Death in Pieces Records presents:


SKELETAL “Bitterness and Burning Hatred” Full length album. CD limited edition to 500 copies, first 50 include sticker + pin.

SKELETAL is a death metal band from Jyväskylä Finland, originally formed in 2007, reactivated in 2013.

Musically the band is influenced by late 80’s/early 90’s classic death and thrash bands, such as Morbid Angel, Death, Pestilence, Carcass and Slayer. The band combines the aggression of thrash and brutality of classic death metal, with ambitious songwriting, melodic guitar leads and atmospheric parts.

“Bitterness and Burning Hatred” is the band’s second full length album, following the debut “Dreadful Life” (2016). This upcoming album features 9 songs of aggressive death metal with old school production and more progressive influences on songwriting.



Release date to be announced!!

Stay safe and listen Death Metal!!!


Make – Guitars (lead)
Samuel – Vocals, Guitars
Roope – Bass


*Thanks to ZineaholicPR