I know it’s a little unheard of to review a film that is under 3-minutes, but each film in horror deserves a review, and this production is from southern New Jersey and I figure why not cover a short film. Now obviously this isn’t going to be a standard 600-words, but rather still a review. This movie comes from aspiring filmmaker and director Joe Graziano Jr., who used his own production company Bloucan Productions who like many have a fondness for the 80s and slasher flicks, although many often wonder – why?

A few reasons first they often hear their uncles, aunts, even their parents speak volumes about the era where lack of judgement was okay, and overabundance of political correctness didn’t exist, but it also contained the gore galore of bloodshed in the new market of VHS, which is their VOD of today. The slasher movies also allow for and exploit an avenue to make a film, a few people; chase scenes, some blood splatter and remote location i.e. woods, simplicity at its finest.

That brings us to Joe’s movie which has a group of stereotypical teens gathering together for a weekend, until the hulking burlap hooded overalls killer appears ready to slaughter. As the movie opens up the music perfectly fits the scene, the synthwave stylizations from the artist Sunglasses Kid; their actual song is longer than the entire movie shown here, nevertheless the film appears as a tribute of the beloved subgenre. The characters clearly remind of those often found in these productions but namely Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter (1984) and Part VII: The New Blood (1988) with the special effects highly limited but a fair usage via the typical machete.

While the film doesn’t have an IMDb page, I was able to locate one on Facebook some digging but no other social media aside from the YouTube video found at the link below, which often is the case that independent short films overlook, the marketing, nevertheless I have included the links for the composer of music used. One other minor issue, there are no credits, nothing informing who the director or cast was, the music  fades out, always proper to mention this aspect on a quick title card at the end, especially since there’s 9-seconds of blank black screen. I look forward to seeing what Joe presents next, does he continue in this vein or does he splatter into a different subgenre, time will time.



TAGLINE: Have a Killer summer!


Composer Sunglasses Kid: