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Track Listing:

Seed Of Baal

Ashes Of The Apostle

Whose Hand Embalms

Demons Within Creation

Upon The Ivory Throne

Cross Of Deception

Eidolon Of The Blind

Trail Of Terror

When Satan Rules His World [CD Bonus Track]*

*Deicide cover

Album Credits


Guitars, Bass, and Vocals Recorded by Chris Lytle (March 4-June 9, 2019)

Drums Recorded by Ronnie Palmer (March 1st – 23rd 2019)

Mix/Mastered by Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation (June 14-July 14, 2019)

Produced by Chris Lytle

Cover Art by Gaung Yang at Confessional Studio

Insatanity Cross by Mark Passio

Layout by Chris Lytle

Band Photo by Eric Esteban

Tribute photo by Mike O’Mahony


Songs written and Arranged by Chris Lytle and Scott Zupet

Except Demons Within Creation (Drozdowsky), Cross of Deception (Lytle, Zupet, Spisak),

Ashes of the Apostle (Lytle, Zupet, Spisak), Trail of Terror (Tavani), When Satan Rules His World (Brian Hoffman, Eric Hoffman, Glen Benton, Steven Asheim)


All Lyrics written by Chris Lytle, except Trail of Terror by Mark Rhochar

(©℗2020 Dark Friday Music, ASCAP).

When Satan Rules His World by (Glen Michael Benton)

(© 1998 The All Blacks B.V.)



Chris Lytle – Bass/Vocals

Vanessa Cordoba – Guitar/Vocals

Scott Zupet – Guitar

Ronnie Parmer – Drums



Insatanity is a cult Blackened Death Metal band originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now based in Tampa, Florida, the band’s uncompromising style helped to define the American Northeast’s uniquely brutal death template, alongside the likes of Vital Remains, Suffocation, and Immolation.


Formed in 1992, The band immediately began writing material for their self-titled debut demo. This brutal four-song offering was released in February of 1993, and it established Insatanity as one of the most intense metal bands in the Philadelphia area. They followed up with two more demos, Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam in 1994 and Unholiness Rising in 1995, before unleashing their debut album, Divine Decomposition, in 1995 on Unisound International Records out of Greece.


Insatanity parted ways with Unisound Records shortly after the release of Divine Decomposition and subsequently began writing new material and playing shows, building a large following of supporters. In July of 1997, the band re-entered the studio to record their next offering, Vengeance From Beyond The Grave, a Split EP with New York based band Immortal Suffering. The split was a very anticipated release in the underground metal scene, selling well and receiving much critical acclaim.


After several years of regional touring, Insatanity entered the studio once again at the beginning of 2005 and recorded a four song EP entitled The Black Stone. This release was long overdue and got much praise from the metal media and fans alike. The band then headed out on a solo US tour that September where they were well received. After returning from tour, Insatanity again entered the studio to recorded their EP, The Day God Died.


In 2014, Insatanity was offered the opportunity to go to Europe with Bloodsoaked for the “Consuming Europe” tour. This was the band’s first time in Europe and they were well received. Upon returning, the band left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and relocated to Tampa, Florida. Insatanity did a 3 week US tour with Brazilian band Nervochaos in 2015 and partnered with Pathologically Explicit Recordings to re-release the band’s Divine Decomposition album with new artwork.


Insatanity in 2017 continued their partnership with Pathologically Explicit with an EP entitled Upon the Ivory Throne, which was released in 2018, with drummer Gabriel Lewandowski. Later that year, Insatanity played the Las Vegas Deathfest. Early in 2018, the band added Vanessa Cordoba on Guitar/Vocals and Larry Abrams on Drums. They released the video, “Whose Hand Embalms” to promote the EP.


Shortly after the video’s release, the band recruited Ronnie Parmer on Drums. Solidifying the new lineup they recorded new material for their next full length album entitled Hymns of the Gods Before, which was mixed and mastered by Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation.


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