This is a 15-minute short film I found on YouTube and also saw at the Horror Happenings Film Festival back 2014, it’s a Spanish gore film from Adrián Cardona and David Muñoz, which has since earned 76-awards for their relatively unknown flick. It clearly delivers a vast amount of gore, blood and laughs; a parody that presents the messiah as a total screwup, that marries the nuttiness of Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979) with outrageous over-the-top violence committed to screen from Braindead [1992] and ceremony conducted by Bad Taste [1987], the gorehounds already salivating – I know it. There was some talk of making it a full-length feature, however it appears that discussion fell onto a backburner, until then one can enjoy this creation freely on YouTube or if the spirit moves you one can purchase a DVD.

It’s a fairly simple plot, Jesus (Marc Velasco) is preaching to his followers when he’s informed by Jacob (Salvador Llos) that his son Lazarus (Roger Sotera) has died, but he’ll resurrect him, which becomes problematic and something completely wrong, as he returns as the undead, the panic is broken with a high pitch scream from Jesus, who flees with Judas (Noé Blancafort). As they run, Jesus keeps saying it was my first try, and later retries (actually twice) with Judas’ resurrection. Along the way they find hordes of zombies, from townsfolk, Roman soldiers, and cowboy zombies; it actually reminds one of Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles (1974) a film that never could be made today, in his western he had every disastrous villain, which include German soldiers. Our duo uses Jesus miracles to keep creating fishes and with his godly strength throwing them with incredible force to maim and slay the zombies, while Judas is using a sword fish to stab and slash the hellish spawn. The craziest portion comes when Jesus first uses the piranha against the undead and then a fish spine into a form of chainsaw, when dealing with the Lord anything is possible, including decapitations, severed limbs, sheer mayhem.

When dealing with a short the special effects sometimes lack, definitely not the case here, the impact of their results shows gruesome, gory creations, splatter blood both practical and CGI everywhere, Jesus’ white robe and golden hair become soaked in blood and gut bits… gross yes, but lots of FUN! Does it appear cheap yes in some place, but often short in passion pieces, this isn’t any different, the directors know what they have and deliver it all on the screen.

Some likely consider the entire production blasphemous but overlooking the narrow-mindedness, and sheer enjoyment of Jesus stomping, slaughtering, and slaying the wickedness of zombies, sending their tormented undead corpses back in pieces. The landscape at the end becomes a flooded wasteland of these blood creations who attack our heroes, Jesus unleashed his almighty power and numerous miracles to battle the hordes in a wacky, slippery, comedic office manner.

TAGLINE: Fear the fist of the Saviour!

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Baron’s Rating: 7.5/10