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When four struggling band members stop at a lonely roadside cafe for a slice of pie they find themselves imprisoned in the deranged cafe owners bizarre art collection and must battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.

Director: Terry Ross

Writer:  F. Scott Mudgett

Stars: Honey Lauren; Sarah J. Bartholomew; Amber Gaston (Mermaid Down [2019])

Produced By: Flying Dolphin Productions, L.L.C


Genre: Social Thriller/ psychological horror


Director’s Statement

With a blend of Hitchcockian suspense and supernatural elements reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, “Sweet Taste of Souls”, made for an exciting and intriguing directorial challenge.  It was a script I couldn’t put down or stop thinking about after reading and a story I wanted to help bring to life on screen.

A complex psychological and horrifying thriller, “Sweet Taste of Souls”, is a unique exploration of the nature of evil, the lifelong damage of physical and emotional abuse, and the consequences of loneliness and isolation.