This is our most vile, offensive show to date, Sinister Death there’s nothing anywhere like, the bands names and songs compete with our DJ Baron to see wins the Abomination of Decency this used be part of Shredding Metal Beasts but the listeners couldn’t handle the intensity. New show coming soon on these dates 21st…  with special show on Sunday, May 10th for Mother’s Day!

We only play, Black, Death, Grindcore and Doom!

May 21st, Thursday at 11:00p from NJ–extreme-metal-147th-show


Well of Night – Ritual of the Seven Shrines

Vampiric – A Death in the Throne Room

Skadefro – Doomsday Drum

Depraved – 50 Shade of Blood

Tulus – Land

Black Pestilence – Hail the Flesh

Aposento – Revelation777

Vile Crone – Gatekeeper

Black Vice – Emergence

Defeated Sanity – Propelled into Sacrilege

Gutgrinder – Virgin’s Blood Rites

Ancient Burial – Into the Land of Death

Infernal Angels – Far from The Light of God

Vehement Thrower – Mother [NO INFO ON BAND]

Unbounded Terror – They Will Come from the Pain

Profanation – Unholy Brutality Unleashed

The Rite – Sinister Minister

Crest of Darkness – Salvation in Hell

Hell Trepanner – Spirit of Serpent

Daemoniac – Council of Evil

Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die

Goden – Cosmic Blood

Death – Choke On It



*******            *******************        *********

Sunday, May 10th for Mother’s Day

***WARNING: Unlike all Sinister Death shows this is the most vile and offensive show we ever created it returns each Mother’s Day as the infamous creation, when one thinks of their mothers its often a wholesome loving look, this show goes for the filth and carnal aspect, simply its B.A.F. – the bands and songs guaranteed to OFFEND!  We thought about not posting the song names however that’s censorship we fight against that.***–extreme-metal-146th-show

Anal Blasphemy – Massturbation for the Virgin Whore

PHALLOPLASTY – Mastication of Dead Cunts

Abysmal Lord – Tormenting the Virgin

Whoretopsy – High School Sweetheart

Cemetery Lust – Resurrected Whore

Wintercold – Mother Nature turns in Pain

Demon Vomit – Mother of God Broken By Dick

DEVOURED FATE – Purely Fuckin Demented


Human Compost – Degradation of a Virgin Corpse

Whipstriker – Burn the Virgin’s Hole

Screwrot – Splattering Cunts [NO INFO ON BAND]

War Atrocities – Ripper Lust

GOLDENPYRE – A Crown for Decadence

Vatican In Flames – Virgin Sacrifice [NO INFO ON BAND]

NunFuckRitual – Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore

Tulsadoom – Virgin Penetrator

Clandestine Blaze – Ribs of Virgin [NO INFO ON BAND]

Diabolus Amator- Pregnant Virgin Whore [NO INFO ON BAND]

Truculency – Deformation of the Virgin Mary

Enjoy My Bitch – Cross Whore

Witch Vomit – Witch Cunt

Goat Tyrant – Black Fucking Sodomy [NO INFO ON BAND]

Darkmoon Warrior – Fuck Off

Raped Christ – Incestual Beastial Fuck


Virgin’s Rape – She is a Slut