Greetings readers, it has been another interesting month, I personally struggled in, and before I begin, some wonder why I harp on the tragedy I suffered early this year, and others understand especially in a year filled with turmoil, gloom, doom and yes death. It is I suppose my method of grieving, walking and talking oneself through the heartache, as a form of therapy and this time my first Father’s Day without mine, and even next month with July 4th, I come from a family of men who proudly served in the Marines and some others in the Army, going to parades reminiscent over those memories, hence we have a smaller issue.

First, we are working to bring two new segments to the monthly issue, however they are under wraps until I get the greenlight, – wait from who the owner of the site, remember I’m merely the journalist and editor, and yes the Horror Film Historian; but we are including a short film review for filmmaker located southern New Jersey. Also, since various parts of the nation are in quarantine and others have limited freedom to move about but the entertainment industry is greatly affected, you might have heard that drive-ins are starting to return in some places; hence we have included a review of Drive-in Massacre (1976).

We want to graciously thank you all for joining our Facebook page The Horror Times, now over 700 likes, while it might not seem like a lot to us, we are embracing using the page more often as well as more social media avenues, our biggest aspect is the site, making good for all users and readers with that being said let’s discuss Podcasts. A sluggish month, we pulled the Screamin Horror show because the new format still has bugs and glitches, I would not air something unless it is working properly; this does bring me to an inquiry we had concerning our YouTube channel,  which is also increasing in subscribers but some wanted us to convert our podcasts shows into videos, unfortunately due to some music usage we can’t do that currently.

Lastly, starting this month I am starting a countdown of items I am reviewing for a special September issue that will be the final review of Psycho (1960) unless someone wishes for a paid article or to have an interview for a podcast or documentary, the film turns 60-years-old, and has clearly influenced the horror genre thoroughly deep into its roots, and while some filmmakers may not realize that they do use his style on their craft, Alfred Hitchcock will always remain a true staple of all cinema. There’s not many people, fans or readers that don’t know I am a huge fan of his work, it is actually how the Other Worldly Cinema section of this site was created so that I could review his classic thrillers. Some close friends have asked if I am serious if this really will be the last time I review this one movie, and again with the conditions I listed it is, well until… possibly when it reaches 100-years old, although I would be 87.

As always the Remembrance of the Dead publishes 3-days after the end of the month, as we try to make to honor all those that passed.

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July and their summer festivities and be safe while doing so and until next month.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief