meters Down,” “47 Meters Down: Uncaged,” “Crawl (2019)” and more.

1975 – Charlize Theron starred in the films “Children of the Corn III,” the 1998 remake of “Mighty Joe Young,” “The Astronaut’s Wife,” “Prometheus”.

1967 – Charlotte Lewis, starred in “Embrace of the Vampire.”

1963 – Harold Perrineau, starred in “Constantine (TV Series)”, “Z Nation (TV Series)”, “Blade (TV Series)”, “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”, “28 Weeks Later”, and more.

1960 – David Duchovny, star of the TV series “The X-Files”. and the movies based on the series.

1958 – Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden and starred in “The Incubus,” and “Chemical Wedding.” The song “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter” was on the soundtrack for “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child.” The video below is for that song and features clips to “City of the Dead aka Horror Hotel.”

1955 – Wayne Knight, appeared in the films “Jurassic Park,” “Dead Again” and “Basic Instinct.”

1944 – John Glover, who appeared in the films “The Incredible Shrinking Woman,” and “Robocop 2″ .

1942 – Tobin Bell who plays serial killer “Jigsaw” in the “Saw” films. He also appeared in “Boogeyman 2 & 3″, “Manson Family Vacation”, “Dark House,” episode of “Creepshow (2019)” and more.

DIED ON August 7

1999 – Brion James, starred in the film “The Horror Show”.

1994 – Robert Hutton, appeared in the films “Tales from the Crypt,” “Trog” and “Cry of the Banshee”.

1992 – John Anderson, character actor who appeared in “Psycho (1960)”, “The Satan Bug”, “Thriller (TV Series)”, “The Twilight Zone (TV Series”, and many more.

1985 – Grayson Hall, who starred as “Dr. Julia Hoffman” on “Dark Shadows,” and appeared in the TV movie “Gargoyles.”


A-Haunting We Will Go (1942)
Invisible Agent (1942)
Student Bodies (1981)
Raising Cain (1992)

Beneath (2007)

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August 8

BORN ON August 8

1981 – Megan Good appeared in “Venom,” “The Unborn,” “The Intruder,” and “Saw V.”

1958 – Harry Crosby, played “Bill” in “Friday the 13th.”

1944 – Brooke Bundy, who played “Elaine Parker” in “Nightmare on Elm Street” 3 & 4.

1938 – Connie Stevens, starred in the film “Two on a Guillotine” and an episode of “Tales from the Darkside.”

1937 – Adam Roarke, who appeared in “Frogs”

1930 – Nita Talbot, appeared in the films “Frightmare,” “Puppet Master II” and “Amityville 1992: It’s About Time.”

1926 – Richard Anderson, played the title role in the 1973 TV movie “The Night Strangler.”

1922 – Rory Calhoun, who played farmer “Vincent Smith” in “Motel Hell.”

1919 – Producer Dino De Laurentiis, whose films include “Army of Darkness,” the 1976 version of “King Kong” and “Hannibal.”

1900 – Robert Siodmak directed the films “Son of Dracula,” “Cobra Woman” and “Phantom Lady.”

DIED ON August 8

2019 – Ernesto Colón Sierra, comic writer and penciler for comics some of which include “Creepy,” “Eerie,” and others.

2019 – Jean-Pierre Mocky, writer for “The Big Scare” and “Litan.”

2013 – Karen Black, appeared in “Ooga Booga”, “House of 1000 Corpses”, “Children of the Night”, “Invaders from Mars”, “Burnt Offerings”, “Trilogy of Terror” and many more.

2004 – Fay Wray, starred in “The Vampire Bat”, “Doctor X” and “Mystery Of The Wax Museum,” and the film that made her a star King Kong (1933).

1988 – Alan Napier, appeared in the films “The Mole People,” “The Uninvited” and “The Invisible Man Returns.”

1984 – Richard Deacon film credits included “The Birds,” the 1953 version of “Invaders From Mars” and “Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy.”

1965 – Shirley Jackson, who wrote the novel “The Haunting of Hill House” on which the film “The Haunting” was based.


Hold That Ghost (1941)
Caltiki, the Immortal Monster (1959) – Italy
Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)
The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980)
A Cat in the Brain (1990)
Komodo (2000) – video premiere
My Wife and My Dead Wife (2007)
Blackspot (2008) – Rhode Island International Film Festival

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