Greetings readers, first I hope you all are doing well, safe and healthy, as you notice the 15th date experiment was short lived, the owner of The Horror Times, contacted me on April 10th and informed me, she wanted to return to a monthly issue the original intent of the site, and hence this webzine as some call this is doing just that, to roll out the issue big or small by the end of the month, except for December which publishes on January 2nd. This also means the Remembrance of the Dead comes each month, with possibilities of add-on deaths edited into it.

I’m not going to talk about the covid-19 too much except to say that the bug is driving the entertainment business nuts, affecting so many aspects, switching release dates, marketing, and theaters dead wastelands, though still lending my voice talents to horror flicks, that doing their editing. I seriously believe once we as society emerge from this life altering situation the entertainment landscape will be heavily changed with studio merges and more limited theater films. Of course, horror will maintain and still incorporate images and aspects into their films, the genre will always endure as it always has, it survived the 1918 pandemic and will again through this one. One ideal benefit from this tragedy is many movie stars and their gate-keepers publicity gurus, realize the importance of bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and sites like ours, exist for them to reach their masses.

Now you’ll notice there’s not many reviews on the site, the reason is very simple I finally broke down taking the time to listen to everyone, my girl, the owner of the site, friends and family, stating I needed to mourn the loss of my father and the sudden death of one my biggest encouragers and supporters my Uncle Bob. I started to find viewing old photo albums, starting not focused on the work. Hence I did just that, and face it from time to time I think everyone will take a moment to remember that special someone, those precious moments, for me since my father’s funeral, it only got tougher. However in the end it was music that helped me recover faster, and hence the reason for more music reviews than film.

I wish to thank everyone for taking the time to like our Facebook page, and for all the responses on Twitter I do take the time to read them all and reply to some. Enjoy this issue and until next month please stay safe.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief