Mysterious Void finally prepares to re-open the void of wonderment on May 9th, Saturday, stay tune for the link to the show and playlist of the bands.

Link to the show always available for airplay–6th-industrial-gothic-show

Karmic Link – Dark Metropolis

The Mist of Avalon – Devils Den

Lolita Komplex – Demon Child

Acidcell – Children Of The Night

Saints of Ruin – Bloodletting

TSOL – Silent Scream

The Cascades – Dead of Dawn

Mystigma – Dancing With Witches

Autumns Eyes – Ichabod

Reactive Black – Dancing on your grave

The End of Melancholy – The Demon

Vlad In Tears – Dead

The Guests – Autumn Walk (Arkhangelsky Remix)

Pat Berdysz – Graveyard Dead and Buried Remix {The Dead Matter- Cemetery Gates}

Goja Moon Rockah – Vampire Party

All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve (feat. Tim Chandler)

Lesbian Bed Death – When You Don’t See Me (Sisters of Mercy cover)

Extize – Gothbusters

The Cascades – On Hallows Eve

Saints of Ruin – Halloween Song

Whispers in the Shadow – His Name is Legion

Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie (zxz mix)

Ikon – So Evil

Mirexxx – Bleeding Sky