Anvil has been together since 1981, basically 75% heavy metal and 25% speed metal that pattern has remained relatively unchanged for all that time, along the years their lyrics style never change, they still act, write, and play  appears as their still 21-year-olds, with some tongue in cheek songs that fit the AC/DC attitude. On February 14, 2020, they released their 18th studio album through AFM Records, they seem eager to  put out more records, and found a new love among the metal fans ever since the movie “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”. This latest album ‘Legal at Last’ doesn’t contain much variation on the long standing pattern of their music, some often say you can choose any of their albums and there’s the no difference, their standard is metal always, got their formula and no need switch into progressive classical experimentation, with a full understanding of their fanbase in other words, keep it simple and if not broken don’t mess with it. However, they did pay attention to a clearer vocal production, this always been a minor issue with their releases, nothing that ultimately takes away from music.

The fourth track “Gasoline” is perhaps their biggest swing in a different direction, it’s their version of a classic 70s doom tempo, think Black Sabbath meets Grave Digger but has large sections of speed metal thrown in, however the constant repeating of the title of the songs at the end of the song is very mind-numbing. Nevertheless, the influence of Sabbath doesn’t end they show it once again “Plastic in Paradise” tripping tune, presented in a finer manner. Typical Anvil lovers, need not worry too much plenty of the classic riffs and metal insanity clearly exist, though lean at times toward hard rock than the thrash/speed on more modern bands, but that constant pounding, chanting chorus inspires headbanging. I believe the best track is “Nabbed in Nebraska”, it just sounds incredible the band hones that 80s-Anvil sound into a punch that echoes lyrics from the opening track.

Track List:
Legal At Last
Nabbed In Nebraska
I’m Alive
Talking To The Wall
Glass House
Plastic In Paradise
Bottom Line
Food For The Vulture
When All’s Been Said And Done
No Time

Band Members:
Lips — lead vocals, guitar
Robb Reiner – drums
Chris Robertson – bass

If one looks at the cover, its rather silly looking, not like Helloween’s ‘Chameleon’ but it seems to be poking fun over the entire legalization subject, however, why so many fans are focusing on the artwork, rather than listening and headbanging to the music. This isn’t their worst nor best it’s another solid Anvil album, you’ve heard them before, nothing really changes, so if your preference is to continue to support them, then do, actually buy ‘Legal at Last’.

Baron’s Rating: 3.0/5.0

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