Composed by: Frederic Ensign Teetsel, Chuck Cirino

Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through presents the original motion picture soundtrack to THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA, featuring music composed by Fredric Ensign Teetsel, with additional themes by Chuck Cirino, for the 1990 horror film produced by Roger Corman, directed by Jim Wynorsk.

Like many other directors they had a regular composer someone who knew their passions, interests, cues and quirks and for Wynorski that was his regular composer, Chuck Cirino (Chopping Mall [1986]), was not able to work on this film so Concorde hired a first-time film composer named Fredric Teetsel (Warlock: The Armageddon [1993]), who was able to provide MORELLA with a symphonic orchestral score. What became the film’s main theme was a simple melody of Cirino’s that Wynorski was especially fond of, and has insisted on using in several of his films.

The movie’s plot based from an Edgar Allan Poe’s story has a witch is put to death in Colonial America, leaving behind her husband and abandoning her infant daughter; 17-years later, the daughter has grown up and stands to inherit money set up by her mother’s family. Now that the stage is set, her mother seeks to return to life by taking over her daughter’s body, and replacing her soul. The film starred Clement von Franckenstein, who pazszed on in May of 2019.

Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA to compact disc for the first time, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland with exclusive liner notes by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composers.

THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA is a limited-edition release of 500 units.

The Haunting of Morella: Main Title (6:38)
Gideon’s Eyes / Morella’s Portrait (1:48)
Goodnight Morella (0:58)
The Diary (4:30)
Not a Living Soul (1:32)
Don’t Leave, Don’t Go (4:10)
They Meet (2:30)
Lenora, Guy and the Tomb (7:20)
I Still Live (5:02)
Lenora’s Seduction (4:37)
Lenora’s Etude (2:39)
The Waterfall (2:39)
The Mirror (3:18)
Lenora’s Nightmare (3:10)
Morella’s Sacrement (1:24)
Another Victim (2:24)
Lenora Descends Into the Tomb (4:58)
Finale (3:54)

Total Time: 64:14


*****                                                   *****                                   *****

Composed by: Christoph Allerstorfer

Howlin’ Wolf Records proudly presents Christoph Allerstorfer’s score for THE JACK IN THE BOX. For the film, director Lawrence Fowler envisioned a score in the tradition of classic horror films. Recorded primarily in Vienna using a small ensemble of musicians, the composer effectively blends live recordings with modern scoring techniques to create a richly textured score.

Lawrence Fowler, Director

THE JACK IN THE BOX features a 16-page booklet with a foreword by Director Lawrence Fowler and liner notes by Composer Christoph Allerstorfer, all vividly accented with designs by Howlin’ Wolf Records Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas.

Opening Theme (2:32)
Hawthorne Museum (0:54)
A Mysterious Box (2:25)
Hello Jack! (4:25)
Nightmares (1:32)
Demon in a Box (0:58)
Investigating the Box (0:50)
Three (2:19)
Missing (0:40)
Jackaeyestermara (1:44)
Jack on Display (0:50)
Four (2:30)
Memories (3:07)
Interrogation (1:12)
Jack Attacks Casey / I Saw It / Visiting Norman (6:59)
Norman’s Story (3:31)
Find a Way / Burning Box (3:10)
Jack is Back (2:42)
Fired (1:24)
Maurice (0:59)
Five (1:27)
Out of the Box (2:56)
The Ritual (4:07)
It’s Over (1:39)
15 Years (3:06)
Out of the Box (Alternate Version) (2:56)
Hello Jack! (Box Crank Intro) (4:34)

Total Running Time: 65:28

*****                                                   *****                                   *****

Composed by: Joe LoDuca

The soundtrack for Sam Raimi’s 1990’s classic Army of Darkness film has been newly remastered by composer Joe LoDuca for the vinyl release available on Record Store Day and this Limited Edition CD available only on The package also includes new notes and images.

“Building The Deathcoaster”
“Give Me Some Sugar / Bone’Anza”
“Time Traveller”
“Ash Splits”
“Little Ashes”
“Ash In Chains”
“Night Court”
“The Forest Of The Dead / Graveyard”
“The Pit”
“God Save Us”
“Foul Thing”
“March Of The Dead”
“Whites Of Their Skulls”
“The Deathcoaster”
“On Parapet”
“Ash Bucklers”
“Soul Swallower”
“Manly Men”
“End Titles”

*****                                                   *****                                   *****


There’s likely not one fan of the horror genre who doesn’t about The Addams Family and the contribution to both the small screen and theatrical releases; there’s been several releases of shows music over the past decades, from the original telvion show on vinyl to foreign language sing-a-longs to the movies of the 1990s and recently in 2019. In 1991, a soundtrack for The Addams Family values which staarred Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd tht featured 13-tracks, well kiddies, they have reissued that album as a limitd edition of only 3000 copies.


Composed by: Marc Shaiman

La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music Special Markets present the remastered and expanded release of acclaimed composer Marc Shaiman’s (CITY SLICKERS, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, HAIRSPRAY) original motion picture score to the 1991 Paramount Pictures gothic comedy feature film THE ADDAMS FAMILY, starring Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd, and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Mr. Shaiman does the world’s most favorite ooky family proud with a lush and sweeping orchestral score deluxe re-issue clocks in at over 70 minutes and is greatly expanded beyond its original 1991 soundtrack release.  This original released in 2014; a few codpies still remain and only fittingly I inform the fans about it.

This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.

Carol of the Bells* / The Fa-La-La Song** / Deck the Halls** (1:08)
Main Title§ (1:50)
Morning (2:55)
Chess* (1:02)
Tully’s Entrance* / For Fester* (1:01)
Séances and Swordfights** (1:43)
The Tully Crawl* / Gone With the Wind* / Tully & Fester* (2:48)
Bermuda Love* / Fester Snoops* (1:15)
Thing at Door* (1:39)
Playmates (0:25)
The Kipper Kids
Open & Enter Vault* / Fester Sees Gold* / Gold Gliss* (1:40)
The Mooche (3:32)
Duke Ellington / Irving Mills
Take It Off* / Family Plotz (4:15)
Evening (3:14)
A Party… For Me? (5:21)
Pre-Mamushka Violin* (0:32)
Mamushka** (3:35)
Raul Julia & Christopher Lloyd
Pugsley Platter* / Search* / Finding Wednesday* (1:48)
I Am That Fool!* (unused) (0:19)
Fester Exposed (2:05)
Trio Bungled* / Pep Talk* (1:15)
Thing Gets to Work* (film version) (0:37)
The Rescue*** (8:45)
Finale*** (3:22)

Pre-Séance* / Séance Music* (2:03)
Playmates* (instrumental) (0:25)
Thing Gets to Work (album version) (0:58)
Addams Family Theatrical Trailer* (1:11)
Mamushka* (instrumental and choir) (3:35)
Waltz Potpourri* (themes demo) (4:54)


***Contains “The Addams Family” theme by Vic Mizzy
*Previously Unreleased
**Contains Previously Unreleased Material

*****                                                   *****                                   *****


First time the score has been available on any format!

Audio pulled from original tapes / remastered

Liner notes by the Chris Burke (composer) and Richard W Haines (director)

Stoughton gatefold packaging, full-color inner sleeve, DL code


Choose your vinyl colorway:

180 Gram Black as night

180 Gram Blood Splatter