XUPERION will release a new album of Deep-Space Atmospheric, Irreligious Death Metal called OSmniscient Pulse on June 15.


Album track “Betrothed Catacombs”

SXUPERION is the solo project of Matthew (drummer for Valdur, Weverin, etc.) Omniscient Pulse is based on how this current reality is just a deep-sleep dream, and when one dies in this life, you awaken on a different world in a further dimension. And on that new world, the battle truly begins. The story continues combining ultimate darkness and divine beauty, along with cruel simplicity and cosmic complexity… a new universe awaits.


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Track Listing:


Death (Bussard Ramjet Malfunction)

Planet Crusher – Defeating the Holy Emperor


Omniscient Pulse

Betrothed Catacombs

A New Universe Awaits (Burning the Cloth)

Myopian Frequency Release


Album Credits:

Matthew: All interstellar hyper-cannons, 4 and 6 string theory frequencies, cosmic poetry, deep-space esophagus oscillations, light-speed effects development, control-panel mixing, and final irreligious design.


Psykho Kombat: devout Ritual Room final mastering



*Thanks to ClawHammer PR