Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed New York/New Jersey’s dank guttural Death Metal act OXALATE. The band’s new EP Infatuating Sickness is up now for pre-order and will be released September 4th on CD and Digital formats. Below is the official description:


OXALATE make their Horror Pain Gore Death debut with the vicious EP Infatuating Sickness! Hailing from NJ/NY, OXALATE perform darkened, depraved, and dank Death Metal. Infatuating Sickness spews forth four tracks of twisted, guttural Death Metal and primal insanity dealing with subjects of occultism, terror, and demonology.


OXALATE will crush your soul and leave you in the grave to rot! For fans of Dead Congregation, Funebrarum, Goreaphobia, Gorguts, Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Repulsion and Suffocation.


Stream album track “Dark Ritual” at:


Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at: https://ffm.to/oxalate


Pre-order Infatuating Sickness on digital and CD at: https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/infatuating-sickness


Unwholesome Revelation

Dark Ritual

Infatuating Sickness

Blood And Sulphur


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions:






*Thanks to ClawHammer PR