Greetings, Horror fans, friends, and fiends, well another issue from The Horror Times, and it is a monster one, we have over 40 Press Releases covering both Horror Movies and Metal Music, as well as some product items. In addition there’s over 15 movie reviews, and then add-in music, soundtrack, and comic – it is a magnificent issue. It took us over 24-hours to post everything, in hindsight we should have started posting earlier in the week, we’ll look into that next month. The popularity of the YouTube channel is slowly becoming better, and we are going to post press links to those trailers too.

It’s nice to see more horror is coming out, and we are reporting on it, however I should note that we have an interesting archive review entitled Viral [2016] which prompted a few raised eyebrows around my office (which is called The Chamber) – why? Because it seems to have many of characteristics that is occurring today from lockdowns and quarantines, and with so many choosing to view Outbreak [1995] and Contagion [2011] this movie deals more with aliens but the trailer that’s another story. That review was written 4-years ago, so made some wonder …. about me. In addition, this month we bring out some controversial movies, primarily those in the exploitation genre with there’s four of them for you to discover, you’ve be warned.

Also, we have some crowdfunding articles enclosed under the Horror News, I know times are really tough for so many but if you can please contribute, and of course the Remembrance of the Dead, has proved very popular (though sadly not exactly something likes to rave about), and this does come about 3-days into the new month to verify the death, and this month John Saxon passed on – ugh! Nevertheless, the Grim Reaper always shall win, eventually everyone loses out to his will.

Lastly, the Upcoming Podcasts section still hasn’t been perfected, I believe the reason is I put too much pressure on myself to produce numerous broadcasts for example July was to have at least 15 shows, sounds easy but they are all LIVE shows, hence I began to experiment with pre-recorded broadcasts there some positive results and advantages, something we’re going to look further into especially October fast approaching schedule to have 20 shows out of 31-days. Yeah it’s a lot.

Therefore, until next month’s greeting stay safe, enjoy the scary movies, live the horror fan lifestyle and this latest issue.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief