The power metal band Drakkar from Milan returned with their seventh album entitled “Cold Winter’s Night”, an EP with four songs released on April 27th, 2018 from My Kingdom Music, contains three new studio songs and a live version of Invincible totaling a scant 18-miuntes in length. However one should note I reviewed this as a digital copy and the LP version has Dio’s Rainbow In The Dark cover that replaces the Invincible track.

From the opening song one clearly knows this is standard power metal sound, mixed nicely with the traditional metal cues, often found in the subgenre, the keyboards carry an impressive amount of attention. The standout booming songs are ‘Black Sails’ and ‘Leviathan Rising’ complete with guitar solos and solid drumming, otherwise a tight delivery of Dave Dell’Orto’s vocals, who has been part the band since “Razorbloade God” (2002) replacing Luca Cappella, and yes the line-up has changed often throughout the existence of the band, including three new members on this EP, with only guitarist Dario Beretta remaining from the original demo in 1995.

Track List:

Cold Winter’s Night

Black Sails

Leviathan Rising (Death From The Depths – part 1)

Invincible (live) (bonus-track for digipack CD and digital)


There are plenty of subgenres with the main umbrella of metal, and those who enjoy power metal are as unique as the fans of Folk/Viking metal, it often doesn’t carter to everyone, those that enjoy the Italian power metal will hear influences from Negacy and Rhapsody of Fire, all in all gives an example of what could be longer sweeping epic journey sounds, than what’s merely presented herein.

Baron’s Rating: 3.0/5.0

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Full Length Discography:

Quest for Glory (1998)

Gemini (2000)

Razorblade God (2002)

When Lightning Strikes (2012)

Run with the Wolf (2015)