Greetings horror fans, friends and fiends, it has been another month in land of covid-19, while some places are slowly opening their doors, trying to invite people the finances are tight all over, however I would encourage the Horror Lifestyle individuals, like myself, who dress and even decorate our homes and/or cars in macabre beauty to venture to the specialty shops first. You all know who I am talking about comic shops, used record/ bookstores, collectible locations, avoid the net, its tempting but the brick and mortar places have been hit hard, never prep for something like this, they’ll going to need us.

As many notice the well for new horror material is drying up fast, the entertainment world shutdown, likely some realized the new releases we provide, constantly have movies being switched to different dates, I feel that October will beyond madness. Speaking of October, a favorite to so many no one knows what that’ll be like, haunted walkthroughs, or just outdoor corn fields, and Spirit Halloween, I suppose no trying on masks let alone the costumes, its all speculation.

Therefore, return our attention to what I can control for you all, The Horror Times returned to the monthly basis, though a tech glitch on 31st of May beyond my control, in addition we have a lot of items to mention, first I want to welcome back our writer Creepy Crazy Cathy aka 3C, she’s a little timid and hoping you all give her latest review some love. Next you will noticed the Upcoming Podcast section worked fine during May, featuring all 7-shows I produced, now two of them air every other month, those are Synth Pathways and Mysterious Void.

Answering a reader question – Why doesn’t Remembrance of the Dead publish on the last day of the month? Very easy, sometimes others aren’t informed of when that person died, hence a few days later harms no one and lets us confirm the death – with 3 sources.

Now, as for the future time to tease you with some coming attractions, there’s an upcoming new section I’ve been working on. Also many are aching for a film festival to witness in person or a horror convention, many holding out for hope concerning the NJ Horror Con in Atlantic City which is scheduled for the end of September, either way the axe falls on it we are gearing up to deliver the goods in August. Lastly, two items, I have heard the comments, that some would like for me to open our vault and do articles on special collectibles I own, I’ve done this before and some would like this segment to return, well I’ll put on the ever-growing to-do list; and some folks don’t like the WordPress search well I am working a special solution to the problem sadly no quick fix.

Lastly, a very special thanks to all the readers for their support concerning a twitter matter that occurred earlier this month – YOU ALL ARE THE BEST! The Horror Times Facebook now with over 600 likes –

Thanks! Stay safe, and wear a horror facial mask.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief